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Muslim Mafia Illegally Seizes Christian Cemetery And Sells It To Construction Company

A Muslim mafia in Pakistan has illegally seized control over a Christian cemetery and sold it to a construction company: A group of more than 100 Christians protest against the occupation of a cemetery belonging to the local Church. At the cry of “Down with the government of Punjab” and “Down with the invasion of […]

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Muslim Cleric Asks 14-Year-Old Girl To Help Him Clean His Room At The Mosque, She Agrees And The Imam And Another Man Take Turns Raping Her

A Muslim Imam asked a 14-year-old girl to help him clean his room at the mosque. She agreed, and when she went there he and another Muslim man grabbed and took turns raping her: In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped inside a mosque by a cleric and shopkeeper on Wednesday. A […]

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President Trump Breaks Again One Of His Biggest Campaign Promises And Attacks Syria

Presented without further commentary from CNN: President Donald Trump announced on Friday he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons facilities in coordination with France and the United Kingdom in response to a chemical weapons attack last weekend. “I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the […]

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Pro-LGBT Judge Ignore Christian Voices, Forces Trinidad And Tobago To Bend Over For The Sodomite Agenda

Recently, Christians through the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago protested the legalization of same-sex marriage. Now a judge in the nation has forced the issue, saying that Trinidad’s prohibition against sodomy was “unconstitutional”: Gay sex between consenting men in Trinidad and Tobago could soon be decriminalised following a court judgment that campaigners said might […]

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Christianity Almost Extinct In Gaza After Years Of Persecution

For years, the small Christian population in Gaza has endured terrible persecution. Six years ago, there were only 4500 people left, but with threats from Muslims and ISIS within the blockade from without, the population has declined to 1000 people and continues to dwindle: A Roman Catholic priest in the Gaza Strip has said that […]

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Christian Statue Destroyed In India By A “Non-Christian” And “Mentally Ill” Man

Crimes against Christians have been happening all over India. In a recent incident, a Christian statue was destroyed by a “non-Christian” man who is also being reported as “mentally ill”: Police in Orissa arrested a mentally ill man on charges of destroying a statue of the Virgin. Sajan K George, president of the Global Council […]

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Israeli Sniper Shoots Motionless Palestinian Man And Celebrates On Video

In a controversy that has spread throughout Israel, video has come out of an Israeli sniper shooting a motionless Palestinian man and then celebrating on camera: Israel’s top defense official praised the sniper who shot a motionless Palestinian near the Gaza fence in a video that circulated widely on Monday, saying he “deserves a medal.” […]

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American Couple That Spent Months Torturing Six-Year-Old Boy All Over His Body Attaches Him To A Wall With Duct Tape And Beats Him To Death

An American couple was arrested after a six-year-old boy in their care died. He had been tortured for months, including having signs of scalding and injuries all over his body, but died after he was apparently attached to a wall with duct tape and beaten to death according to a report: Two Fergus Falls residents […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Murders Man, Writes A Message To The Police And Nails The Message Into His Chest With A Knife

The infamous Jalisco New Generation cartel, who recently dismembered a man alive and beat him with his dismembered limbs, murdered a man, wrote a message, and nailed the message to his chest with a knife: With a narcomensaje signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and wrapped in a canvas, the body of a man […]

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Hindu Terrorists Kidnap 8-Year-Old Muslim Girl, Tie Her Up In Hindu Temple And Gang-Rape Her For Days, Then They Strangle Her To Death And When They Are Discovered, Hindu Nationalists Defend The Rapists In The Name Of Nationalism

In a horrible case that has shocked India, and 8-year-old Muslim girl was kidnapped, taken to a Hindu temple, raped repeatedly and then murdered. However, once the crime was discovered, Hindus rushed to the defense of the rapists in the name of nationalism: In early January, Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old girl in a purple dress, […]

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Israel Demands That The USA Send Its Army To Attack And Invade Syria On Their Behalf

The Jerusalem Post recently called Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad, who protected the Christians of Syria, the “angel of death” and wants the US to invade Syria for Israel: The US must attack the Assad regime in Syria in response to the alleged chemical-weapons attack in Douma, which killed dozens of people, Strategic Affairs and Public […]

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Egypt Sentences Thirty-Six Muslims To Death For Bombing Three Churches For ISIS

Egyptian courts sentenced thirty-six Muslims to death for bombing three churches for ISIS according to a report: Thirty-six militants accused of being part of Islamic State cells in Egypt have received preliminary death sentences for their alleged involvement in the bombing of three churches. A military court has referred the cases of 36 defendants to […]

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Old Muslim Woman Dedicates Her Life To Taking Care Of A Church

Often times one hears of the many attacks made by Muslims against Churches. However, in a case in Turkey, a Muslim woman has dedicated her life to caring for an old church: An 80-year-old mother of eight, Çaçur refuses to hand over the daily cleaning and maintenance of Surp Kevork church, which dates back to […]

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Major Homosexual Publication Declares That 2018 Is An ‘Excellent Year’ With A “Glorious Sexual Future” Because More Homosexuals Are Licking And Eating The Feces Of Other Homosexuals Than Ever Before

Pink News from the UK reports that 2018 is an ‘excellent year’ with a “glorious sexual future” because more homosexuals than ever before are partaking in a practice called “rimming,” – as in the rim of a toilet bowl- which is where a homosexual thrusts his tongue into the rectum of another homosexual to stimulate […]

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Christians Across Trinidad And Tobago March In Support Of Laws Against Homosexuality, Say ‘We Do Not Want The Wrath Of God Visited Upon Us’

Christians across Trinidad and Tobago marched in support of laws against homosexuality in light of discussion over legalizing homosexual behavior. They declared that they did this because they said that homosexuality was unacceptable in the eyes of God and they did not want His wrath visited upon them: “WE do not want the buggery laws […]

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Japanese Church Opens Museum Honoring History Of Catholicism And The Persecution Of Catholics In Japan

The Catholic Faith has always has a difficult time taking root in Japan. However, Catholics have lived in Japan for centuries in spite of severe persecution from the pagan majority, and a recent museum was opened in Japan honoring the history of Catholicism in Japan from its arrival in the 16th century until now:’ A […]

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