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Massive Clue That Everybody Missed In The Italy Child Sex Trafficking Case

  In June 2019, eighteen people- many of them in positions of government and child protection services -were arrested as part of a child abduction and selling ring. The story has made news across Europe as America is currently having a similar case with the Epstein/Maxwell incident: Italian police have arrested 18 people including a […]

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imam massamba diop

Senegalese Imam Puts Together A List Of All The “Major Homosexuals” In Senegal, Threatens To Publicly Expose Them

The Bible states that sin of Sodom is so serious that it “cries out to Heaven for vengeance.” However, many people are not afraid of this evil. Instead, they fear offending the sodomites that they might be socially ostracised, economically disenfranchised, and persecuted. The Western world is filled with this problem, as many “Christians” will […]

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Churches Are Hiding Migrants To Protect Them From ICE Raids

By Theodore Shoebat Churches are hiding migrants to give them refuge from ICE raids. NBC News did a story on this stating: Asked on “Fox News Sunday” how many people ICE is targeting, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also said she wouldn’t “discuss operational details” and added that ICE “does this every single day; it’s […]

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British Court Orders Catholic Woman To Murder Her Own Baby. The Higher Court Overturns It Due To A Lack Of “Evidence.” But What Will Happen When Evidence Gets Presented To Support Enforced Infanticide? Eugenics Is Returning

By Theodore Shoebat A British court affirmed that the judge who ordered a woman to have a forced abortion went against human rights, as we read in a report from CNA: Courts in the United Kingdom have released the text of judicial decisions in the case of a disabled woman orginally ordered to undergo a […]

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ice arrests

ICE Raids Have Begun Around The USA

According to recent reports, ICE agents have started conducting raids against illegal immigrants: A nationwide crackdown to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country began late Saturday in the nation’s largest city and several other places, according to an official. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resumed its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of […]

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DHS Declares Trump Is Planning To Deport “Future Asylum Seekers” To Guatemala

Trump has said many things about immigration, and given his words as is compared with his reactions, it will be interesting to see how he responds. That said, there are allegations from the Department of Homeland Security that the Trump administration has worked out a deal to deport “future asylum seekers” to Guatemala according to […]

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US Army Discusses Integrating Computers Into Land Mines

Land mines have been a fixture of war for over a century. However, recent developments in military technology are looking at integrating computational processing technologies with the explosive devices, thus creating “smart” mines for use in future conflict: Army leaders see a future battlefield with networked minefields a commander can see from across the globe […]

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willem van spronsen

Self-Professed Boomer Anarchist Shot Dead Attempting To Firebomb Immigration Center, Start A Riot

A self-professed anarchist and “anti-fascist” attempted to firebomb and immigration center in Washington before being shot dead by police: A 69-year-old man armed with a rifle threw incendiary devices at an immigration jail in Washington state early Saturday morning, then was found dead after four police officers arrived and opened fire, authorities said. The Tacoma […]

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Elena Struthers-Gardner

Environmentalist Homosexual Wants To Get Rid Of All Plastic Straws, And Uses Only A Metal Straw. She Trips On Her Own Drink, The Metal Straw Impales Her Brain And She Dies

  By Theodore Shoebat Environmentalist homosexual, Elena Struthers-Gardner, wanted to get rid of plastic straws to save the earth. She used a metal stray to ‘help the environment,’ only to one day fall on her own straw, get impaled and die. As we read in Live Science: A woman in England died after falling onto […]

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p19 iraq war

New Study Shows That The Majority Of American Veterans Believe That The War In Iraq Was Immoral. One Veteran Says: “More Civilians Have Died Than Enemy Combatants.”

By Theodore Shoebat A new study has shown that the majority of American veterans do not believe that the Iraq War was just. One veteran said: “More civilians have died than enemy combatants.” As we read in a report from RT: A recent opinion poll shows the majority of American veterans think foreign wars were not worth […]

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The United States Is Now Complaining That Iran Is Breaking The Nuclear Deal, Which The US Broke First

By Theodore Shoebat The United States is now complaining that Iran is breaking the deal that the United States has now pulled out of. According to one recent report: Washington is accusing Iran of breaching the 2015 deal on its nuclear program, which is more than ironic, considering that the US was the first to […]

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church brning ni france 03

Church In India Destroyed In Arson Attack

A Church in Indian was recently destroyed by an arson attack according to a report: On June 26, a church was burned to ashes in Charla, a village located 150 miles north of Hyderabad, Telangana’s state capital. The entire structure, made of thatch, wooden poles, and other materials, was completely destroyed along with everything inside […]

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Chinese Communist Government Demands That All Churches Preach In Praise Of Socialism

The communist government of China has ordered that all Churches permitted to operate in the nation preach sermons that give praise to socialism according to a report: he two organizations responsible for monitoring state-sanctioned churches in Shanghai city are mobilizing church leaders to attend sermon writing training, with the aim to better incorporate socialism into […]

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Democrat 2020 Candidates Discuss Legalizing Prostitution

It is an issue that was inevitably going to come up, given the sodomitic trajectory of the United States, and it now has, for in the 2020 election, some Democrats are discussing the legalization of prostitution: As more than two dozen Democrats compete for the party’s nomination to run against President Donald Trump next year, […]

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mining rare earth australia

The US Does NOT Have A Rare Earth Minerals Crisis, This Is Just Being Used As A Justification For Further Militarism And Expansionism

Reuters recently put out a piece warning that the economic standoff between the US and China could affect the rare-earth minerals market, which is vital for the production of supercomputers and many other high-tech parts: The push comes weeks after China threatened to curb exports to the United States of rare earths, a group of […]

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Family Fights Off Woman With “Superhuman Strength” Using Bullets And A Wrench After She Breaks Into Their Home, Declares “I Am The Devil,” And Starts Attacking And Biting Them

A woman was arrested after she broke into a family’s home, declared “I am the devil,” and started attacking them with “superhuman strength,” slashing and biting them. The family fought back, shooting over three dozen bullets and striking her with a wrench, but she kept coming. They said that her eyes looked completely black and […]

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