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“The only way to eliminate risks like in Paris and in Germany is to prevent the creation of a compact Muslim community in Slovakia”- Slovak PM Robert Fico Does It AGAIN, Tells The EU NO WAY To Muslims

An article meant to portray Slovakian PM Robert Fico, who we have profiled before of (here and here) for his strong, unashamed stance against Muslim immigration into Slovakia, has played to his favor.  His popularity continues to grow in spite of EU and specifically, German propaganda to undermine his credibility since Slovakia is currently […]

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Deranged Left Wing “Refugee” Activist Stabs Himself Repeatedly Then Calls Police And Tries To Blame It On “Right Wing Activists”

Julian Kinzel is a left-wing activist with an interesting story. Originally, the story reported was this (from Tagesspiegel): Three perpetrators beat him down and stabbed their victim around 17 times with a knife, according to a statement from the doctor who treated him”, the statement reads. In the process Kinzel was said to have been […]

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Why Listen To Ridiculous Protestant Conspiracies About The Catholic Church When You Can Read About The Real Thing? Five Great Books More About Real Conspiracies In The Catholic Church Written By Respectable Catholics.

Having been raised Catholic and in a liberal area of the country, it was not until I was in middle school that I was exposed to the abundance of anti-Catholic propaganda that is so characteristically ound in American society. As I grew, I learned that there are a LOT of people who have some rather […]

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He Cries Himself Every Night To Sleep Since The Attack- Update On The 10-Year-Old Who Was Anally Raped By That Muslim Refugee Because “I Needed Sex”- Police Say They Must Be “Sensitive” About “Migrants” because “They Have Been Through A Lot”

The boy’s mother Notice how there are so few pictures of the woman for this story, or how this story is hardly to be found online, reported on only from a local newspaper. This is one way of how the European governments are trying to cover up “refugee” crimes- by not reporting them or reporting […]

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Brave Poles Plan To Attack Muslim “Refugee” Center In Sweden, Swedish Police Arrest Them And Charge Them With Crimes, Muslims Still Allowed To Do As They Please Without Legal Reprocussions

According to the police spokeman, Muslim Hesam Akbari, 14 “right wing” Polish men were arrested for preparing to attack a local Muslim “refugee” center in a small town south of Stockholm. The fact that these men were obvously being watched before being arrested, and yet so many Muslims are not only being allowed to commit […]

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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Slams Political Correctness At NH University During Primaries And Explains Everything That Is Wrong With The PC Agenda And Is A Foreshadow Of Socialism

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet is rude, crude, vulgar, and outright crass. Originally a part of the Conan O’Brien show, he and his creator, Robert Smigel, is the Andrew Dice Clay/Carlos Mencia of the puppet world. Nevertheless, he is very popular and is often used to discuss sensitive issues is way that is both comedic […]

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WOW! New Michigan Law Moves To Make Sodomy a Felony With The Possibility Of Life In Prison

In a new and surprising story out of Michigan, the Michigan State Senate just cleared a bill that will now move to the house. While the bill is written to address primary animal cruelty, it has an added provision that if this bill is passed, it will re-criminalize sodomy as a felony withe the possibility […]

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90 THOUSAND And Counting- Muslim “Migrants” Are Being Given PRIORITY Medical Treatment Over NATIVE CITIZENS In Austria

In a sick and disgusting example of how Western Europe is committing genocide against its own people, European charities are admitting that they have been told to give priority medical treatment to any and all “refugees” at the expense of the native Austrian people. Thus far, over 90 thousand people have used the system, it […]

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HISTORIC Clash Of Titans! Donald Trump Pulverizes Cruz And Rubio For Republicans, Socialist Bernie Sanders Crushes Clinton

In what is shaping up to be historic primaries with the possibility for an amazing political race with long-lasting historical consequences, Donald Trump for the Republicans and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats destroyed their respective opponents in the recent New Hampshire primaries. Now while there are still more primaries to go, election 2016 is going […]

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It’s Safer To Live Over A Toxic Dump Site Than It Is To Be Gay

A hard-hitting report from the CDC notes that because of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other STDs, it is practically safer to live over a toxic dump site than it is to be gay. As Joseph Sciambra points out on his website, quoting the study: -67% of HIV-positive men reported condomless anal sex with a male […]

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EXPOSED: Secret Minutes Show European “Leaders” Cowering In Submission To Threats From Turkish President Erdogan To Destroy Europe With Hordes Of Invading Muslim Refugees Over The Border- “We Can Turn On The Gates To Greece And Bulgaria At Any Time”

According to a bombshell report from the Greek Euro2Day, secret minutes have been released of meetings between Turkish President Erdogan, European Council President Donald Tusk (Poland) and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg) in Antalya, Turkey and Brussels. According to the reports, President Erdogan is demanding extortionate payments of minimum three billion dollars each year for […]

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“Jesus was never politically correct, he was politically just!” Melkite Archbishop Smashes Silence Of French Bishops Against Islam

Bishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart is sometimes called the bishop of the “Last Christians In Syria.” Indeed as the Archbishop of Aleppo, he has seen the horrors of ISIS first hand. In an amazing interview, he rips the French government and severely criticizes fellow French bishop for, in his words, being “politically correct” and through their silence […]

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“Yes, I’d Tell Syrian Kids To Their Faces That They Can’t Come To The U.S.” Donald Trump Tells The Truth And Does It With Flawless Class When A Liberal Tries To Trip Him Up

A liberal asked Donald Trump about Syrian refugee children and whether or not he would tell them to their face that they could not come into the US. Not only did he say “Yes, I would tell them” without hesitation, but his explanation afterwards is even better. Try giving an original answer to that, Ted […]

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30%- That’s How Many Germans Say SHOOT ALL The Refugees ON THE SPOT Whether Or Not They Are Armed

This is unprecedented in post-WWII German history. Germany, which had made a name for itself in being “tolerant,” “multicultural,” “diverse,” and “open-minded” in going through a complete 180-degree turn in its views. People are finally waking up to the reality- it’s do or die, and more than  a few Germans are waking up. Via Die Welt (with thanks […]

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The Corruption Of The American Woman In Pictures

A must-read post from Chateau Heartiste, discussing the harmful effects that feminism can have but displayed in pictures. Keep in mind, the corruption in this example took place over the course of actually two years. It’s a little crude, the point it makes is very simple: America corrupts her women, and America corrupts wherever She goes. […]

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Gang Of Muslim Teenagers Harass And Mock 75-Year-Old German Grandmother On Live Television

The part with the Muslims starts at 2:08. Look at the smirk on the faces of these Muslim teenagers. The disrespect they show this woman. If they will not respect a woman with an opinion different than hers, what future awaits Germany? Notice also how Muslims always approach in gangs. They do this (a) for intimidation and […]

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