State Of California Bows To Islamic Shariah Law And Becomes The First State To Recognize A Third Gender- Islam Loves The LGBT And Those Who Would Say Otherwise Is Either Ignorant Or Lying

The state of California just became the first nation in the union to formally recognize a third gender according to a recent report: California just became the first state in the union to officially recognize a third gender option, paving the way for “non-gender binary” to be included on most official state documents. Governor Jerry […]

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Prophecy Is Taking Shape As Iran Is Now Conquering Northern Iraq And Forming Its Shiite Crescent

By Walid Shoebat We have been saying it all along, that whenever ISIS is defeated in Iraq, Iran will move in. While the media says that “Iraqi forces took over Kirkuk this week”, reality is it was Iran and not Iraq that took Kirkuk. The military operation of today and yesterday was carried out under […]

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Russian Christian Man Is Arrested And Faces Jail Time For ‘Hate Crimes’ For Writing Poem Calling Atheists ‘Despicable’ And Hoping For A Return Of The Inquisition

A Russian orthodox Christian man was arrested and is facing possible jail time under a hate crimes law in which he called atheists ‘despicable’ and hoped for a return of the Holy Inquisition according to a recent report: A Russian poet is facing criminal prosecution for hate speech after calling atheists ‘despicable’ in a poem […]

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Major Catholic Charity Admits ‘ISIS Is Defeated But They Won The War- Christianity Is Gone From Iraq And All That Is Left Is To Help The Survivors’- We Warned You This Would Happen

We don’t take pride in being right in a situation like this, but we warned months ago that Christianity in Iraq was finished. Lots of people did not want to believe us, but based on our work in Muslim nations directly helping Christians escape persecution from Muslims, we said that there is veritably impossible for […]

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Christian Pastor Kidnapped, Has His Hands Tied Behind His Back And His Body Burned Alive Beyond Recognition

Pastor Martin Beneke in South Africa was kidnapped and murdered in a horrible way. His hands were tied behind his back and his kidnappers set him on fire in his car, and his body was so badly burned that it was beyond recognizable according to a recent report: The body of a South African pastor […]

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Parents In The UK Persecute Christian School For Teaching About Sin And Hell At The Same Time Countless Numbers Of Brits Are Traveling To Serbia To Have Sex With Animals

The UK Mirror recently uncovered a highly disturbing story which found that large number of British people are regularly traveling to Serbia for the express purpose of having sex with animals. The problem is so large that local animal rights groups are trying to bring awareness to it so that it can be stopped, but […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Christian Village And Slaughter 28 Civilians At Random

Fulani Muslim terrorists attacked a Christian village, killing and murdering at least 28 people at random. This makes for the 30th attack against Christian villages this year according to a recent report: Islamic Fulani herdsmen have reportedly killed at least 28 people, including Christian women and children, in a raid on a village in Plateau […]

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UK Sniper Saves Christian Family Of Eight Just Seconds Before Being Beheaded By ISIS

According to a story published by the UK Daily Star and coming from the UK Express, a Christian family was moments away from being executed by ISIS soldiers when a British SAS Sniper shot the terrorist, killing him: A Christian family was moments away from being decapitated by Islamic State executioners when they were saved […]

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Woman Takes Her Babies Aged 1 And 2 Years Old, Puts Them In An Oven And Makes A Video On Her Phone Of Her Cooking Them Alive And Then Sends The Video To Their Father

A woman in Atlanta was arrested after she took her 1 and 2 year old sons, put them in an oven, and cooked them alive as she made a video of the horrible scene and then sent it to the childrens’ father according to a recent report: An Atlanta mom is accused of killing her […]

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Pagan Makes Anti-Hindu Comments Online, Blames It On His Christian ‘Friend,’ The Christian Is Arrested And Now Facing Charges Under Indian ‘Blasphemy’ Laws

Muslims are infamous for using blasphemy laws to have Christians persecuted, such as with posting anti-Islamic comments under a Christian name. However, Hindu pagans also regularly do the same to Christians to prosecute them under blasphemy laws as well. Such wax the case recently in India when a Christian by the name of Sandeep Kumar […]

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Turkish Menace Erdogan Goes On Worldwide Rampage Demanding Nations Extradite His Personal Enemies To Turkey So He Can Torture Them To Death- Will Trump Submit To Erdogan Over Fethullah Gulen?

Turkey’s security cabinet, which is chaired by and at the recommendation of President Recep Erdogan extended Turkey’s “state of emergency” for another three months. This makes fifteen months that Turkey has been in a “state of emergency” since the “failed coup attempt” last year: Government spokesman Bekir Bozdağ on Monday stated that Turkey’s cabinet approved […]

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The Antichrist Will Deceive People By Sounding Like A Right Wing Christian, And Many Will Follow Him And Bring The World Into Utter Destruction

By Theodore Shoebat The antichrist spirit will deceive many people through false piety, and this will bring the world to destruction. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book […]

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Famous Christian Radio Host And Minister Under Investigation After Video Of Him Fondling Two Underage Girls In His Church Surfaces

Ralph Gordon Stair, known as “Brother Stair,” has operated a decades-long end times Christian ministry in South Carolina. He is famous for his radio shows, which plays around the country and the world. Brother Stair was recently under investigation again following the revelation of a videotape in which he molested a two underage girls in […]

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The People Who Run The World Destroyed Yugoslavia, And Then They Brought Chaos And Genocide To The Middle East, And Now They Are Dividing And Destabilizing Western Europe. World War Three Is On The Way

By Theodore Shoebat Very interesting. Yugoslavia was divided and fragmented in the 1990s, with the Kosovo War ending in 1999. The Iraq War happened in 2003, and the removal of Saddam was already planned out in the 90s (as far as we know). The destabilization of the Middle East commenced through the Iraq War. Now […]

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Michael Voris Threatens Theodore Shoebat Because Of His Video Confronting Him On His Promotion Of Pedophilia Advocate Milo Yiannopoulos, Declaring: “You Have Exactly One Hour To Take That Video Down!”

By Walid Shoebat Michael Voris threatened Theodore Shoebat after he posted a video confronting him over his promotion of pedophilia advocate, Milo Yiannopoulos. Voris told Theodore: “you have exactly 1 hour to take that down.” Theodore played the recording of Voris’ threat, alongside his own commentary:   Almost all of the conservative media outlets that […]

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Catholic Archbishop Declares To City Of San Francisco- ‘Homosexuality And Abortion Is A Living Reflection Of The Hell You Will Go To Unless You Repent’

San Francisco is an American equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah. The city loves homosexuality, abortion, and all kinds of perversity while it hates God and persecutes Christians. The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco took a public stand against these evils, which in a recent sermon he warned that abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality were a ‘living […]

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