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Muslims Force Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Into Actual Concentration Camps Where They Are Brutally Tortured, Raped, And Made To Endure Grueling Slavery. But Rescue Christians Is Now Doing Undercover Missions To Save Thousands Of Them (NOW IS YOUR TIME TO JOIN THE MISSION)

RESCUE CHRISTIANS EXCLUSIVE  Muslims are forcing tens of thousands of Christians into concentration camps in Pakistan. The labor camps that these Christians are in most definitely fit the description of concentration camps. For they are forced into hard labor, in an area where they are made to live in despotic and impoverished living conditions; they are forced to […]

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The Obama Administration Forms A Major Jihadist Group And Gives Them High Tech Weaponry And Now The Same Jihadist Movement Is Passing This High Tech Weaponry To Al-Qaeda

By Walid Shoebat The Syrian rebel group Harakat al-Hazm, one of the White House’s most trusted “moderate” militias fighting President Bashar al-Assad collapsed Sunday and has now joined Al-Nusra Front, a branch of Al-Qaeda. But the story it gets even worse. The goods from the “moderate” group passed along to Al-Nusra a large cache of TOW (wire-guided […]

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Evil Demonic Pagan Africans Take People Because They Are Albinos, Sever Off Their Arms, Cut Off Their Leg, Take Their Tongues, Their Testicles, Their Ears, Noses, And Tongues, And Use Them In Satanic Rituals

By Theodore Shoebat Evil and demonic people in Tanzania have been hunting down albinos as though they were animals. They cut off their limbs, chop off their arms, takes their genitals, their tongues, noses and eyes, and use them in satanic rituals. These heathen devils believe that the albinos have some sort of magical powers, […]

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Even the Arabs Now Love Bibi: Al-Arabiya (haters of Israel) Editor Demands Obama Listen to Netanyahu

Source Israel National News In surprising op-ed by editor-in-chief of fiercely anti-Israel paper, Faisal Abbas admits Netanyahu is right, Iran must be dealt with. Al-Arabiya’s English edition editor-in-chief Faisal J. Abbas wrote a surprising op-ed on Tuesday, calling on US President Barack Obama to listen to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after the latter addressed Congress […]

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The Huma / Hillary selfie.

Hillary Clinton and NOW Her Adviser Are CAUGHT Breaking Federal Laws And Are In Breach Of The Federal Records Act

Hillary Clinton was caught violated the Federal Records Act. Within hours, it has been revealed that her close adviser Huma Abedin may have done the same. Based on evidence, both have used private email accounts to conduct government business, which is a crime. As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is finding herself at the […]

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The Obama Administration Just Made This Statement: We Will Defend Muslim JIhadists If They Are Attacked And We Will Train 15,000 Muslim Jihadists With US Military Training

By Theodore Shoebat John Allen, a retired US general who works as Obama’s envoy to the international coalition that is combating ISIS, has made it very clear that the Obama administration will defend Syrian rebels, who are all Muslim jihadists, once they are in combat. He also made it clear that the US plans on […]

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450 Christian Warriors Are Now Fighting ISIS To Protect Four Small Helpless Christian Villages, They Are Fighting ISIS To Defend What Is Left Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat 450 Christians in Syria are now fighting ISIS to protect four small helpless Christian villages. They are fighting ISIS to preserve what is left of Christianity in the region. I did a whole video on this: Here are some photos of this militia, which calls itself Sutoro: According to the report: A […]

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Ex-CIA Director Petraeus Pleads GUILTY In What Carries Stench of Blackmail by Obama Administration

Several Obama White House scandals stink to high heaven, to include Benghazi. Whatever former CIA Director David Petraeus knows about it, he seems to know too much. Why hasn’t his voice been heard when it comes to this scandal? A factor that can’t be avoided is that the Obama administration has been very interested in […]

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Hillary Clinton CAUGHT Breaking the Law By Using PERSONAL Email Address Exclusively While Secretary of State and State Department Continues to Stonewall Information About her Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Adviser

When the left-wing New York Times publishes an article that damages Hillary Clinton, it’s a safe bet the decision to do so is not to expose wrongdoing so much as it is to minimize any potential damage by getting in front of it. That premise notwithstanding, even the Times is having a difficult time softening […]

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Oklahoma Capitol Police Haul off Christian so Muslims can pray in Capitol.

As Muslims Turn State Capitol Into Mosque, Police Drag Out Christian Woman Who Objects

New video has surfaced which provides more footage of just how Oklahoma State Police (Troop R: Capitol Patrol) handled a Christian woman named Christine Weick, who objected to Muslims turning the State Capitol into a mosque on Friday, February 27th by shouting out the ‘Our Father’. reported on the incident previously but this new […]

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SAUDI ARABIA awards King Faisal International Prize to radical cleric who blames George W. Bush for 9/11

Controversial preacher Zakir Naik awarded the King Faisal international prize for promoting Islam through his hugely popular Peace TV channel. The Indian-born Islamic preacher who has called the 9/11 attacks an “inside job” received one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious prizes on Sunday, for “service to Islam.” The Guardian via TROP  Zakir Naik, president of the Islamic Research Foundation […]

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By Theodore Shoebat Islam is a homosexual cult, that wants to bring the world into a homosexual pagan empire. I did a whole video on this: ISIS are a bunch of homosexual, anti-Christian murderers. They are the purest form of the homosexual agenda, and they are just as evil and evil, and anti-Christian, as the […]

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Shoebat Exposes Hillary’s Clinton Foundation And How It Is Mired in Muslim Brotherhood Connections; Washington Post Up In Arms and Fails To Refute It

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack When it comes to Middle East coverage, the western media is plagued with incompetent journalists (if in doubt, read here) who rarely do their homework. Today, there is no such thing as “professional journalism”. There are supposedly professional journalists who are simply cynics and agenda driven. So the story is, especially when […]

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ISIS Terrorists Fed A Distraught Woman Searching For Her Kidnapped Son Some Meat And Rice – And Then Told Her She Had Just Eaten Her Own Son

By Walid Shoebat Yasir Abdulla, 36, of Yorkshire left his wife and four kids to battle the maniacal extremists in his Kurdish homeland tells a horrifying tale: “I hate ISIS because of what happened to an old Kurdish woman from a nearby tribe,” he said. “Her son was captured by ISIS fighters and taken as […]

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do not be decieved

Double Agent Fraud Speaks at AIPAC (American pro Israel Lobby group) conference, as they say “By Peace they will Deceive Many”

Poested by Keith Davies political correspondent Son of Hamas or his real name Mosab Hasan Yousuf, author of the NY best-selling book “Son of Hamas” We exposed this double talking Arab back in 2011. On two Arabic TV interviews which Walid translated, it shows that Mosab Hasan says in English to the Jews what they […]

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Ex-Gitmo detainee and CAGE founder Moazzem Begg, Qureshi, and Assange in 2012.

SHOCK: Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ Helping to EXPOSE Pro-Muslim Motives Behind Wikileaks and NSA Scandals

One of the consequences of learning the real identity of ‘Jihadi John’ (Mohammed Emwazi) has been the incredibly interesting set of doors that have opened. The man currently at the center of this growing controversy is Asim Qureshi, the research director of CAGE, which identifies itself as a Muslim human rights group. Last week, he […]

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