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The Popes Are The Greatest Warriors Against Islam In World History And They Will Lead The Fight To Destroy The Muslim Heresy In The Last Days

(Shoebat Sunday Special) Many years ago I read my first Chick tract online. For those who have never heard of Jack Chick, he is an anti-Catholic fundamentalist Christian who has created a series of well-drawn comics about “true Christianity.” A cornerstone of his tracts is his outright spiteful and even irrational anti-Catholic ideas, so much […]

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Somali Muslim “Refugee” Kidnaps Random Swedish Woman, Rapes Her In Broad Daylight, Pours Lighter Fluid On Her Naked Body, Tells Her ‘F*ck Me Again Or I’ll Set You On Fire’ Before Raping Her Again

The rapist, whose name has not been released. The worst part is he won’t be deported for this horrible crime. And this is in spite of the fact that in addition to this crime, he already has a lengthy criminal record. Ask yourself- what would happen if this was a Swede who did this? This is […]

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Germany’s Chancellor Merkel Gives Muslim “Refugees” Immediate and Unlimited Welfare Benefits But Now Forces Europeans To Wait On A List For 5 YEARS

If you are a German or EU citizen, German Chancellor Merkel just threw you under the bus. According to a new law being pushed by Merkel’s cabinet, Muslim “refugees” will qualify for immediate and unlimited welfare benefits. However, German and EU citizens will not only have to apply, but they will have to wait for […]

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“I’ve Been Shot!” Failed ISIS Terrorist Gets Blown Up And Dies While Filming His Own Attack

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword– Jesus (Matthew 26:52) The action starts at 2:00 when this ISIS convoy spots and attacks a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter brigade. For three minutes, a fighter named “Abu Hajar” and the cameraman desperately try to fire rockets at the Kurds, only to get hit by a […]

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Muslim Husband Beats His Wife To Death For Becoming A Christian, Now Both Her Sons AND Their Muslim Friends Have All Become Christians

  The martyrdom of Stephen The early Christian writer Tertullian once wrote that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” for as one dies for Christ he plants a seed of faith which blossoms into a new plant bearing fruit and new life for many. That was hahappened here when Workitu, […]

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Muslim Rapes THREE Women In The SAME Day, The Judge Gives Him Bail And Then He Goes Out And Tries To Rape Another Woman

Liban, Abdi, Serial Rapist Thankfully he is out of society now, but it took three rapes and one attempted rape for the courts to finally stop him. Not only that, but this same man attempted his fourth rape while he was on bail. This shows how little he cares about his crimes or for his […]

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500 Muslim Terrorists Descend On Christian Village And Chase Down Christians Before Mercilessly Hacking Them To Pieces With Machetes And Then Shooting The Survivors

Five Hundred Muslim nomad herdsmen raided a Christian village in rural Nigeria. They burned the village to the ground, killed all the animals, and then they surrounded the church, called Christ Holy Church International, and burnt it to the ground. One of the villagers said that the Muslims were chasing down Christians before slaughtering them: […]

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Muslim Terrorist On Trial For Murdering 368 People Last Fall In Paris Is Confused And Upset Why His Attorney And Non-Muslims Despise Him

Being a defense attorney is a difficult enough job. It is made more difficult when you have to defend people like Muslim mass murderer Salah Abdesalam, Per a recent article from Liberation News, even his own attorney does not like him: The Belgian lawyer of the main defendant in the Paris attacks explains the difficulty […]

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Refugees Erupt Into Massive Riot At Restaurant When They Are Told They Have To Pay For Their Meals

According to the back story, these Muslim “refugees,” many of whom were from Africa, demanded free food in a restaurant. When they were told “no,” they started to riot and loot. National borders and immigration restrictions exists for the same reasons that prisons and mental institutions exist: because certain people are not capable, either by natural […]

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Hungarian Government Bans Islamization, Says That Hungarians Have A Right To Choose Their Culture And How They Want To Live

It’s about time. As the PM Viktor Orban clarified, the Hungarian constitution bans the Islamization of Hungarian society. This is, in a sense, no different than the position of Saudi Arabia on this matter. There are many Christians living in Saudi Arabia, but they cannot do anything to assert Christianity in the public sphere. Likewise, […]

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Two Lesbians Strap Two Year Old Into A Cage, Stuff Objects Into His Mouth, And Beat Him With Belts Until He Dies, Then They Tell His Five Year Old Brother That He Was The Murderer

This twisted case began back in 2014. The lesbians, Rachel and Nyomi Fee, told police that two-year-old Liam Fee’s death was an accident. However, horrifying details have emerged from his two twin brother, now aged seven, that have implicated the pair in murder. Liam Fee According to the boys, life with Rachel and Nyomi was a […]

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Blood On The Walls, Vomit On The Floor, And Feces In The Beds: Inside The German “Refugee Center” Than Muslims Turned Into A Bug-Ridden, Disease Infested House Of Horrors

During Halloween lots of places have haunted or “horror” houses where you can pay a little money to get a scare from looking at something horrible, violent, or disgusting. However, everybody knows that everything is fake in it. The pictures you are about to see are not fake. They came from a “refugee” center in […]

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Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Muslims Were Allowed To Enter The UK And The Home Office “Forgot” To Record Them In The Official Immigration Statistics

Nobody just “forgets” about a quarter million people entering into your nation illegally and collecting benefits from the state. It’s impossible. The truth is that the UK Home Office has been faking immigration numbers to make it look like fewer Muslims are coming into Britain when in reality they are pouring in like water through […]

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Trump Takes Northeast By Storm And Another Step Towards The White House- Ted Cruz’s Campaign Is A Dead Man Walking Because It Is Now Mathematically Impossible For Him To Win

After today’s elections, there are only 622 delegates left. Ted Cruz needs 677 to win the nomination. Ted Cruz’s campaign is a dead man walking. He is mathematically finished. To the contrary, Trump has 922 delegates- he only needs 315 to win the nomination. Trump is the only Republican candidate who can actually win both the […]

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Armenian Christians In France Fight Off Turkish Barbarians Attacking Peaceful Demonstration Commemorating The Armenian Genocide

In true Muslim fashion, they can never agree to disagree and have to make their presence known with violence. In this case, Turkish barbarians attacked a peaceful demonstration in Lyon’s France on the Guillotere bridge commemorating the Armenian Genocide:   The bridge on which this fight took place is interesting. While the current bridge dates […]

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