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Belgian Man Converts To Islam, Drives His Car Through A Funeral Home And Then Gets Out And Starts Praying To Allah While Screaming “Islam Will Vanquish The Infidels Of Europe”

The police said it was “mental illness,” which is a common cover for another violent Islamic terrorist attack, this time committed by a Frenchman who, after converting to Islam, drove his care into a funeral home, took out a prayer rug, and began praying while shouting “Islam will vanquish the infidels of Europe”: On Friday, a French man who […]

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Tens Of Thousands Of Muslims In Bangladesh Are Embracing Christ As Their Savior And It Has Gotten So Huge The Muslims Can’t Hide It Any More

Bangladesh is one of the most populous Muslim majority nations in the world. However, it has a secret that has become so huge the Muslims cannot hide it any more, and that is tens of thousands of Muslims are abandoning Islam and turning to Christ as their savior. The spread has been so large and […]

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Mother And Son Take Turn Horribly Mutilating Each Others Genitals So She Can Be A Man And The Boy Can Be A Girl

The LGBT movement in America is becoming more and more extreme. First about allowing people to “love” each other, it is rapidly showing its true colors, which is an obsession with disordered, dangerous, and evil behavior that gets worse with each day. In one recent and particularly horrible story, a woman claimed that she wanted […]

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President Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Makes Mega Real Estate Deal Selling American Assets To Chinese Government

According to a recent report, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is set to cash in on a lucrative and controversial real estate deal by selling a major piece of real estate to the Chinese government: Now, some 10 years after the original investment, the Kushner family looks set to receive a $400 million windfall from […]

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Muslim Mother And Son Abandon Islam And Embrace Christ, They Are Arrested By Secret Police And May Be Executed For Apostasy

Anouza Reza-Bakhsh and Soheil Zagarzadeh Sani were Muslims from Iran who secretly embraced Christ. They traveled to Turkey where they were baptized by a Catholic priest, taking the names Veronika and Augustine. However, somebody reported them and in the middle of the night they were arrested and now nobody knows where they are. Under Iranian […]

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Major Conservative Media Figure Declares ‘You Don’t Have A Right To Have Children If You Don’t Make Enough Money’

Jerry Agar is a famous conservative media personality from Canada. Working in radio and television in both the USA and Canada and formerly a part of the Sun News Network, Jerry Agar was standing in for Ezra Levant at Rebel Media when he made this segment, entitled’ Struggling to pay bills? Then don’t have kids’: […]

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ISIS Takes Over Town In Egypt, Sets Up Military Checkpoints And Is Checking ID Cards To Hunt Down Any Remaining Christians There

Scarcely two weeks ago, we reported that hundreds of Christians were found fleeing from the town of El-Arish, Egypt as ISIS closed in and promised to hunt down, round up, and exterminate all Christians. In another breaking move, it has come out that ISIS has just set up checkpoints in and around El-Arish and are […]

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PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 16:  Muslims take part in Friday prayers outside an old fire station barracks converted for the purpose on September 16, 2011 in Paris, France. A ban on street prayers has been brought into effect across France as of today, with Muslim men and women having to seek alternative spaces in which to practise their religious activities. The move has generated anger within elements of the French muslim population, already restricted in their display of religious symbols, and is viewed by many as a political move by President Sarkozy to attract support from far-right supporters within the French public ahead of the 2012 French presidential elections.  (Photo by Franck Prevel/Getty Images)

New Jersey Town Rejects Mega Mosque Application After It Doesn’t Get Enough Votes, Now The Justice Department Is Investigating

Last year we documented how a major mosque was being placed in a quiet suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. The city voted in favor of the mosque, but it did not receive enough votes for approval. Now in a sudden change, the Federal Justice Department is going to investigate the matter: The federal Justice Department […]

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Iraqi Christians Declare To The West- ‘Our Muslim Neighbors Robbed, Raped, And Murdered Us And Our Children- We Are NOT Going Back To Iraq!’

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, Christianity in Iraq and Syria has been under constant attack by Muslim groups such as ISIS. Once over a million Christians in the area, most have either fled, been murdered, or are now refugees so much that there are only a few thousand left. Now that […]

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“Yugoslavian Man” With “Mental Problems” Goes On Axe Murder Rampage In German Train Station

In Germany, a “Yugoslavian man” with “mental problems” has just been arrested after he took and axe and went on a murderous rampage, hacking a people in a public train station and leaving a bloody mess wherever he went: A MAN armed with an axe has gone on a rampage at a train station in Germany, […]

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Thirty People Are Dead After Muslim Terrorists Disguise Themselves As Doctors, Walk Into A Hospital And Go On A Murderous Rampage

One of the terrorists In a report coming out of Afghanistan, terrorists claiming to be with ISIS disguised themselves as doctors and walked into a hospital. Once inside, they pulled out automatic rifles, grenades, and machetes, and began indescriminately attacking doctors and sick people alike. So far, 30 people were murdered and at least 50 […]

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Demon-Possessed Hindu Cooks A Piece Of Human Brain, Gives It To A Famous American Muslim Writer And CNN Reporter, He Eats The Brains On Camera And Says ‘It Tastes Like Charcoal’

Reza Aslan is a famous Muslim American writer and journalist for CNN. In a recent documentary where he was spending time with the “aghoris,” which are a Hindu death-worshipping cult that feasts on human remains and surrounds themselves with death, he was given a piece of human brain to eat. Aslan picked up the cooked […]

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Married Man Abandons His Wife Of 17 Years And Four Children So He Can Go Sleep With Other Men

Jeff Smokler was married for almost two decades and the father of four children. However, one day he decided to divorce his wife, abandon his children, and start sleeping with other men because he wanted to: A woman has shared her heartbreak after her husband of 17 years told her he is gay. Jill and […]

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Bosnian Muslim Jailed For Kidnapping Serbian Man, Cutting His Head Off With An Axe, Then Sawing His Genitals Off And Stuffing Them In His Mouth

During the Bosnian war, Muslims went on a rampage of murder and mayhem across the land. Their primary target was the Christian population, which consisted mostly of Serbians. The violence was so bad that Muslims were rounding up Christians and then shipping them to actual human slaughterhouses where they were butchered like animals and their organs sold […]

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Muslim Family In Somalia Secretly Abandons Islam And Becomes Christians, Muslims Find Out, Break Into Their House In The Night And Riddle The Family With Bullets While They Sleep

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian in. The Muslims there are so hateful of Christianity they are known to murder even other Muslims they think might be a Christian. Because of this, converts in Somalia have to keep their Christianity a secret for fear of their […]

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‘They Are Monsters’ Nine Year Old Girls Captured By ISIS Are Beaten, Tortured, And Raped Continually For Almost Two Years Until Escaping

Nadya and Lamya, pictured above, are two girls who have been through hell. Captured by ISIS, for the next two years they were raped, tortured, beaten, and forced to carry dangerous weapons, including suicide belts, for the terrorists until they were able to escape, according to one report: Lamya Aji Bashar Taha, a young Yazidi […]

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