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Anwar Sadat’s Widow no fan of Obama

Considering that Barack Obama is supporting the same Muslim Brotherhood responsible for assassinating her husband and for removing his successor from office during the Arab Spring, it’s really no surprise to see Jehan Sadat trash U.S. policy under Obama. However, Sadat’s widow was quite effusive in her praise of the American people. Via MEMRI: Here’s […]

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IslamObamaPhobia: Race-Baiting and Islamophobia-Baiting explain why Criminal President Untouchable

As we wrote in The Case FOR Islamophobia, Muslim Brotherhood front groups put down roots in the U.S. in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s. These groups watched the civil rights movement unfold. They watched the birth and effectiveness of race-baiting. They adopted the strategy, re-packaged it and made a strain of it their own. […]

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Muslims Slaughter 400 People In Killing Fields And Impregnate 3000 Women

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat (EXCLUSIVE) Muslims in Syria have butchered 400 people in mass killing fields, and have also impregnated 3000 women through sex jihad. We have learned this information through our Middle East contact Sister Hatune Dogan, who we partnered with in order to rescue Christians in Syria and Iraq, Turkey and […]

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Why is Psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer in denial about Obama?

He is a psychiatrist who’s a highly respected columnist and political analyst. As such, Charles Krauthammer didn’t just learn about the primitive psychological defense mechanism known as denial years ago; he grokked it. Yet, when it comes to Barack Obama, Krauthammer is exhibiting the very trait he should be expunging from his own psyche. During […]

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‘Experts’ Naive and Incompetent when accusing Obama of Naievete and Incompetence

By Ben Barrack Have the so-called ‘experts’ for one second considered that Barack Obama isn’t naive about Russia at all and that the ‘experts’ are actually naive about Obama? For nearly a decade, a young Barack was marinated in Soviet ideology by a Stalinist named Frank Marshall Davis. In reality, it’s likely that the President […]

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Obama issues Veiled Threat to Netanyahu on Eve of Meeting

One day prior to his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Barack Obama issued what amounts to a veiled threat, saying that if Israel does not negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians, Israel would face consequences. What’s more is that instead of focusing on the possibility of a nuclear Iran, which […]

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Video shows U.S. President’s Family Ties to Terrorism

Much has happened since we first broke the story about President Obama’s familial connections to terrorism through his brother Malik Obama, last year. This video gives newcomers a brief overview to the scandal that “would” be the biggest in U.S. history if media and politicians confronted it. For more information, click here:

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Obama Lied about IRS Scandal on National Television

President Barack Obama lied 36 times when he told Americans if they like their doctors / health plans, they could keep them under Obamacare “period”. He also lied during a nationally televised interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly. During that interview, President Obama reassured the American people that there is ‘not even a smidgen […]

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Republican Leaders Found Supporting Jihad

Barack Obama is Huma Abedin on Steroids By Ben Barrack President Barack Obama and close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin have something extremely dangerous in common. Both have multiple family members who appear to be strongly connected to terrorism. In the case of Abedin, several members of her immediate family are directly tied to the […]

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Obama Goes After Me As His Political Enemy, Wants To Destroy My Freedoms

By Walid Shoebat Who amongst us has unknowingly broken any one of the myriad of laws put forth by Congressmen across decades who are convinced that getting something done always means passing legislation. Only God Himself could successfully navigate through all of those laws unscathed. The U.S. is becoming increasingly lawless when Dinesh D’Souza is […]

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Muslims Murder Woman’s Husband, She Remarries, They Murder Second Husband

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims murdered the husband of a Christian woman in Nigeria, named Faith Kore Usman. When she got remarried, the Muslims murdered her second husband. As Faith explained it herself: My first husband, Davou Philip, was killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Jol Village in Riyom Local Government Area in 2002 …I had […]

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Muslims Have People “hacked to death, burned alive, or shot”, Christians Take Revenge

By Theodore Shoebat Numerous murders by Muslims have been taking place in Nigeria, specifically in Plateau and Kaduna states. According to one report, victims “were hacked to death, burned alive, or shot simply based on their ethnic or religious identity”. These Christians are being killed every day, but there is something you can do about […]

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Valerie Jarrett’s ‘Flexibility’ to Negotiate Iran deal

The now infamous ‘open mic’ moment between Barack Obama and then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev captured Obama talking about having “more flexibility” after being re-elected. The comments were made at a nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea on March 26, 2012. Shortly before asking Medvedev for “flexibility”, Obama was overheard asking his Russian counterpart to […]

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Obama losing Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal?

If Barack Obama is losing Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, he may have another significant problem to deal with. Alwaleed is the second largest shareholder of Newscorp., Fox News Channel’s parent company. During an exchange with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker, Alwaleed was quite openly critical of Obama, saying he is “not succeeding”. While this conversation focused […]

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