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Eastern Europe Unites Against Muslims- Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, and Slovakia Meet To Discuss How To Seal Off Borders To Keep Muslims Out

While Christianity in general has disappeared in many parts from Western Europe, there are still many Christians left in Eastern Europe. Indeed many eastern  nations have been attacked, but they still have plenty of faith left and drawing upon this same faith, they have been coming out against Islam, the Muslim “refugees,” and are even giving […]

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Pranked! Turkish President Erdogan Gets Prank Called By Russian Comics, They Get Him To Reveal Secret Anti-Russian Plans Unintentionally

To paraphrase Ashton Kutcher, “Erdogan got punk’d.” Russian comedians Vladimir Krasnov and Alexy Stolyarov have a reputation in Russia for prank calling high profile figures. Targets they have successfully trolled in the past include former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klichko, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko,  even US Military Commander Kevin McNeely and […]

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Down The Rabbit Hole Series Part I: The Crusade At Fatima

Note: This is part of a long series of essays about how the Church’s situation today is connected to events of the past. Last week I posted an interview between the late Fr. Malachi Martin and radio personality Art Bell from 1998. It was Fr. Martin’s last interview before he was found dead under suspicious […]

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Massive Movement Of US Military Equipment For Exercises Against Russia

A massive US Military convoy was spotted driving through eastern Germany, presumably with the intention of conducting massive military activities with Germany against Russia. As I noted last week, there is something strange going on with how the west- and Germany in particular– is literally allowing itself to be invaded by Muslim hordes, while at the […]

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“10,000 Missing Refugee Children Have Been Sold Into Sex Slavery Or Harvested For Organ Trafficking” Muslim “Leader” In Germany Who Supported This Entire Refugee Crisis Is Now Upset That His Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

We profiled Central Council of Muslims In Germany President Ayman Mazyek last month on for blaming the Muslim mass rapes this past New Years Eve on “drunken Germans.” As we noted in that piece: Mr. Mazyek’s refusal to address such a clear, obvious problem in the Muslim community is because he is part of it. […]

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“Of Course We Want Our People To Come Back. The Western Governments Caused This Migration.” Must Read Interview With Syrian President Asad About Refugee Crisis

President Asad of Syria has been under attack from the United States and other western governments for almost a decade now. Regardless of what one thinks of him, he deserves a lot of respect because in spite of the fact that Syria is a Muslim majority country and he is an Alawite Muslim himself, (a) […]

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Fr. Malachi Martin’s Last Interview- A Foretaste Of Next Week

I was going to post an article about certain topics, but I am going to leave that matter for next week. Until that time, I would like to prepare you for *some* of the topics I am going to cover with the following radio interview between Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell and the late Fr. […]

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“Never be ashamed of Christ or of His doctrine. It is time to fight with open face”- St. Padre Pio’s Advice To An Ex-Freemason

Read the whole story at Catholic Family News: Padre Pio smiled, took his visitor’s hand and with extreme kindness began to tell him the story of the Prodigal Son. That same day Cesare went down on his knees before Padre Pio and made his confession, the first in twenty-five years. The next morning he received Holy […]

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“If Someone Behaves Like An Animal, Whether In Poland Or Abroad, I’ll React.” Polish Five-Time World Strongman Champion And Truck Company Owner Promises To “Give Refugees Accelerated Assimilation Lessons” With His Baseball Bat If They Cause Trouble To His Trucks

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a five-time world strongman champion from Poland. World famous and now retired, Mr. Pudzianowski owns a trucking company which makes deliveries across Europe. However, his trucks must also pass through Calais. As we have documented here on Shoebat, Calais is an extremely dangerous, essentially Muslim-controlled city on the French side of the […]

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Get Convicted Of Terrorism In Sweden? You Can Still Stay! Swedish Terror Convicts Won’t Have Nationality Stripped

But the real question is, if this person were not Muslim, would his nationality be stripped? Or would he be like Omar Makram, who we profiled here on who is a former Muslim who immigrated to Sweden and even desecrated the Quran online to prove his apostasy, and the Swedish government is trying to send […]

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“My Jihad Means Being Humanitarian And Helping Others”- Chilling German Political “Educational” Video

A must see video. According to the translator, this was released by the German Federal Agency for Political Education and is being broadcast across Germany much in the was of Public Service Announcements in the US. The program, which is taxpayer funded, claims that “Jihad historically means protecting Islam against foreign attacks, standing up for free […]

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Trump Is On Fire! Goes On CBS And Knocks Charlie Rose & Co. For A Loop With His Answers On Iraq, Russia, ISIS, Etc.

With respect to the other two candidates- Cruz, and Rubio- could they have answered as succinctly, smoothly, and confidently? Trump 2016. ***Do YOU want to save Christians? Please click here to donate so Rescue Christians can continue doing its important work*** ***Because of our commitment to the truth, we will be pulled off of Facebook […]

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Less People and More Crimes- Cologne Carnival Has A Huge Increase In Crime And Sexual Assault Due To Muslims

We knew it was coming. Like a freight train. Like a disaster in slow motion. Like a wrecking ball hitting Wile E. Coyote. And it did happen, and the German media is silent. From the UK Daily Mail: Outlining the incidents, police from Cologne and neighbouring Leverkusen said there had been 673 crimes reported of […]

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“The only way to eliminate risks like in Paris and in Germany is to prevent the creation of a compact Muslim community in Slovakia”- Slovak PM Robert Fico Does It AGAIN, Tells The EU NO WAY To Muslims

An article meant to portray Slovakian PM Robert Fico, who we have profiled before of (here and here) for his strong, unashamed stance against Muslim immigration into Slovakia, has played to his favor.  His popularity continues to grow in spite of EU and specifically, German propaganda to undermine his credibility since Slovakia is currently […]

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Deranged Left Wing “Refugee” Activist Stabs Himself Repeatedly Then Calls Police And Tries To Blame It On “Right Wing Activists”

Julian Kinzel is a left-wing activist with an interesting story. Originally, the story reported was this (from Tagesspiegel): Three perpetrators beat him down and stabbed their victim around 17 times with a knife, according to a statement from the doctor who treated him”, the statement reads. In the process Kinzel was said to have been […]

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