Just Like Obama Backed The Arming Of Syrian Rebels, Trump Is Supporting The Sharia Law Government Of Saudi Arabia In Its Slaughter Of The Yemeni People

By Theodore Shoebat Over 70,000 people have been killed in the horrific war in Yemen. As we read in a recent report from the Independent: The death toll from the war in Yemen has soared past 70,000, as rights groups warned landmines strewn across the country have caused hundreds of casualties and blocked aid. In the past […]

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Left Wing Nationalism Is Just As Dangerous As Right Wing Nationalism

By Theodore Shoebat Leftists can be just as nationalistic and tribalist as Right wingers can. Be careful what you wish for, you may someday be under a nationalist system for a leftist ideology: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE

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Major “Conservative” Evangelical Church Embraces The Spirit Of Sodom

God made two genders- male and female -and He separated them at creation. The existence of gender is a worldly reflection that reveals the mystery of the Holy Trinity in simple terms to the human race. It is a good thing. To the contrary, attempts to say that gender is not distinct, that it is […]

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marijuana plan 01

Alcohol Is Declining As Pot Is Rising- The Future Of Drug Use

Drug consumption is common to all cultures, and the drug varies by cultural acceptance. Marijuana is already widely consumed in the US, and according to a recent report is expected to explode over the next decade and beyond: America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a whole new world of weed. This large cohort, […]

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deonte taylor 01

HIV-Infected Sodomite Sexually Assaults A Seven-Year-Old Boy, Gets Caught, Then Hires A Hitman To Try And Murder The Victim And His Family

The Bible makes clear that the most blatantly obvious and perverse of the four sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance is the cause of wanton sin, and leads many to commit more and worse sins. In a horrible story out of Missouri, an HIV-infected sodomite sexually assaulted a seven-year-old boy. When he was caught, […]

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The Government Of Sri Lanka Knew That The Massacre Of Christians In The Churches Was Going To Happen, And Did Nothing To Prevent It

By Theodore Shoebat In this video I give an analysis on how people within the Sri Lankan government knew that the horrific massacre in which close to 300 people were slaughtered, was going to happen, but did nothing to prevent it: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW […]

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US Supreme Court Declares It Will Review Major LGBT Case That Could Re-Write Employment Laws

Sodomite behavior has been accepted as a de facto cultural practice by the absolute majority of people. However, what remains to be done is to make the formal changes to the legal system to have its actions enforced by law. While some places have done this, the serious changes will be done in federal law, […]

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Lord Ahmed

First UK Muslim Peer Lord Ahmed Arrested For Sodomizing Boy

Nazir Ahmed was made the first Muslim Peer in the UK, which is quite an accomplishment. However, that achievement has been sullied as he is now being charged with his brothers for a fourth child sexual offense, this time against an eleven year old boy according to local news: ROTHERHAM peer Lord Nazir Ahmed has […]

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the warens

Who Were The Warrens?

This week announced the death of Lorraine Warren. For those who are unfamiliar with Ed and Lorraine Warren, known for decades as “The Warrens,” they were paranormal investigators and ghost hunters whose work spanned from the 1940s until their deaths. They are internationally renowned for their work, including many cases that became Hollywood films. But […]

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bannon pope francis is the enemy

Steve Bannon Tells Matteo Salvini To Attack Pope Francis And Says That The Pope Is “The Enemy”

By Theodore Shoebat Speaking oppression and revolt, Conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. (Isaiah 59:13) There are conspirators conspiring for evil, for revolt and oppression. Just as in the passed Martin Luther pushed for the German nobles to attack the Church, so today there are political actors pushing for government officials to spark animosity against the […]

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Happy Easter 2019

With persecution, nationalism, and militarism all on the rise, the world edges closer each day to war. Political solutions will not provide any long-term solutions, as the fundamental issues are within the hearts of men. They have always been, and in the context of the current day, have been building up for over a century. […]

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One Third Of All Pregnancies In England And Wales Among Women In Their Twenties End In Infanticide

The scandal of infanticide is a plague on the entire world. It is so bad in England and Wales that one-third of all pregnancies among women in their twenties, which are fertile years for many women, end in infanticide according to a report: New government data show that nearly one-third of pregnancies among women aged […]

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India Threatens To Annihilate Pakistan With The “Mother Of All Nuclear Bombs”

In a recent campaign speech, Indian PM Narendra Modi said that he would be willing to use the “mother of all nuclear bombs” against Pakistan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said he did not fall prey to Pakistan’s nuclear blackmail, because India has the “mother of nuclear bombs”. Addressing three poll rallies in his home […]

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Major Turkish Muslim Group Tied To Erdogan Prays Publicly For The Islamic Conquest Of New York City And Europe

TUGVA is a major Turkish youth and educational organization on which Turkish President Erdogan’s son Bilal sits as administrator. Erdogan has made no secret of his desires to spread Islam around the world, and recently expressed such in a statement from the group publicly prayed for the conquest New York City and also Rome, Tokyo, […]

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The First “Terrorist” Attack By ISIS In Congo Just So Happens To Be In An Area Filled With Rare-Earth Minerals

ISIS recently made her first “terrorist” attack in the Democratic Republic of the Congo near the Ugandan border: Islamic State on Thursday, April 18 claimed that it killed Congolese soldiers in an attack in Kamango near the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. A message posted by its Amaq propaganda agency said there […]

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