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Crucifixion and Mob Rule In Egypt

By Theodore Shoebat It was reported just today, by Raymond Ibrahim, that the Muslim Brotherhood has crucified people, accused of being against Muhammad Morsi, naked and on trees in front of the presidential palace. Raymond Ibrahim reports: El Balad adds that the supporters of Tawfik Okasha, another vocal critic of President Morsi—the one who widely […]

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Obama Administration Supports Islamists In Syria, But Stops Revolution Against The Hitler of Sudan

By Theodore Shoebat The support of the rebels in Syria, and the condemnation of Assad, by the Obama administration can only make one question as to why he is against this particular regimen, but not that of Omar al-Bashir, the tyrant who has been responsible for the deaths of millions through the Jihad that he […]

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Man beaten to death in Koran fury

Published on Thursday 5 July 2012 00:00 From Thousands of people dragged a Pakistani man accused of desecrating Islam’s holy book from a police station, beat him to death and set his body on fire. The incident happened on Tuesday in Bahawalpur, a city in a deeply conservative part of central Pakistan, after attackers […]

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Egyptian Zombies

By Theodore Shoebat “The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken [man] staggereth in his vomit.” –Isaiah 19:14 This prophecy of Scripture indicates to one that the Egyptians will in the future have a nature and disposition of […]

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A Challenge to Every Muslim

By Walid Shoebat Yesterday, I received this question and comment from sociologist-historian and scholar Mr. Alvin Schmidt, whom I greatly respect: I have for some time said that Sean Hannity seems to be an ignorant supporter of the politically correct ideology when he keeps talking about “Radical Islam.”  He either has never read the Koran […]

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