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LGBT Movement Hits A New Low With 8-Year-Old ‘Drag Queen’

We have been warning that the next step along the LGBT’s descent into the maelstrom is the legalization and normalization of pedophilia in the literal sense of the word. Such is happening right now with an 8-year-old Montreal boy who has become a television star as a ‘drag queen’: The bawdy, homosexuality-infused world of female […]

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Scottish Teen Pedophile Busted For Making Child Porn Brags ‘If I Could I Would Rape And Murder 10 Babies A Day Just For Fun’

A 19-year-old Scottish pedophile and child porn producer has been arrested and jailed by police. According to a recent report, he bragged that if he could he would rape and murder 10 to 25 babies a day just for fun because in his words, ‘they are only good for abuse’: A teenage paedophile who began […]

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Pagan Savages Are Dismembering Bald Men And Selling Their Scalps And Organs On The Black Market For Demonic Rituals

Africa is home to some of the most savage types of paganism, and in a recent report coming out of Mozambique, ‘witch doctors’ are kidnapping and dismembering bald men, harvesting the parts and selling or using them for use in heathen rituals: Bald people have become the latest targets of witchdoctors in Mozambique, police chiefs […]

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Children Of Christians Slaughtered By ISIS Declares ‘We Loved Them In Life And Now We Love Them Even More Because They Died For Jesus And Are Now In Heaven With Him’

Two years ago news outlets around the world reported about the horrible slaughter of Christians by ISIS, who after dressing them in orange jumpsuits led them out to a beach and brutally slit their throats while praising Allah. Following up with the families and their children after the horrible event, they all say that no […]

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Small American City Overwhelmed As Hordes Of Migrants Pour In, Harassing The Locals And Demanding Free Welfare Benefits

Right now Western nations are being invaded by a flood of illegal immigrants. Thanks to open-border policies, lax security, and liberal immigration laws, nations are being overwhelmed and destroyed from within. Such is the case of a small American town that, known for its love of socialism and generous welfare policies have allowed such a […]

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Muslim Man Gets Mad At Five-Year-Old Russian Boy For Making Noise, He Takes A Knife And Stabs Him To Death

A Muslim man recently stabbed a five-year-old Russian boy to death for ‘making too much noise’, according to a recent report: German authorities say an Afghan man who had served prison time for arson fatally stabbed a five-year-old Russian boy at a home for asylum-seekers after an apparent argument about noisy children. The 41-year-old assailant […]

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ISIS Massacres Over Two Hundred People, Children Are Gunned Down With Their Parents As They Flee For Their Lives

ISIS has just massacred over two hundred people in the city of Mosul. Many of them were children and their parents trying flee as they were gunned down by the terrorists: The Islamic State terrorist group massacred at least 231 civilians, including children trying to flee, in the span of just two weeks in the […]

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Man Gets Mad At Restaurant Staff For Putting Onions On His Food, He Pulls Down His Pants, Whips Out His Member And Declares ‘I’m Going To Shoot All Of You’

It wasn’t the gun that the waitstaff at All India restaurant expected when Yuba Sharma became angry because there were onions accidentally added to his meal. In a fit of rage he pulled down his pants, whipped out his member and declared he was going to shoot up the restaurant: A man is facing charges […]

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Watch Out For Your Children Because The LGBT Is Pushing To Legalize Pedophilia

Last year, a very disturbing article appeared on by a pedophile named Todd Nickerson in which he defended one of the most absolutely indefensible of crimes- pedophilia: Those individuals who have the courage to come forward and lay claim to this affliction with the understanding that they only want to use their pedo powers […]

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Eritrea shipping containers JPEG

One Hundred Christians Are Locked In Shipping Containers And Forced To Bake In The Hot Sun

According to a recent story coming out of Eritrea, approximately 100 Christians were rounded up and placed in shipping containers by authorities: Eritrea’s persecution of Christians escalated throughout May, resulting in as many as 100 believers being arrested, a watchdog reported. Prisoners are often kept in “horrific” storage container jails where they are deprived of […]

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BREAKING: Terrorist Randomly Attacks Police Officer Outside Notre Dame Cathedral And Smashes Him In The Head With A Hammer While Screaming “This Is For Syria”

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a symbol of France’s Christian history and Paris. Right outside of the cathedral, a man attacked a police officer, smashing him in the head with hammer while screaming “This is for Syria”: A man with a hammer cried “This is for Syria” before bashing a police officer in the […]

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Muslim Doctors Refuse To Help Dying Christian Man In Desperate Need Of Medical Attention, Say ‘He Is Dirty And We Do Not Want To Soil Our Hands During Ramadan’

A young Christian man became very sick and had to go to the hospital. He was dying of suffocation and may have been able to be saved, but the Muslim doctors at the hospital refused to help him. Their answer was that because he was a sanitation worker and a Christian, his body was “dirty,” […]

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America Threatens To Put Christian-Friendly Russia On List For “Violating” The Religious Liberties Of Christians

While America is out supporting ISIS terrorists and has done little to nothing to help Christians in Middle Eastern nations who are suffering real persecution from our nation’s choices, it has recently turned her attention to Russia, and for the first time is threatening to put Russia on a list of  countries of “particular concern” […]

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‘Poland Doesn’t Want Muslims Because No Muslims Means No Terrorism’- Polish Member Of European Parliament States The Obvious

Ryszard Czarnecki is one of Poland’s representatives to the European Parliament. In light of the most recent series of terrorist attacks, he stated that Poland refuses to allow Muslim immigration for a simple and obvious reason- because no Muslims means no terrorism: The only way to protect Poland from terrorist attacks is by not allowing […]

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Seven Muslims Kidnap 10-Year-Old Mentally Disabled Boy And Film Themselves Savagely Raping Him

In a horrific story coming out of Kuwait, seven Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 23 kidnapped a 10-year-old disabled boy and then savagely raped him while filming the whole incident. The men have been sentenced to death, but they are now threatening to put the video online: Seven men have been sentenced […]

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