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Zoomers Don’t Seem To Care About Sports

I enjoy sports, but for the most part, I prefer to play them rather than watch them, and for those I want to watch, usually they are smaller or more interesting matches. Even large-scale competitions I can enjoy, but simply for the sport itself. However, I am wholly lacking in any interest in the “bravado” […]

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German Researchers Developed Hydrogen-Powered Engines To Replace Diesel Engines

Some forms of energy are well-established. Two such examples of this are petroleum products (oil and gas) and coal (technically related to petroleum products, but in a different form). However, there are new science trends that promise potentially new items. One of these is the use of low-grade nuclear chambers using lower-toxicity materials such as […]

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It’s Official As Trump Administration Begins The Formal Transition Process For The Biden Administration

As I watched this election and the shenanigans that have followed, Trump has said- and I also believe -that he will never concede the election to Biden in any sort of de jure sense. However, the de facto reality is that Trump has implicitly said that Biden has won according to NBC News as while […]

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Angry New Jersey Residents Confront Governor Ignoring His Own Regulations He Is Forcing On The Public

New Jersey has been a state that, while hit hard by the COVID pandemic, has imposed very aggressive restrictions on people in the name of controlling the pandemic. While certain ones are, in the objective sense understandable for public health, have come at a cost of potentially establishing a new philosophical standard that will have […]

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Hindu Nationalists Call For Christians To Be Denied Economic Benefits

Years ago, sounded an alarm about India and the future of Christians, saying that given the rise in Hindu nationalism, its direct promotion of racism, and the open hatred of Christ and Christianity, it was only a matter of time before India not only could become one of the worst persecutors of Christians, but […]

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Climate Change Threatens Arctic, But This Is Not ‘Global Warming’

While climate alarmists are know to talk about “global warming”, there is something to be said right now as according to CBS News, the Arctic region is warming up a lot. It’s been happening for several years now, especially in the autumn, but it never ceases to unsettle meteorologists like myself: Temperatures in the Arctic […]

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Scientists Genetically ‘Edit’ Monkey Brains In Utero With Human Genes To Make Them More Intelligent

A trend that I have noted before is that of biotechnical engineering and evolution philosophy, where genetics is seen as a way to merge men with animals and machines in the name of ‘creating’ a better man. There are tremendous issues with this including moral, philosophical, ethical, and physical, but the trend in this is […]

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So Much For “The Wall”- Border Crossings Explode, Higher Last Month Than ALL Monthly Crossings Under Obama has been explicitly clear that the US-Mexican border is used by both political parties without regard to the humanity of either those who want to immigrate to the US from Central America or those who live in the US states on the border. Both view all as political pawns and treat them as such, […]

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11232020c Warning Comes True, NY Times Admits That AI-Generated Faces Are A Game Changer

Back in late 2017 and early 2018, I sounded an alarm loud and clear here on about a very disturbing trend I saw taking place online that I feared would become a major trend that could have horrible effects. This trend was that of “face swapping” using artificial intelligence tools in videos. What you […]

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Referendum Passes To Consider Formally Separating Oregon Counties, Rejoining Them With Idaho

Separatism and regionalism are frequently connected to trends in nationalism. This can be clearly witnessed in Europe with the Catalonian separatism in Spain, Walonian separatism in Belgium, Transnistrian separatism in Moldova and Ukraine, the separatism of the numerous republics in the Caucasus mountain region (Abkhazia, Adygea, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karachay-Cherkessia, North Ossetia, South […]

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Claim: Major COVID Crisis Incoming, Threatens To Overwhelm Hospitals

COVID has caused many problems around the world, and there is a hope that come 2021, the pandemic will disappear and life can resume “as normal.” While there are many trends that point to fundamental changes- from everything in the economy itself to just life in general -that suggest things are not going to just […]

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Former Michigan Governor Expects Michigan Will Certify Election Results For Biden Against “Bully” Trump

President Trump has presented a particular image of himself, as one who does not let other people mistreat him and speaks his opinions in a very direct and sometimes rude way. However, some people do not like this, and it is possibly this in combination with other factors- not to mention the concerns about the […]

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UK Now Giving “Freedom Passes” To People Who Certify As “COVID-Free”

There has been a very disturbing trend, really that has increased sharply since 2001, towards highly insidious forms of control from government, stemming from the September 11th attacks that has repeated as a pattern around the world. Now this is not to underemphasize the trend of COVID or its dangers, but one cannot separate the […]

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Israeli Scientists “Delete” Cancer With CRISPR…Or Is There Possibly More That Could Happen?

While many people thought that the future was (I speak of the 1960s to the early 2000s) travelling to the stars, it has been shown that the trend is to go into the human body’s microcosm instead. Genetic editing and the creation of “supermen” through gene therapy has become and is going to likely grow […]

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Trump Campaign Lawyers Say They Are “Thankful” For Having PA Case Dismissed

President Trump is in recent times a highly controversial figure, but the more this election recount ordeal continues, the more such controversy does not seem to help him. Now a report from Business Insider declares that some of Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania have expressed relief that his court case has been dismissed, further pushing the […]

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Joe Biden Does Has Another “Oh No” Moment, Yells At A Reporter Asking Him Questions

One of the trends I have said to watch for will be “oh no” moments with Biden, for assuming he becomes president- and all signs are currently seeming to point to confirming that which many have already spoken about -his past behavior and actions during the election suggest that Biden may be another George W. […]

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