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Free Abortions Will Be Provided To Any Woman In Texas. So Far Seventy Women Have Agreed To Murder Their Own Children

By Theodore Shoebat Free abortions are being provided to any woman in Texas after Harvey. So far, 70 women have agreed to murder their own children. As we read in one report on this evil case of eugenics: Free abortions will be provided to victims of Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 storm that caused massive […]

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A sign is pictured at the entrance to a Planned Parenthood building in New York August 31, 2015. Picture taken August 31, 2015. To match Insight USA-PLANNEDPARENTHOOD/   REUTERS/Lucas Jackson  - RTX1RKFV

Man In Utah Rapes His Daughter Over And Over Again, Then Takes Her To Planned Parenthood To Murder The Child To Make Sure No One Knows He Raped Her

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Utah raped his daughter over and over again, and then took her to Planned Parenthood to have the child aborted in order to prevent anyone from knowing she was raped. As we read in one report on this very disturbing story: Court documents say a 34-year-old man allegedly raped […]

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Muslim Terrorists Conduct Major Massacre And Butcher Eighty People

By Walid Shoebat  Muslim terrorists in Iraq conducted a major massacre, killing eight people. As read in one report: Last Friday, news outlets went on overdrive surrounding the explosion at Parsons Green station. Our media has since been saturated with coverage on it; front pages have featured blurry images of someone who may or may […]

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Man At Starbucks Has Total Meltdown After Coffee Spills On His Suit, Punches A Man In The Face While Screaming ‘Get On Your Knees, Slave! Your Children Are Despicable Vermin!’

A man at Starbucks had a complete meltdown after coffee was accidentally spilled on his suit. He was caught on video attacking customers while screaming  insults at them including ‘get on your knees, slave’ and ‘your children are despicable animals’: A man now facing felony hate crime charges for his alleged racist rant at a […]

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Egyptian Government Sentences 7 Members Of ISIS To Death For The Savage Beheadings of 21 Christians

Last year, ISIS terrorists shocked the world after they savagely beheaded 21 Christians on a beach in Libya for their faith. Seven of these terrorists, all from Egypt, were arrested by officials. They were all found guilty for the murders and have been sentenced to death: An Egyptian court Saturday condemned to death seven people […]

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Court Sentences Illiterate Christian Man To Death Over Accusations He Sent A ‘Blasphemous’ Text Message- We At Rescue Christians Were The Only Organization To Try And Help Him, All The Other Christian Organizations Did Nothing While He Suffered

Last year we at Rescue Christians became aware of the case of Nadeem James, a Christian man who was arrested over false accusations he sent a ‘blasphemous text message.’ The problem is that James is illiterate- there is no way he could have sent a text message because he cannot read or write to being […]

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donald trump

Donald Trump Declares Its Not Right To Deport All Dreamers, And Is Now Working With The Democrats To Make Deal Over DACA. Right-Wingers Are Now Enraged

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump has expressed sympathy with the Dreamers and is now working with the Democrats to make a deal on DACA. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To […]

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Cashier At McDonald’s Has Baby In Bathroom, Doesn’t Want It And Tries To Murder The Baby By Dumping Him In The Toilet And Forcing His Head Into The Pipe Before Going Back To Work

In a story out of California, a McDonald’s cashier who claims she did not know she was pregnant gave birth to a baby boy in a McDonald’s bathroom stall. Not wanting to keep the baby, she dumped him in the toilet and then tried to flush him into the sewer, pushing his head into the […]

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This Whole Fear Over North Korea Attacking The USA Is An Utter Farce- Kim Jong Un Is A Toothless Tiger But A Willing Puppet Being Used As A Means To Justify Remilitarizing Japan

North Korea recently shot a missile over Japan that has caused a tremendous uproar in the news: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis branded North Korea ‘reckless’ after they launched a missile over the Japan and – sending millions of people into Japan into a panic on Friday morning. Mattis was at the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters […]

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Muslim Students Attack Christian Boy And Declare To Him, “You Devil, Christian!” They Then Beat Him To Death

By Walid Shoebat New details have come up regarding the murder of a Christian who was beaten to death, a story that has written on. The students called the Christian teen a “devil” before killing him. As we read in one report: As Christians in Australia prepare to hold a candlelight vigil on Friday for […]

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Muslim Students Beat Christian Teenager While Screaming ‘You Are A Filthy Christian Demon’ In His Face Until He Dies, The School Leaves His Dead Body On The Floor And The Students Take His Corpse To The Hospital

More details have emerged about the horrific murder of a Christian teenager in a school classroom while the teacher watched and did nothing, saying that he ‘didn’t see it because (he) was reading the newspaper.’ According to reports, the Muslims were shouting at the student and calling him a ‘filthy Christian demon’ as they beat […]

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World War Three Is Coming, And Its Going To Be More Horrifying Than We Can Ever Imagine. The Major Powers Of The World Are Working On Creating Robots To Fight In War

By Theodore Shoebat World war three is coming, and its going to be more powerful than anything we can imagine. Major powers in the world are already working on robots to use in the battlefield. WW3 is going to be unlike anything the world has ever seen. This is the subject of today’s video: Christianity […]

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Major Islamic Terrorists Send This Message To Pope Francis: “Remember This, You Kuffar, We Will Be In Rome, We Will Be In Rome, Allah Willing.”

By Theodore Shoebat Major Islamic terrorists, all members of ISIS, sent this message to Pope Francis, and ultimately, to all Catholics: “Remember this, you kuffar [racial slur for non-muslims] – we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah (Allah willing).” As we read in one report: The Pope’s top aids responded on Saturday […]

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Satan Worshipping Homosexuals Openly Are Working With Planned Parenthood To Promote Murdering Babies And Christians Are Defending Their Abominations

We warned that it was only a matter of time before groups such as satanists would attempt to use America’s “religious freedumb” laws to propagate their evil beliefs and spread murder and destruction. That is currently happening now, as satanic groups are filing lawsuits claiming that abortion is part of their ‘religion,’ and they have […]

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Muslim Mob Apprehends Mentally Challenged Christian Teen, Beats Him Until He ‘Confesses’ To ‘Blasphemy’ Against The Koran, He Is Arrested And May Be Executed

Muslims apprehended a mentally challenged Christian teen after claiming he broke a tax-collecting box placed inside a shrine. The mob beat him severely and were going to burn him alive but the police intervened. In police custody, the man ‘confessed’ under ‘interrogation’ to ‘blasphemy’ by allegedly burning pages of the Koran. He is now in […]

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Major Leader Of Planned Parenthood Admits: ‘Yes, The Majority Of The Babies We Abort Are Black Or Hispanic.’

By Theodore Shoebat The major leader of Planned Parenthood has stated that the majority of abortions are done to babies of African or Hispanic backgrounds. Its just another evidence of the eugenist ideology of Planned Parenthood. As we reads in one report from Jay Hobbs:  Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, you […]

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