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Muslims In Russia Try To Organize Their Own Islamic State, Demand Power Separate From Moscow And Promote Their Language And Culture Over That Of Russia

Russia has a very large Muslim population, especially in the regions of Siberia. One of the most Islamic areas, an autonomous region known as “Tartarstan,” is attempting to assert itself by demanding that the Tartar language is taught and promoted alongside Russian, and that anybody who wants to hold an office of power must not […]

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Heretical German Bishops Declare To Christian Teenagers ‘Homosexuality Is Normal, Fornication And Pedophilia Are Fine As Long As It Is Consensual, So Is Abortion And Your Parents Have No Right To Know’

Evil heretics have infested many offices of leadership in the Church today, and this shows in a recent story of how the Archdiocese of Berlin has just given license to an ‘education program’ for teens that blasphemes and opposes all aspects of Catholic teachings. It says that homosexuality is normal, that fornication is permitted, pedophilia […]

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Hindu Saffron Terrorists Are Putting Cows Into Shelters And Then Attacking And Murdering Farmers And India’s Government Is Backing Them

Hindu terrorists value cows more than people, and they have proven this by an explosion of attacks against cow farmers in India. Cow farmers are being beaten, tortured, and even murdered for raising cattle, and India’s pro-Pagan Hindu government is overlooking the attacks. Not only that, but these saffron terrorist are giving these cows shelter […]

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Seven Muslim Gunmen Break Into Catholic Convent, Attack And Rob Them At Gunpoint, One Of Them Rapes A 71-Year-Old Nun

A Muslim man was convicted of raping a nun in an attack in 2015 when he and a group of six other men attacked a Catholic convent, breaking in and robbing the place while terrorizing the nuns according to a recent report: A court in Kolkata has convicted a Bangladeshi man for raping an elderly […]

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First Superbugs, Then Cancer Outbreaks, Now Hepatitis A Is The Next Plague Laying Waste To The LGBT

First, there has been the emergence of new and drug-resistant forms of STDs. Then, there has been an outbreak of anal cancer that doctors are calling the ‘next great LGBT health crisis’ and are powerless to stop it. Now, there is a third health crisis exploding across California with the spread of Hepatitis A among […]

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Christ-Hating Saudi Arabia Reaches Out To Major Catholic Cardinal, Extends First Ever Formal Diplomatic Invitation And Cardinal Accepts

Major changes have been taking place across Saudi Arabia over the past few months. In a first ever move, the Saudi King has extended a formal invitation to a major Christian leader from Lebanon, Cardinal Bechara Rai, which the Cardinal has accepted and will be visiting the nation according to a report: Maronite patriarch, Card. […]

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Hindu Terrorists Get Drunk And Savagely Beat Christian Pastor For Preaching The Gospel And As A Result Bringing Five Hindu Families To Christ

A Christian pastor was attacked and severely beaten by a drunken Hindu mob for preaching the Gospel and thanks to his preaching, winning the conversion of five Hindu families for Christ according to a recent report: A group of drunken Hindu nationalists brutally beat a 26-year-old pastor in southern India who had been falsely accused […]

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Report: President Trump Tries To Help Christians Persecuted By Muslims But Is Being Stonewalled By USAID

President Trump is trying to help get aid to Christians in Iraq that have been persecuted by Muslims but is being stonewalled by USAID according to a recent report: The USAID is stalling President Donald Trump’s initiative to stop funding “ineffective” relief efforts at the United Nations and provide support directly to persecuted Christians and […]

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Enough Talk About Uzbekistan And Calling Her An ‘Oppressive’ State Already, This Is All About Making Propaganda In Setting Up For A War With Russia

In light of the recent incident in New York with Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov, Americans are now paying attention to Uzbekistan: The terrorist attack in New York on Tuesday was carried out by a young man from Central Asia, a former backyard of the Soviet Union known for poverty, isolation and repressive governments — all […]

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Liberal Commentator Chris Matthews Shocked About NYC Terrorist Attack, Cannot Understand How Islam Can Be Violent

Liberal commentator Chris Matthews reacted with shock at the recent terrorist attack in New York, saying that he could not believe what had happened and that it had any connection to Islam: Chris Matthews has put in a strong entry for the title of stupidest reaction to the Halloween jihad massacre in Lower Manhattan.  Was […]

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This Entire ‘Terrorist Attack’ Is No Different Than The ‘Refugee Crisis’ In Germany, It Is Just An Attempt To Sell Nationalism As The Answer To A Self-Inflicted Problem

More information continues to emerge about the recent attack in New York: The driver who sped down a crowded bike path in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people, had been planning the attack for weeks and appeared to have connections to people who were the subjects of terrorism investigations, police officials said on Wednesday. As counterterrorism […]

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French Court Demands Cross On Top Of Statue Destroyed Because It Violates ‘Separation Of Church And State’

A French court ruled recently that a cross on top of a statue of late Pope John Paul II be removed because it violates ‘separation of church and state’ according to a recent report: A cross that’s part of a statue of the late Pope John Paul II in the town of Ploërmel, France, will […]

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Man Disembowels Woman And Throws Her Entrails In A Trash Can, Rips Her Leg Off And Puts It In His Bed, Hangs Her Body In His Closet, When Police Catch Him He Says ‘She Is My Blow Up Doll’

It was the horrible smell that called the cops to Jerome Wright’s home. He tried to say that he had diarrhea and his dog was sick, but upon further investigation, they found that Jerome Wright had murdered and disemboweled a woman, was sleeping with her disembodied leg in his bed and hung her corpse in […]

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Major Christian Aid Group Declares ‘Most Of The Money Supposed To Help Christians Either Disappeared Or Never Came’- We Told You This Would Happen

We at Rescue Christians have maintained that in Iraq, what remains for Christians of good will to do is to help the survivors get out of Iraq and to a safe place where they can rebuild their lives and in the future- with the grace of God- eventually bring the Faith back to that area. […]

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Muslims Pelt Christians And Churches In Egypt With Stones, Government Responds By Closing Churches And Refuses To Prosecute The Muslims

Muslims have been attacking Christians and their churches with rocks in Egypt. After complaining to the police, the government stepped in and forcibly closed the churches and refuses to prosecute the Muslims according to a recent report: Coptic Christians in Egypt have said that they have been pelted by rocks while the government in the […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Christian Woman And Her Children And Then Shoot Them In Captivity

A Christian woman and her two children were kidnapped earlier this week by Muslim terrorists in a village raid. After taking them captives, the terrorists shot all three of them to death in captivity according to a recent report: A Christian woman and her two children were killed in north-central Nigeria last week, three days […]

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