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German Government Is Now Actively Promoting The Ethnic And Racial Genocide Of The German People

I have been telling you readers that the “refugee” invasion of Europe is far more than just about delusion liberal ideas of tolerance, but that it is an active attempt to destroy- down to the biological level- anything that remains of the German nation. Merkel and her company are in this sense committing genocide against their […]

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles during a campaign stop, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, in Bluffton, S.C. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Tough-Talking Mexican President Vincente Fox Now Grovels Before Trump’s Feet, Begs Him Not To Build The Wall

I love watching these cowards grovel: Earlier this year, Fox said that he would not pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall,” and called Trump “Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.” Trump then called on Fox to apologize. On Wednesday, he did so — in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News — and […]

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History Repeats Itself As Eastern Europe Doubles Down Against Germany While Turkey’s Puppet Angela Merkel Shills For Erdogan’s Ottoman Dream

80 Million People.  That is how many people live in Turkey right now. That is how many people German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who at this point is little more than a puppet for Turkish President (and soon self-titled Ottoman Sultan) Erdogan, is traveling around the world promoting open EU borders with Turkey: SOT, Angela Merkel, […]

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EU Traitors Impose The Islamic Jizya On Eastern Europe, Says Each Country Must Pay 250 THOUSAND Euros For Each Muslim Refugee They Don’t Want

In Islamic law, the jizya is a tax non-Muslims are forced to pay an Islamic government in order to prevent them from being murdered, enslaved, or expelled from their homelands. It is to Islam as protection money is to the mafia. The nations of Western Europe, whose leaders are hell-bent on forcing their nations and […]

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It’s A Miracle! Catholic Priest Reported Crucified By ISIS Is ALIVE And May Be Released

Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil Miracles happen. Prayer works. Thank you to everybody who has prayed and been praying for Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, the Catholic priest abducted by ISIS two months ago and reportedly crucified on Easter. According to sources who have been following this situation closely, it was never proven that Fr. Uzhunnalil was crucified. If […]

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UK Protesters Storm Britain’s Largest Halal Slaughterhouse And Face Off Against Muslim Animal Butchers

I never eat halal meat if I am aware of it on principle. While the Bible states that we can eat food which has been offered to idols, my concern is about setting an example- I don’t wish to even suggest that Allah is a legitimate diety, and so I will not consume food sacrificed to […]

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ISIS Kidnaps Christian Sisters, They Rape And Torture Them To Death, Cut Up Their Bodies And Put Them In A Bucket And Then Send Their Parents The Bucket With Their Dead Bodies And A Video Of Them Being Tortured To Death

More savagery from the “Islamic State.” Yet America and the West continues their apathetic non-action against them because we do not care about Christians, women, girls, or persecuted minorities at all. And yet, these Christian still forgive those who are murdering them.  These women and children are ignored and forgotten by the West, but not by […]

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INVASION: 800 THOUSAND Muslims Are Crossing Right Now From Libya To Europe, THREE MILLION More Are Coming

Nero and Rome The story goes that the Roman Emperor Nero played the fiddle while the city of Rome burned and he did nothing. In fact, he was the one who started the fire so he could have an excuse to persecute the early Church. Merkel and Erdogan. Notice that Germany’s flag is not represented behind […]

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Swedish Police Refuse To Prosecute Five Muslims Who Tried To Gang-Rape Teenage Boy On Sexual Assault Charges Because ‘It Wasn’t The Right Type Of Violence’

When somebody, let alone a group of men, comes up to a person and starts sexually molesting him and attempting to rape him, that is called sexual assault. When there is a teenager involved, the crime becomes attempted statutory rape. However, in Sweden today, “sexual assault” apparently means something else because in the “New Sweden” being created […]

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Train Station Chaos As Hundreds Of Muslim “Refugees” Riot Uncontrolled, Beat Police And Each Other With Iron Bars

It all started with the police arresting a man for public drunkenness. Then in a flash, the Muslim “refugees” turned to rioting and beating each other savagely with iron bars and wooden boards. These “refugees” were staying at a makeshift camp in the train station. Nevertheless, look at what has happened here, and it is […]

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German Justice Minister That Promised To Arrest Citizens Who Criticize “Refugee” Invasion Flees In Terror After HUNDREDS Of German Patriots Confront Him Screaming “Get Out Traitor!”

Hundreds of German patriots protested and attacked Heiko Maaas yesterday, the German Minister of Justice who promised to arrest and prosecute any and all German citizens who would criticize the “refugee” invasion of Germany. The protests were so aggressive that he had to be escorted away by DOZENS of police officers for his safety. From […]

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The Popes Are The Greatest Warriors Against Islam In World History And They Will Lead The Fight To Destroy The Muslim Heresy In The Last Days

(Shoebat Sunday Special) Many years ago I read my first Chick tract online. For those who have never heard of Jack Chick, he is an anti-Catholic fundamentalist Christian who has created a series of well-drawn comics about “true Christianity.” A cornerstone of his tracts is his outright spiteful and even irrational anti-Catholic ideas, so much […]

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Somali Muslim “Refugee” Kidnaps Random Swedish Woman, Rapes Her In Broad Daylight, Pours Lighter Fluid On Her Naked Body, Tells Her ‘F*ck Me Again Or I’ll Set You On Fire’ Before Raping Her Again

The rapist, whose name has not been released. The worst part is he won’t be deported for this horrible crime. And this is in spite of the fact that in addition to this crime, he already has a lengthy criminal record. Ask yourself- what would happen if this was a Swede who did this? This is […]

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Germany’s Chancellor Merkel Gives Muslim “Refugees” Immediate and Unlimited Welfare Benefits But Now Forces Europeans To Wait On A List For 5 YEARS

If you are a German or EU citizen, German Chancellor Merkel just threw you under the bus. According to a new law being pushed by Merkel’s cabinet, Muslim “refugees” will qualify for immediate and unlimited welfare benefits. However, German and EU citizens will not only have to apply, but they will have to wait for […]

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“I’ve Been Shot!” Failed ISIS Terrorist Gets Blown Up And Dies While Filming His Own Attack

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword– Jesus (Matthew 26:52) The action starts at 2:00 when this ISIS convoy spots and attacks a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter brigade. For three minutes, a fighter named “Abu Hajar” and the cameraman desperately try to fire rockets at the Kurds, only to get hit by a […]

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Muslim Husband Beats His Wife To Death For Becoming A Christian, Now Both Her Sons AND Their Muslim Friends Have All Become Christians

  The martyrdom of Stephen The early Christian writer Tertullian once wrote that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” for as one dies for Christ he plants a seed of faith which blossoms into a new plant bearing fruit and new life for many. That was hahappened here when Workitu, […]

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