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Martin Sellner with American fiance, Brittany Pettibone. He was banned from the US because he received a donation from the New Zealand mosque shooter

United States Government Bans Austrian Nationalist Because He Received Money From The New Zealand Mosque Shooter

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my thoughts on the US government’s ban on Austrian nationalist over his receiving of a donation from the New Zealand mosque shooter: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE  

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The United States Designates Iran’s Military As A “Terrorist Organization”

By Theodore Shoebat The United States government just designated Iran’s military — the Revolutionary Guard — as a “terrorist organization”, as we read in a report from Radio Free Europe: U.S. President Donald Trump has designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a foreign terrorist organization (FTO), the first time the United States has labelled […]

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Grow A Garden, That You May Know God

By Theodore Shoebat “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) From the earth we came, and from the earth do we receive our sustenance. Creatures of wood, rooted into this fecund earth, have […]

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voris morris

Pederasty Promoter Michael ‘Sixteen-Is-OK’ Voris Wants Catholic Church Labeled A Criminal Organization By The Federal Government And To Have President Trump Send The Justice Department To Prosecute Her Under RICO Laws

Michael Voris of Church Militant has gradually shown his true self over the years. He started out promoting himself in Catholic circles as a “traditionalist” type with an eye towards “exposing” issues in the Church. However, he was not long after exposed has having an over two-decade love affair with sodomy, including his connection to […]

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Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares: ‘Mass Migration Is Evil And Will Lead To The Destruction Of Christian Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat Cardinal Robert Sarah, a major leader of the Catholic Church, has warned that mass migration is evil and will lead to the destruction of Christian Europe: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE

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Mike Pence Helps The Germans, Tells Them To Spend More On Their Military. Germany Loves Trump Because They Have The Green Light To Make Their Military Powerful Again

By Theodore Shoebat Mike Pence recently chastised Germany for not ‘doing enough’ to spend on its own defense for NATO. In a speech the vice president did recently, he said: US Vice President Mike Pence on April 3 chastised Germany for not spending enough on defense, warned Turkey against going ahead with the purchase of […]

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alabama wants to outlaw abortion

Politicians In Alabama Are Working To Outlaw Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Politicians in Alabama are now working to outlaw abortion, as we read in one report from WHNT19: Alabama could be the latest state to consider an abortion ban as supporters hope to spark legal challenges to revisit Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. Rep. Terri Collins, […]

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Mass Grave Uncovered Revealing The Bodies Of Over One Thousand Jews Murdered By The Nazis. A Reminder Of The Future Holocaust That Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat A mass grave was discovered in Belarus revealing the bodies of over 1,000 Jews murdered by the Nazis during the reign of terror of the Third Reich. As we read from Algemeiner: Excavations at the site of a Holocaust mass grave in Belarus have uncovered the remains of more than 1,000 Jews […]

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nazi jews 1

Why So Many Jews Support Nazism

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat INTRODUCTION SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS Why is Jerusalem in the Bible called Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11:8)? Because Israel — the Jews — have embraced homosexuality — Sodom — and infanticide — the evil of Pharaoh when he murdered God’s children.  The Salvation of mankind was brought forward through a line […]

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Terrence O'Shaughnessy

Major Military General Declares: Migrants From Central America Are Not A Military Threat To The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Trump just recently withdrew aid from Central America. Hundreds of millions of dollars were earmarked as aid and bound for Central American countries, but for year they have been kept without being sent. Regardless of the fact that Congress approved for the funds to be sent as aid to Central America, Trump […]

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The Antichrists Of This World Will Portray Themselves As Christian To Deceive You

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my observations on what Christ warned: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24) Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW […]

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hollywood elite abortion

The Senate Of Georgia Passes Bill That Makes It Illegal To Murder Unborn Babies Once They Have A Heartbeat. Hollywood Elite Threatens To Pull Out All Production Companies From Georgia

By Theodore Shoebat The Senate of Georgia just recently passed a pill that would make it illegal to murder unborn babies once they have a heartbeat. Because of this, the Hollywood elite are now threatening to pull out all production companies from the state of Georgia, as we read in a report from CBN: The […]

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