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Fort Hood Shooting: Military police kill soldier who fired gun at them from ‘suspicious vehicle’ – no name available

There has been another shooting at the Fort Hood Army post, though this one is not getting much attention. Via Fox News: Fort Hood police have shot and killed a soldier who fired a gun while sitting in his car on the Central Texas Army post. Fort Hood officials say officers responded to a report […]

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Hillary’s fortuitous fall from her Benghazi Stonewall

**UPDATE to the post below** It was first reported that Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion on Saturday, December 15th. CNN is now reporting that the fall / concussion happened “earlier in the week”. ————- The alleged fainting spell and subsequent concussion of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears a bit fortuitous, if not downright suspicious […]

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Video: Useful Idiocy and Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids; Jewish leftist attacks Bachmann for her concerns about Muslim Brotherhood

His name is Sam Seder; he is a Jewish leftist who is fighting those who are trying to warn him and defending those who laugh at how easy it is to get him to do their bidding. That is at the very essence of Stockholm Syndrome. It’s people like Seder who are able to provide […]

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CAIR-Chicago runs “My (stealth) Jihad” ads on buses

The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago (CAIR-Chicago) has launched an ad campaign with the intent of re-packaging the word, “Jihad” so that it means something much softer than what reality has been telling the world it means. The Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, Ahmed Rehab, is featured in the videos below. Ads have gone up […]

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Shocker: CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood in America) doesn’t want Michigan Governor to sign anti-Islam Legislation

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has sent out an “URGENT CAIR ACTION ALERT” intended to urge Michiganders to contact their Governor in an attempt to prevent him from signing anti-Sharia legislation. Check out this bald-faced fear mongering from the Alert: The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) today announced that state […]

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Date Set: Hillary Clinton to Testify before Senate Foreign Relations Committee about Benghazi on December 20th **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** We no sooner posted that the date for Hillary to testify was confirmed when it was learned via Foreign Policy that the State Department says it is not a done deal that she will. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chaired by none other than […]

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Another Benghazi / Fast and Furious parallel? State Department employees not allowed to talk

The parallels between Operation Fast and Furious and the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi continue to mount. The latest example comes courtesy of Kerry Picket. She is reporting that Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who serves on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, says the State Department is not allowing him to talk to any of the survivors […]

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Michele Bachmann: ‘United States aiding and abetting (Islam’s) goal’

During a radio interview with Jan Markel and co-host Eric Barger, Rep. Michele Bachmann discussed the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda in the United States as well as attempts by Muslim groups to quash dissent. There are several notable excerpts from the interview over at Right Wing Watch, which obviously has a problem with Bachmann’s take but […]

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New Army Handbook: Don’t Criticize the Taliban or Pedophilia

Talk about a misdiagnosis of causation. In the new U.S. Army handbook, troops are prohibited not to be critical of the Taliban or pedophilia because doing so is believed to be responsible for the increasing numbers of ‘insider’ killings in Afghanistan. Via Judicial Watch: The manual is being created because someone with authority bought the […]

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Go figure. Empty Promise of Feisal Abdul Rauf remains unfulfilled

Feisal Abdul Rauf lied, the Ground Zero Islamic cultural center died. But the Ground Zero mosque lives. “The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.” Wasn’t Walid the one who was supposed to be the fraud as he […]

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Video: Syrian Rebel invention combines tug-o-war, human chain, large slingshot, and hand grenade

Brilliant!! Take note of the guy with the hood on. He doesn’t wait around for the explosion. He walks off before he can witness the fruits of his labor. He acts like he’s been there before (no touchdown dance for him). “Why do Islamic fundamentalists really want to kill us, what drives them and how […]

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