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Muslim Refugees In Finland So Happy To RETURN To Iraq They Kiss The Ground When They Get Off The Plane

More proof that these people were never “refugees.” True refugees would never oppose free accomodations, and they would be happy with them because they are simply happy to be alive and not persecuted. These Muslims are not “persecuted.” They are the persecutors. They were never fleeing violence. They are the cause of violence. They weren’t […]

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PAY UP! Federal Appeals Court Says That Major Catholic TV Station Has To Pay For Sinful Practices Or Face 35K A DAY Fines- Protestants YOU Are Next

EWTN is the largest Catholic and religious media station on earth. The Birmingham, AL based station has repeatedly opposed Obamacare based on the fact that it would force them to pay for contraceptive and abortion services, which are in direct moral conflict with Catholic teaching. It should come as no surprise then, that the 11th […]

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Face Of Evil: Muslim Bragging On TV Documentary About His Gang Of Thieves Is Arrested After Teenage Rape Victim Identifies Him As Her Attacker

Taoufik M. is 33 years old. He arrived to Germany as a “refugee” and since coming has done nothing productive. He lives on state welfare, and he makes his living by stealing and robbing Europeans. On top of these charges, we can also add “raping European women” because he was recently arrested after being recognized […]

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“We Are Coming And We Will Take Your Country” Muslim Biker Gangs And Boxing Clubs Training To Take Over Germany

Osmanen Germania –Ottoman Germany That is the name of one of the German biker gangs who have promised to, working in coalition with other Muslim groups, to take over Europe. While European mean have been sissifying themselves trying to become like women and the women have been trying to become like men, these Muslim gangs are […]

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“Journalist Free Space” Enemy European Collaborators Kick Journalists Out Of Area In Calais Camp Trying To Hide The Truth

Censorship is back in style. At least for the European collaborators in the “refugee” crisis importing millions of Muslims from the third world into Europe. Here is a video, filmed secretly by Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten trying to get an interview with the No Borders Solidarity Network Calais group. Watch the video. Welcome to the […]

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Delusional Feminist Thinks She Can Fight Off Muslim Invaders

It is good to see common people taking charge of their personal security and that of their neighbors in the face of the Muslim “refugee” onslaught in Western and Northern Europe. It is good to see both men and women not only speaking up, but acting up- fighting back, beating up attacking Muslims, and confronting them with weapons. […]

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Counterpoint: If Women Want Western Men To Defend Them Against Muslim Attackers, Then Revert Back To Traditional Gender Roles Or Else Eat The Fruit Of Your Own Creation

Here on, we have been documenting the outcry of western women for help from western men, particularly in Europe, to fight off the hordes of invading Muslim refugees arriving each day with the complicity of the respective governments. Rightly so, men do have a responsibility to defend their societies and especially, their women. But […]

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ISIS Chops Off Man’s Hand With Meat Cleaver, Uses Three Foot Long Sword To Behead Another Terrified Man While Adults And Children Look On

In another infamous encounter with the barbarity of ISIS, the terror group chopped off a man’s hand with a meat cleaver and beheaded another with a three-foot-long sword in another series of Sharia Law mandated punishments meted out in the Syrian city of Raqqa. Notice the presence of the children along with the adults in […]

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UK Labor Party Elects Muslim Terrorist And ISIS Supporter Sadiq Khan As Candidate for London Mayor’s Race

The UK Labor Pary, which is (in a way) the equivalent of the Democrat party in the USA, has nominated a Muslim terrorist and ISIS supporter as their candidate for the London Mayor’s race. In an investigation by the UK Daily Mail, it was uncovered that the Labor Candidate, Mr. Sadiq Khan, has regularly appeared […]

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We Told You So! Erdogan’s Secret Plan Revealed Yesterday By Russian Comics To Establish A Blockade And Use Crimean Tartars To Attack Russian Influence Proven True

Crimean Flag Yesterday we posted on about two Russian comics who prank called Turkish President Erdogan and got him to reveal Turkish state secrets during the 13-minute conversation. One of the secrets that came out was, as a part of his plans to try an undermine Russian influence, to support the Crimean Tartars. The Crimean Tartars […]

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A Father Of An 11-Year Old Daughter Molested By Muslim Refugees Writes Open Letter To Merkel On Facebook

According to the story, an eleven-year-old girl and her friend were surrounded in a pool and molested by five Muslim men in their twenties. The father of one of the girls wrote an open letter to Chancellor Merkel about the incident on Facebook. From Dear Frau Merkel, are our children in Germany still safe?  […]

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HEIL MERKEL! German Chancellor’s “Attack Dog” Threatens UK To It’s Face With Trade War If It Leaves The EU- “You Can’t Survive Without Us”

Britain has seen this before. Just barely a century ago. As this “refugee” crisis worsens, Chancellor Merkel’s true intentions will be revealed more clearly, as they were in this incident. Never before in recent history has Germany outright threatened Britain with even a minor conflict, let alone a trade war. The following conversation took place […]

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Eastern Europe Unites Against Muslims- Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, and Slovakia Meet To Discuss How To Seal Off Borders To Keep Muslims Out

While Christianity in general has disappeared in many parts from Western Europe, there are still many Christians left in Eastern Europe. Indeed many eastern  nations have been attacked, but they still have plenty of faith left and drawing upon this same faith, they have been coming out against Islam, the Muslim “refugees,” and are even giving […]

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