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Belgian Muslims Not Only Ran Over Another Muslim Woman And Did Not Care, But They Were Drunk, High On Drugs, And Then Took Pictures Of The Accident Before Driving Into Parked Cars

Two days ago, I wrote about two Muslim men who ran over a Muslim woman in Molenbeek, Belgium and it was caught on camera. The Muslims and corrupt Western Media blamed it on Europeans, in spite of the fact that the men who committed the crime were later arrested and clearly shown to be Muslims. […]

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Norway Stands Up To Muslim Refugee Invasion With Law To Jail Migrants And Deport Them On The Spot If They Commit Crimes Or Make “Groundless” Asylum Claims

Norway is one of the last countries that I would have anticipated would support a law like this. However, during times that try men’s souls is when you sometimes find out more about people and in this case, societies than you knew or suspected before. Norway still has a long way to go in terms of getting […]

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Two Afghan Refugees Stalk A 14-Year-Old German Boy At A Public Pool, They Pin Him Down And Take Turns Orally Raping Him In The Shower

There have been so many of these stories coming out about Muslim men raping boys and girls in swimming pool facilities, but it is important to remember that there is a reason for this. It is because Muslim men, based on their religion’s teachings, do not need to practice self-control, and that non-Muslims exist solely […]

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“This Is America” Secret Service Agents Put Erdogan’s Security Thugs In Place For Attacking Protesters

Like a true Sultan, President Erdogan has a short temper and is unable to agree to disagree with people in a civil way. Thankfully, while visiting the US this past week, US Secret Service put Erdogan’s security in check when they started to attack protesters against President Erdogan. This is the difference between the Muslim […]

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399 Days In Hell: One Muslim Apostate Woman’s Escape From Sex Slavery In Syria

Amani was born in Syria but she grew up in Veneto, Italy. At 16 her mother took her back to Syria. She told her that it was for family reasons, and in a sense, she told part of the truth. Against her knowledge and her will, her mother set her up in an arranged marriage […]

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Turkey Is Raping Syrian Women And Children And Selling Them As Sex Slaves While The EU Turns A Blind Eye To It Because They Are Afraid Of Erdogan

This entire “refugee crisis”, as I have said before, is a manufactured tool of a twisted, evil foreign policy vision from some very corrupt, perverse Middle Eastern and European politicians. For Merkel and her supporters, it is about both a European genocide in the name of multiculturalism as much as it is about creating a […]

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Britons Want OUT Of The EU But Their MPs Are Going To Vote To Stay In And Do Not Care What The People Think

The UK is undergoing a massive social, demographic, cultural, and economic collapse right now, and part of that is due to the European Union. For the short time the UK has been a part of the EU, it has become the subject of the EU’s twisted immigration experiment more than it ever wanted to be […]

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French Stewardesses Say “Non!” To Mandatory Headscarves And Islamic Garb On Flights To Iran

Air France is resuming flights to Iran. The Iranian government demanded that as a condition, the stewardesses must wear Islamic garb even if they are not Muslim. Fortunately, when Air France told their stewardesses about this, they rebelled en masse against it and are refusing to wear it so much to the point that the future of […]

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“They Converted To Terrorism” Muslim Terrorist Epic Fail On Russia Today Trying To Defend Islamic Terrorism

Religion is a system of beliefs. You can convert to a religion. What you cannot do is convert to an action. You cannot convert to “terrorism” as much as I could convert to “jumping.” But this is the pathological nature of Islam- Muslims, especially pious ones, will say and do anything to “defend” Islam and […]

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While Turkish President Aspires To Become Sultan, He Encourages Turkish Children To Become “Martyrs For Allah” In New Children’s Comic Books

This comic book was produced by the Turkish Diyanet, or Ministry for Religious Affairs. You can read the comic book (in Turkish) right here. Suicide is a grave sin, but in Islam it is not. Yet here you can see the utter hypocristy of Islam and her leaders, a hypocrisy which was modeled on the biggest […]

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For The First Time Ever Oxford University Says That Theology Students Do Not Have To Study Christianity Throughout Their Degree Because It’s “Not Inclusive”

Hardly a century ago the saying in Britain used to be “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Now as the British government working in union with British institutions and even the practically non-existent Church of England have nearly scrubbed Christianity’s last vestiges from British society, Islamic hordes are invading and the land is […]

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Muslim Runs Over Muslim Woman In Molenbeek, Blames It On Europeans, Now Muslims Are Threatening To Butcher More Belgians In Revenge

Here is another example where media lies take their cost in human lives. The media had been reporting as though this was a “far right extremist” who did this. The fact is it was revealed later that is was a local person- two Muslims, in fact- who did this. The Muslims and Media are still […]

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German Government Moves To Prosecute People Who Protest Against “Refugees” While Lawless Muslim Hordes Run Amok Across Germany

Last week I did a story about a gang of Muslim teenagers that severely beat up a nine-year-old German boy for fun. When the boy’s father confronted the Muslim teen’s parents and called the police, not only did the police do nothing, but the next day the German government sent federal police to the German […]

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Greek Farmer Sick Of Muslim “Refugees” Illegally Squatting On His Land Gets Out His Tractor And Plows Over Their Tents, Runs Them Off

Now this is the way to handle the situation. Those Muslims are illegally occupying this farmer’s land which he uses to earn his living. It is actually a good analogy with Europe today, as Muslims are living illegally of the provisions of another while contributing nothing except waste. This farmer took matters into his own […]

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during a media conference at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. European Union heads of state met Thursday to discuss, among other issues, the current migration crisis and terrorism. (AP Photo/Francois Walschaerts)

Muslim Perverts Try To Rape Two Women Publicly, The Police Do NOTHING About It And They Try To Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Of course the German police are not going to say anything. Like at the Nuremberg Trials, their defense is “Merkel told us so.” That is still no excuse for immoral behavior. Merkel only has as much power to abuse the German people in as much as the police, military, and other governmental organs allow her to. They […]

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Gang Of 17-Year-Old Muslim Thugs Beat Up 9-Year-Old German Boy For Fun And Attack His Parents, German Police Come And Beat Up The German Boy’s Father And Say That It’s His Fault Because He Provoked The Muslims

This video has been working its way around the German and European Media. I have transcribed the entire text below. Folks, this is the future of America and Europe if we are not careful- these Muslims are coming to kill us, our children, and rob our civilization and the government is enabling it. The traitor Merkel has […]

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