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On Tuesday November 8th Democrats and Never Trumper Voters Can Be Americans or Enablers of a Giant Organized Crime Family connected to ISIS Terrorists

Posted by KD On Tuesday November 8th the choice is clear, America’s basic values of morality and the rule of law are at stake. If the country chooses Hillary Clinton as president then we as a country are evil and we condone and enable organized crime to a degree that makes Al Capone look like […]

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“Liberals” Are Ready And Willing To Vote for An Ardent Racist

Hat Tip Dr. Paul Kengor. The hypocrisy of the left shows no bounds. When Donald Trump was castigated for not condemning “hard enough” David Duke and the white supremacists who were supporting his candidacy, Trump was slammed for days by the media. It is amazing to see the media ignore Hillary Clinton’s support for Margaret […]

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raped girl

Christian Woman Raped By Four Muslim Men Based On False Charges Against her Brother-In Law, is Rescued And Finds Justice From The Rescue Christians Team.

Watch this heart breaking video testimony of Samrah Bibi (aka Samrah Badal) who was raped multipled times by four Muslim men. Below is what has happened and subsequetly how we rescued the family and gained release for the innocent. We are also now pursuing justice against the rapists. On the 25th of June,2016 at around […]

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save a life

Rescue Christians Wins Court Case To Free Christian Girl From Forced Marriage Contract

On the 23rd May we reported a case of a Christian Girl Shabana Bibi, who was abducted, raped, and forced to convert to Islam including a forced marriage by Muhammad Afzal (the Abductor). Watch her testimony here which we previously published Even after escaping she was unable to re-start her life as Muhammad Afzal was […]

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Young Girl – Drugged, Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured and Forced to Convert to be a Muslim fights back with the help of Rescue Christians

Please watch this heart breaking testimony. Every year in Pakistan 700 Christian girls are raped, abducted and forced to convert to Islam. These are the recorded number of cases which are reported in the media, but according to several different Christian Organizations the number is much higher. The Pakistani Government continues to fail the Christian […]

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How a Nazi SS commando became a Mossad assassin

Source UK Daily Telegraph A former SS officer known as “Hitler’s commando” reportedly worked as an assassin for Israeli intelligence after the Second World War. A notorious former SS officer known as “Hitler’s commando” reportedly worked as an assassin for Israeli intelligence. Lt-Col Otto Skorzeny, once described by British and American intelligence as “the most […]

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Major Boston Talk Show Host calls for Walid Shoebat to Advise Trump or Cruise on Islamic Terror problem

Posted by Keith Davies, Political Editor. Jeff Kuhner who hosts his own show in Boston the “kuhner Report” did a 30 minute interview yesterday with Walid Sheobat, which was extremly infomative. Anyone who who cares to listen will understand why Walid’s analysis and knowledge is second to none in the field of Islam and terrorism. […]

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Palestinian knifer

KIlling Jews by Stabbing: Promoted by Palestnians With Disgusting Cartoon Video

Israel is the Canary in the Coal Mine. Israelis are currently being attacked with knives and machetes with many Jews being murdered and badly injured in Israel. A few days ago in Columbus Ohio, a restaurant was attacked by a Jihadist when he found out the owner was Israeli Christian Arab who also happened to […]

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hillary criminal

Democrat and RINO as Usual subvert the Justice System and Prosecute the Innocent, Yet Let The Guilty Go Free, Another Reason to Kick Them From The White House

Keith Davies Political Editor Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Devon Anderson a Rino Republican who is pro Gay rights, pro Choice (murder) and pro abortion, you can read about her […]

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