Can Trump Afford, Fiscally Speaking, To Lose?

Last night, I took the time to read a breaking story from the New York Times about Trump’s tax returns and the image of his wealth. I emphasize the word “image” because, as you can read in the full report here, that is what his wealth is. Call it an image, mirage, or any other […]

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The First Presidential Debate Of 2020 Is About To Happen

A lot of people have been clamoring for it. There were rumors that Biden would not do it. But after much time, AP News reports that it appears that Biden and Trump are going to finally debate. Ahead of the first debate-stage matchup between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, each campaign […]

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Florida Man Wearing No Shirt Breaks Into Catholic Church, Sets Three Pews On Fire

“Florida man” is something of an American meme, because Florida attracts a lot of people with problems for many reasons, and given that there are so many of such individuals, it is common that crimes otherwise considered ‘uncommon’ are regularly reported by Florida police in everything from municipal to state issues. One only needs to […]

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California Prisons Move To House Prisoners By ‘Gender Identity’

One of the characteristics about modern life is that it has become defined by clownish behavior that lacks reason and order. The ever increasing number of special interests and a never ending quest to appease them save for the ‘normal’ that is no more have resulted in the legalization of personal pathologies and the legitimization […]

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Is It Possible That A Biden Victory Might Actually Help The Republicans Long-Term?

While Trump still shows strong possible signs of victory this fall, there is a lot of talk that Biden may win, with FOX News discussing more economic signs pointing to a possible future Biden victory. The recent direction of the U.S. dollar points to former Vice President Joe Biden defeating President Trump in the upcoming […]

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Major Turkish Journalist Warns: ‘Don’t Be Surprised To See Hostilities Spark Between Turkey And Russia In Syria By October.’ This Is Being Said As Turkey Is Running 150 Training Camps For Rebels In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Could Russia and Turkey end up fighting over Syria? There have been recent events that indicate obvious growing tensions between the two countries. There were protestors who attacked Turkish troops recently, and these protestors were backed by the Syrian government which is allied to Russia but is an enemy to Turkey and […]

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The Electronic Overlords Cometh

One of the trends that I have warned about for years is the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics. While it offers many promising and good things, a machine is not a whole substitute for a human being, as with all of man’s flaws, the nature of man as person endowed with a soul and […]

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Christians Have Been Replaced As The New Go-To Demographic

There are various demographics that politicians try to target for their interests. For a long time, Christians were one of these groups. However, and this is a difficult fact to accept, but all evidence points that Christians have been replaced a long time ago by other groups, the most notable non-ethnic bloc (since ethnicity is […]

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Rioters For Breonna Taylor Throw Molotov Cocktails At Police Officers And Throw “Softball Sized Rocks” At The Police Station

By Theodore Shoebat The jacobin insanity continues, this time with hysteria over Breonna Taylor, regardless of the fact that the three officers involved in her death were cleared of any murder charges by a grand jury. Rioters in (not surprisingly) Portland threw molotov cocktails at officers and threw “softball sized rocks” at the police station. […]

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Russia Conducts Major Wargames In The Caucasus

With the world lumbering towards war and all major governments wanting it- this means the US and Russia alike -the Russians have recently brought forth their own series of wargames involving Belarus, China, Iran, and Burma (Myanmar) that is taking place in the Caucasus region according to AFP. The largest of these games, Caucasus-2020, kicked […]

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Switzerland Votes To Purchase New Fighter Jets

Switzerland, the landlocked country in Western Europe that sits between Italy to the south, Germany to the north, France to the West, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, is the famous ‘neutral nation’ in Europe as well as the place where politicians, criminals, movie stars, drug lords, governments, and people of all kinds of […]

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The Leader Of The Catholic Church In Lebanon Confronts Hezbollah, And Declares That A Government Cannot Be Established In Lebanon As Long As Hezbollah Has Weapons And Excessive Influence Over The Government

Theodore Shoebat The Maronite Church in Lebanon has clashed with the Shiite establishment (especially Hezbollah), as the Maronite Patriarch, Moran Mor Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, has condemned factionalism and political factions running paramilitaries, a direct reference to Hezbollah which is a heavily armed Shiite paramilitary. Al-Rahi stressed that no serious political progress can be made in […]

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Not As Many People Are Working From Home As It Appears

There has been a major discussion about people ‘working from home’ as a ‘new normal’, but how true is this? According to one study, the talk about working from home may occupy the minds of the public, but the reality is that it is happening a lot less than what it appears. But it turns […]

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