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Ex-Muslim Is Denied Refuge In Sweden, He Desecrates A Copy Of The Koran To Prove His Apostasy

Omar Makram. former Muslim In my years of working with Muslims and Islam, I have found that many Muslims who eventually become Christians at least for a time describe themselves as atheists. It is not that most of these people are actually atheists in the sense that they do not believe in God and have […]

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“Do Not Prosecute Crimes Involving Refugees” German Police Officer Of 17 Years Faces Charges For Exposing Secret Government Directive To German Police Department

In another explosive story proving the German government’s war against her own people, 17-year veteran officer Sven Kleuckling has been suspended without pay and will most likely be fired and face charges for exposing on Facebook a secret directive given to German police departments nationwide- that refugees are not to be prosecuted for any crime.  Naming the […]

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YOU’RE FIRED: Trump Slams Fox News And Its SAUDI ARABIAN Owner Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, He Threatens Trump On Twitter, Trump Tells Him To Go Pound Sand

It all started with this photo that Trump put on his Twitter account: Trump was of course being facetious and the picture was Photoshopped, but his point was clear. FOX is owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and when he says to FOX News “Jump!,” their employees respond “How high?” Prince Talal was not […]

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EXPOSED: “Migrant” Who Murdered Swedish Refugee Worker Is 6 Foot Tall Somali Muslim Who Claims To Be 15 But Is Actually In His 20s

Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, murderer This case is going to become more interesting as it develops. Refugee workers have already complained that 90% of the people they see are Muslim men who lie every chance they get and are shamelessly violent. This case fits in perfectly with these reports. The article claims there was “no sexual […]

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18-Year-Old Afghan Muslim Approaches 72-Year-Old Austrian Woman, Offers To Help Her, Then Beats Her Up And Forcibly Sodomizes Her

The worst part about this story is that the “refugees” who did the attack will not be deported in spite of their illegal status and criminal actions, and that this woman’s daughter is a “committed refugee helper” From the Kroner: On Wednesday at the State Court in Vienna’s Neustadt an 18-year-old Afghan was sentenced to 20 months […]

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“Better Rapists Than Racists” Disgusting Photo Deleted From Young German Socialist Party Facebook Account Shows Real Face Of Refugee Supporters

A picture is truly worth a thousand words sometimes. The photo was taken before it was deleted from the Rote Antifa Front Facebook page, which is a young German socialist page. Translation (under the photo): Better sexually active refugees than German racists. This is what the “refugee” supporters really think of Germany and her people.

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EXPOSED: Video From Dead Palestinian Terrorist Nashat Milhem’s Cell Phone Shows Him Drinking Beer, Doing Drugs, Cursing Christians And Shiites

Palestinian Terrorist Nashat Milhem celebrated the 2016 New Year by killing two people outside of a natural foods store. He had previously served a five years sentence for the attempted murder of an Israeli soldier. One week later on January 8th, 2016, Mr. Milhem was killed in a shootout with Israeli police. Since then not […]

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“Narcissist, No Self-Esteem, And On The Brink Of Psychological Collapse” World Famous German Psychoanalyst Says Merkel Is Psychologically Unstable And Is Taking Germany Down With Her

World Famous German Psyscholgist and Psychoanalyst Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz stated that based on his years of work in clinical psychology, he believes that Chancellor Merkel is a narcissist teetering on the edge of a complete mental breakdown on account of her irrational decisions that are now threatening the very fabric of German society. Via Huffington […]

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Not Again! Mob Of “Seven To Ten Asylum Seekers” Surround Pair Of Eleven Year Old German Girls, Take Turns Molesting Them

Muslim pedophiles strike again. If you have young children, especially daughters, keep them away from these people because they believe their religion gives them license to act on whatever impulses they may feel at the moment.  Via Sat1 Regional News: Two 11-year-old girls are said to have been sexually harassed in a swimming pool in […]

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Adolf Hitler talking to Grand Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini.   (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

No Shame: Muslim Councillor For UK Labour Party Compares Muslim Refugees To Holocaust Victims

Muslim UK Labour Party councilor Aysegul Gurbuz brazenly compared the disgust and displeasure that so many Europeans have towards with the EU-sanctioned Muslim “migrants” and their behaviors in their host countries with how Jews were treated during the Holocaust. Via Russia Today:   It is interesting that (a) nowhere in any historical books were Jews, […]

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