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Trump Calls Iran The ‘Number One Provocateur’ And Then Says That Iran ‘Isn’t Doing Anything’

Presdient Trump responded to questions about Iran while on the campaign trail. He called Iran the ‘number one provocateur’ and said that he US would be ready to respond with ‘great force,’ but then said that Iran ‘isn’t doing anything’: As he continues to trade verbal jabs with Tehran, US President Donald Trump issued a […]

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Taiwan Becomes First Country In East Asia To Legalize Sodomite Marriage In Spite Of Opposition

A majority of people in Taiwan are opposed to sodomite marriage. However, it was legalized by the courts two years ago and a law was passed today, in spite of the opposition from the public to permit the behavior according to a report: Taiwan’s parliament has become the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage […]

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Sixty Percent Of Male Managers Are Uncomfortable Interacting With Female Employees

The #MeToo movement has helped bring awareness to sexual abuse that commonly goes undiscussed. However, it also has been a bludgeoning tool by which vengeful or angry women have used to “hurt” people they do not like by accusing them of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, men have little recourse if accused of this, and if they […]

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French Man Goes Into A Vegetative State For Eight Years. Doctors Then Stop Feeding Him. But His Christian Parents Plea With The Doctors To Keep Him Alive. The Doctors Feed Him And He Is Still Alive

By Theodore Shoebat The fact that the doctors can kill a living being really shows we are heading towards more and more of a eugenic society. As we read in a report from today: Just hours after doctors stopped artificially feeding and hydrating a 42-year-old Frenchman who has spent more than a decade in a […]

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Ford Announces Elimination Of Seven Thousand Jobs, Ten Percent Of Her Total Work Force

Economic progress made under President Trump has not addressed fundamental causes of decline and stagnation, and so should not be taken as a sign of recovering economic health, but a temporary respite along a path of sustained decline where current gains do not fully recover previous losses. In the event of a future economic crisis, […]

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Pennsylvania Man Burns Church Down, Says He Did It Because He Was ‘Angry At God’

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged with burning a church down because he was ‘angry at’ God according to a report: A man charged with the arson of a Pennsylvania church that banned him for unspecified reasons said he was angry at God. Wilmer Jose Ortiz Torres, 43, was charged with twice setting […]

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Methodists And Episcopalians Move Closer To Full Communion With Each Other

American Christianity as a whole is in decline. No group has been spared the effects of it. Mainline Protestant denominations have been declining for years and are continuing to do so, and to such an extent that some may disappear. There has been talk and movement towards consolidating denominations in order to address this as […]

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Will Trump Use The Insurrection Act To Do Deportations?

The Daily Caller has reported the Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove people living illegally in the US: President Donald Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove illegal immigrants from the United States, The Daily Caller has learned. According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to […]

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President Trump Declares His Support For Murdering Certain Types Of Children On Twitter

President Trump is known for making immediate statements on Twitter, but he waited for days following the Alabama and Georgia abortion restrictions to say anything. He has recently released a tweet saying that he supports murdering children conceived of rape or incest: President Donald Trump broke his silence on the increasing trend of states passing […]

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Drug Traffickers Are Selling Their Souls To The Devil For Power And Are Committing Human Sacrifices For Demons

By Theodore Shoebat Drug traffickers have been selling their souls to the devil for power and committing human sacrifice, offering human blood to the demons for fortune in return. WSB-TV 2 has done an interesting investigative article on this: Atlanta DEA Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy is no stranger to shrines of “narco saints.” […]

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Drug Cartels Are Now Preying On Migrants And Kidnapping Them For Money

By Theodore Shoebat As if traveling all the way from Central America to try to make it to the United States was not tough enough, migrants have been dealing with cartels and drug traffickers who kidnap them for murder. Vice Magazine did a whole story on this moribund and dark reality and I’ll post up […]

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The Next Scramble For Africa Is On: Major Oil Pipelines Are Being Constructed Throughout Africa

American politicians have accused Russia of attempting to manipulate and influence elections in the US and abroad. However, a recent story has exposed that it was not the Russians, but an Israeli military contractor who set up thousands of accounts on Facebook and spent close to $800,000 USD to to influence elections in a host […]

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Numerous Republican Politicians Are Going Against The Alabama Abortion Bill

By Theodore Shoebat Numerous Republican politicians are now going against the Alabama abortion bill, saying that it has gone too far. As we read in a report from Reuters: Several Republicans in the U.S. Congress are criticizing a new Alabama law that will ban nearly all abortions in the state as too extreme, saying exceptions […]

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Over Six Thousand Abortions In One Year In Alabama. This Murder Must End

By Theodore Shoebat According to the latest data from the the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Center for Health Statistics, there were over six thousand abortions in the state of Alabama. According to WSFA 12: “For 2017, there were 6,768 total abortions for Alabama residents”. 2,316 (34 percent) were white unborn children, and 4,187 (62 percent) were […]

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