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Major American Journalist Declares ‘Christian Persecution Is Not A Real Problem; The Real Problem Is The Persecution of Islam And Muslims In America’

Millions of Christians are being abused, tortured, and slaughtered at the hands of Muslims. It’s an obvious and undeniable fact this is happening worldwide. Yet some people still persist in denying reality. One such person is journalist Matthew Dowd of ABC News. In response to a tweet from Fox News Journalist Shannon Bream about an […]

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ISIS Takes Families That Try To Escape And Starves Them To Death By Returning Them To Their Homes And Then Welding Them Shut Inside

There are many horror stories about being sealed into rooms where there is no escape as the inevitably of death slowly creeps up onto its next victim. But the horrors described by writers such as Edgar Allen Poe in A Cast of Amontillado have become a reality with ISIS latest method of torture, and this time […]

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‘Daily Beatings, Starvation, Torture And Suicide Bombings’- Rescued Children From ISIS Captivity Tell Horror Stories

ISIS has captured hundreds of children and been forcing them to carry out the group’s horrible crimes. As ISIS power wanes and some of the boys have either been rescued or escaped, they are emerging with horror stories about life in ISIS captivity which included regular beatings, starvation, torture, and finally them being forced to […]

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“I Was Cleaning Society Of Biological Waste” Russian Man Brags In Court About How He Convinced Over A Dozen Teen Girls To Commit Suicide

Philipp Budeikin of Russia has a sick hobby- convincing young girl from broken families to kill themselves for fun. The 21-year-old, who bragged that he was ‘cleaning society of biological waste’, made an online app called “Blue Whale” which he used to communicate with young women and build their trust over a period of time. […]

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Christian Pastor Sentenced To 12 Years In Sudan Miraculously Released By Presidential Pardon

We had reported several months ago how three Christians were arrested and facing the death penalty for spreading the Gospel in Sudan. One man was jailed for life but was later released and deported, and two others were given 12-year prison sentences. In a miraculous turn, the other two Christians still in prison were just released […]

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Muslims In Europe Engage In Violent Persecution Of Christian Converts As Thousand Of Muslims Are Turning To Jesus And Filling Europe’s Empty Churches

Islam is rising in Europe and is a grave threat. But the violence of Islam has a silver lining to it, as that is the Muslims are becoming more violent because many recent Muslim arrivals to Europe are abandoning Islam for Christ. Thousands have converted and thousands more are expected, filling Europe’s empty churches according […]

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Satanist Attacks Catholic Church In Spain And Tries To Desecrate Holy Veil Of Veronica

Christianity is under attack worldwide, and evil people are making bolder and more brazen attempts to desecrate the sacred. The Holy veil of Veronica is housed at the Monastery of the Holy Face in Alicante, Spain. A woman hid in the church and attempted to destroy the veil, and during the act also inverted crosses […]

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Muslim Loves Jesus So Much He Goes To A Catholic Church And Tries To Smash Crucifix With Rocks And Bats

Muslims always claim they love Jesus so much, and to prove that love there is a new video online of a Muslim violently attacking a statue of Christ at a Church with rocks and a bat: ‼️ #Austria: Apparently the first Sharia-compliant stoning & beating for #Jesus in St. Marein (near Graz). Gratitude knows no […]

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American Pedophile Who Made Money Selling Videos Of Children Getting Raped And Tortured For Sexual Fetishes Busted By Philippine Police

Dog collars, bondage ropes, and filth littered the floor of David Deakin’s apartment in the Philippines. For years the Illinois native ran an international porn business, making his money by selling videos of himself raping and torturing small children to indulge the sexual fetishes of buyers worldwide. After 17 years of living in the Philippines, […]

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Macron Or Le Pen, It Does Not Matter Who Won Or Would Have Won Because This Election Was Thrown To The Birds From The Beginning

Sunday evening I found out about how Macron won the French presidential election. I saw how Macron’s victory over Le Pen has been a huge cause of celebration for the Muslim, refugees, recent arrivals, and liberals, and for the Le Pen supporters has been calls of shock, dismay, and cries that “France has surrendered,” as […]

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Catholic Priest Dying In Captivity By ISIS Begs For Help ‘Please, I Need Medical Attention’

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil has been imprisoned by ISIS for over a year now. We have been following his story on While he is still alive, he may not be for much longer as in a recent video he has begged for help, saying that he is very sick and needs hospitalization Uzhunnalil, 58, who […]

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Hindu Mob Attacks And Ritualistically Beats Christian Pastor With Iron Rods So Badly That He Permanently Loses His Hearing

Violence against Christians at the hands of Hindus has been growing and is reaching terrifying proportions as they have promised to exterminate Christianity from India. A Hindu mob chanting incantations to the pagan god Ram (Vishnu) violently attacked a Christian pastor a ritualistically beat him with iron rods so badly that he has permanently lost […]

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‘You Christians Must Convert To Islam Or Leave’ Muslims Give Christians In Pakistani Town Final Demands

Muslims have Christians in Salik, a small city near Faisalabad, Pakistan, a final demand. After constant threats and attacks, the Muslims are now demanding that the Christians convert to Islam, and if they do not, they must leave: After the escalating tensions were reported by Christians in Pakistan, Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department of […]

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ISIS Promises ‘Rivers Of The Blood Of The Crusaders Will Flow’ In Egypt After Slaughtering Christian Barber In His Shop

ISIS slaughter of Christians in Egypt continues as the terrorist group pledges genocide, saying that ‘river of the blood of the crusaders will flow.’ Their latest atrocity comes as a Christian barber who fled ISIS returned to his shop and tried to re-open it. For two week everything worked well, and then ISIS terrorist showed […]

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Muslim Judge Sentences Christian Man To Death For Sending ‘Blasphemous Text Messages’ With No Evidence

Imagine being sentenced to life in prison on charges for which there is no evidence because it was completely made up. Yet that is what happens with Christians throughout the Muslim world, who are routinely sentenced to harsh prison terms and even death on so evidence but simply because they are Christians. In a case […]

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Muslim Government Bulldozes Church And Arrests Christians Right Before Services Begin

Sudan is one of the most difficult places to be a Christian in as the government is ruthlessly persecuting Christians and destroying their churches. Over the weekend, Sudanese officials destroyed another church and arrested Christians just as services were about to begin: Khartoum state authorities in Sudan demolished a church building yesterday (May 7) as […]

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