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Man Walks Into Radio Station, Pulls Out Machete And Demands ‘Play Insane Clown Posse Now Or I Will Cut Myself To Death In Front Of You’

Insane Clown Posse is a rap group known for promoting depraved violence and other antisocial behavior, and it attracts fans who are interested in the same. A man walked into a radio station and demanded they play a song from the group Insane Clown Posse. When they refused he pulled out a beer and drank […]

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Major Christian University Refuses $3 Million From Christian Convention Over Homosexuality, Says They Would Rather Support The LGBT

Samford University, a major “Christian” university has just refused $3 million in funding from the Alabama Baptist Convention because of the university’s support of the LGBT, according to a recent report: Samford University, a top-ranked private Christian University in Birmingham, Alabama, announced Friday that it will not accept an expected annual $3 million funding allocation […]

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‘Europeans Are Aborting Themselves Out Of Existence And Replacing Themselves With Muslims And Migrants’ Catholic Archbishop Warns Europe May Disappear

For years now, Muslims have been allowed by the millions into Europe. As their presence as increased, and in combination with the high abortion rates in Europe, the continent is breaking apart. In a warning from the Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg, he has said that if trends continue as they are, it is entirely possible […]

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World’s Oldest Profession Gets The Pink Slip As People Flock To Sex Robot Brothels- We Warned You About This

It has been reported that robots are taking over jobs that used to be done by humans. Now that may even include “the world’s oldest profession” as sex robot brothels are starting to appear and people are flocking to them in droves: GONE are the days of blow-up women with perpetually open mouths – sex […]

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Major UK Politicians Declare To British And Irish Catholics ‘Your Presence Is Unwelcome’

England and Ireland are among some of the oldest lands in the ancient Christian world, and both have undergone considerable persecution at various points in history, be it from without or from within. Now according to a recent article, the few Christians left in the British Isles are finding themselves the subject of a growing […]

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Muslim Terrorists In Somalia Kidnap 9 Christians, Take Knives And ‘Slaughter Them Like Chickens’

The infamous Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab has been ‘hunting down’ Christians and other non-Muslims. They kidnapped nine Christians and then took knives and slaughtered them ‘like chickens’ according to a recent report: Al-Shabaab, the deadliest terrorist group in Africa according to experts, beheaded nine civilians in a village in Kenya while searching for non-Muslims. The […]

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‘Christ Is For Cucks, Real Men Follow The Example Of Satan And Make Their Own Morality’ Major National Socialist Website Boldly Promotes Satanic Principles

  Not much surprises me coming out of the National Socialist movement today. However, in an article on Daily Stormer that recently came out against alt-right Internet commentator Jack Posobiec entitled “Jack Posobiec is a Textbook Rat F*cker And Is Hurting the Trump Movement, there is the following statement that was a surprising admission as […]

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Deranged Shirtless Man Goes Into A Church, Walks Up To A Nun And Tells Her ‘I’m Going To Kill You Now And Nobody Can Help You’

A deranged, shirtless man walked into a Church in Brooklyn and up to a nun who was saying her prayer. After telling her that he doesn’t believe because ‘you don’t help the poor,’ he then looked at her and said that he was going to kill her now and nobody could help her: Police are […]

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Swedish Security Officer Stops Attempted Rape Of Christian Woman, He Loses His Job And May Face Prosecution

  “Erik” was originally from Sri Lanka. Married to a refugee himself, he came to Sweden over two decades ago, has since served in the Swedish military. Recently during one of his tours of duty, he stopped the rape of a Christian woman at the hands of Muslims. After the incident and frustrated at what […]

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First Pakistan, Now India: Hindu Terrorists Are Using ‘Anti-Conversion’ Laws To Persecute Christians

Pakistan is infamous for its “blasphemy laws” that Muslims use to legally persecute and murder Christians. Now in India, Hindu terrorists have adopted the same tactic, this time using the ‘anti-conversion laws’ to persecute Christians: Hindu nationalists are harassing Christians and other members of the religious minority in India by accusing them of attempting to […]

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Nigerian Catholic Archbishop Declares ‘If You Care About Christ Then Stop Complaining About Islam, Pick Up Your Cross And Start Evangelizing Muslims’

Archbishop Johan Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria gave an impassioned speech to the Christians of Nigeria. He noted that while recognizing the persecution that Christians suffer, Christians must accept it as part of their faith, pick up their cross, and start reaching out to convert Muslims instead of complaining about them: The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, […]

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Tens Of Thousands Cheer For President Trump As He Attacks Islamic Terrorism, Statism, And Secularism In Speech During Visit To Poland

Donald Trump made headlines recently with his first major trip to Europe in which instead of visiting the nations of Western Europe, which is the customary practice of American president, he chose first to visit the Eastern European nation of Poland, where he has since been given a warm welcome. In his speech, he said […]

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Crazed Neighbor Takes A Gun, Waits For His Neighbor To Come Back From A Walk Then Blows His Brains Out, When Arrested He Says ‘I Did It Because I Thought His Dog Pooped In My Yard’

Not only did the deceased say repeatedly that he did not let his dogs defecate in his neighbor’s yard, but he even offered to help his neighbor clean up any dog feces that may have been left there: A family says a man is dead because of a dispute about dog droppings. Paul Wilson, 44, […]

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‘I Can’t Lie, Terrorism Is A Part Of Islam’ Major Imam Breaks Down On National Television, Tells The Truth About Islam

Mohammed Tawhidi is a famous Australian Imam who is loved and hated by Muslims for his preaching against terrorism. Recently while he was being interviewed on national television ha had a breakdown and admitted that Muslims commit terrorism because terrorism is a part of the religion: An imam in Australia broke down in tears during […]

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Police Bust Cocaine Fueled Gay Sex Orgy At The Vatican

In a shocking but not surprising story, Vatican police responding to a mere complain about noise ended up breaking up a massive, cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy at the Vatican: Vatican police have raided a cardinal’s apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place. Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for […]

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Scores Of Medical Emergencies Caused By Extreme And Strange Sex Practices Are Appearing All Over Japan

Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun. It is also the land of bizarre sex fetishes and trends and has been for some time. However, sex fetishes in Japan have been getting so extreme that doctors are seeing more patients for injuries related to bizarre sexual activities involving ropes, wax, and pieces […]

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