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WOW! 60% Of Germans AGAINST Muslim “Migrants” Up From 46% In Less Than A Month!

The German people and many politicians are finally turning against Chancellor Merkel’s suicidal, dangerous, irresponsible “policy” of turning Germany into another third world Muslim cesspool. As EuroNews reports, in December 46% of people were against the refugees. Now that number has reached 60%–in less than a month  Germany is angry– and rightly so. If I were a […]

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Leftist Journalist Attacked, Robbed, Beaten Up By Knife Wielding Muslims In Calais While Trying To Do A Story About The “Plight” Of The Muslim “Refugees”

First it was the British and French governments ignoring the complaints that hundreds of truckers were being attacks by Muslim “refugees” at the Calais camps. Then the Muslims were throwing away the free food, water, and clothes that “aid workers” were giving them, demanding money instead. The aid workers defending the Muslims, saying that the […]

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Saudi University Paid $2 MILLION Bribe To Boost Its Rankings

Deception in Islam is not merely limited to merely presenting Islam to non-Muslims in a favorable image. It also includes making Islam and all its institutions, directly or indirectly appear to be better than they actually are in order to cull honor among men and give honor to Allah. This story is particularly interesting because […]

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Ungrateful Muslims In France Blame Their Problems On The French People Who Welcomed Them And Pay For Their Welfare

Make no mistake, these Muslims are aware of what they are doing. They blame others because (a) they do not want to take responsibility for their actions, and (b) they want other people to subsidize their invasion and takeover of society. Charity is an act of love. These people have no love in them, and […]

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Knife Wielding Muslim Woman In Hijab Tries To Stab Random English Teenager On Train

CCTV close-up of the would-be Murderer There is no peace in a society where Islam must mix with non-Muslims because Islam has no respect for life. In a brazen attack, a Muslim woman in a hijab pulled an eight-inch kitchen knift out of her purse and attempted to stab a random 15-year-old non-Muslim English teenager […]

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British Charity Worker As Ungrateful To European Truckers As Muslim “Refugees” Are

Claire Moseley, an aid worker who cares more about help Muslim terrorists than the safety of people the same Muslims harass daily Calais is the most dangerous place in Europe for truckers. Drivers are regularly harassed, their trucks damaged, their loads robbed, and sometimes even worse. The situation is so bad that the British Road […]

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Pakistani Imams Block Passage Of “Un-Islamic” Child Marriage Bill

Islam has a problem with pedophilia going back to its founder Muhammad. Pedophilia is widespread in the Muslim world, and as we wrote last week in a special report on Muslim pedophilia, Pakistan is the worst offender in the Muslim world. In a new low, Pakistan’s Imams have protested and successfully blocked a bill that would […]

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FAIL: Germany Hands Out Pamphlets With Pictures Thinking It Will Stop Muslim Rapists

In response to the mass rapes and antisocial behavior so prevalent among the Muslim “refugees,” the German and Swiss governments have respectively put together pamphlets in German with pictures illustrating “proper” behavior for refugees to help them “integrate” into European society. Via Zero Hedge: Switzerland has adopted an Austrian cartoon flyer for its upcoming  Lucerne […]

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“Drown them in a sea of blood, Kill them as you wish” Palestinian Music Video Encourages Mass Murder

These kinds of videos have been known about for a long time in Israel. However, this one in particular caught my attention. Remember, it this is how things are in Israel, what will they be like in Europe in ten years?: “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life” -Proverbs […]

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German Media Tries To Spin Muslim Takeover Of Hamtramck As Good And Normal

There has been a tremendous amount of propaganda being produced to favor Islam and Muslim, like this recent Deutsche Welle report about the Muslim takeover of Hamtramck, MI. Note the emphasis on “discrimination” in the report: But no matter how much propaganda the media produces, remember that truth will always prevail over lies., like how […]

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“Rip Apart the Community Of The Infidels” Muslim Refugee Prays For The Destruction Of The Native Germans

A Muslim “refugee” to Germany makes Islamic supplication (du’a) for the destruction of the native Germans. The video’s title is Some Muslim refugees in Germany curse in their prayers on the birthday of the Prophet the infidels (Kufar), including the host society. These types of prayers are legitimized in Islam, among others, the following texts: Surah 71:26 Surah 10:88 […]

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Different Place, Same Nonsense; Another Refugee Camp In Northern France; This IS The Future Of Europe

Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast you your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you- Matthew 7:6 Calais, France refugee camp Could you imagine 20 years ago that Europe would look like a third world country? We have been extensively covering […]

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“Please Do Not Poop In The Showers” Muslim Refugees Need To Be Told Where To Wash And Where To Defecate

I cannot verify absolutely the original source of this photo. I have seen several of these photos taken by different persons, so it does not appear to be an isolated phenomenon. Also, given the fact that Muslim refugees have been pooping in public places as we reported earlier this week, this photo is likely real. […]

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Dead Pig Hung From Tree At Proposed Refugee Center Site In Holland

Europeans are sick and tired of their irresponsible political and business “leaders” who are delivering their nations into the hands of barbarians. Taking a lesson from many others, who know that Muslims hate pigs and pork will keep them away, just like truckers who have to drive through the Muslim “refugee” camps at Calais, are taking […]

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Muslim Couple Names First Child “Angela Merkel”

Yes, because it was Ms. Merkel who told these Muslim invaders they were “welcome” to Germany without following the laws that legal migrants have to abide by. Via Sputnik News: The girl was born in a Duisburg hospital on December 27. The family has been living in Germany for about three months in one of the city’s refugee facilities. Another woman […]

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