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Conservatives Killed Jesus

By Theodore Shoebat Conservatives killed Jesus, not liberals. Let this be a message to all those who follow heretics and other dangerous thinkers, just because they have “family values” and “believe in God,” or even, supposedly, “believe in the Bible.” To clarify, I am of a conservative persuasion, being pro-life, pro-guns, anti-homosexual, Christian and straight. […]

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Restoring America: Walid with his “pissed off American Christian” speech!

TheRightScoop.com says: Oh man, I have NEVER seen Walid Shoebat like this before! I mean, I love Glenn Beck, but it was Walid’s speech that had me pumping my fist in the air. You just have to take 30 minutes to watch this speech. It’s just the best speech I’ve ever heard from Walid, and […]

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Walid to Speak with Glenn Beck and Others on October 2nd‏

Friends Walid will be speaking at Restoring America Rally to hopefully 7500 people along with Glenn Beck, Steven Malzberg, Judge Napolitano and other leaders in the conservative movement. It starts at 1 pm and will be held at Great Adventure Theme Park. promo video: http://www.restoringamericarally.org/ tickets can be purchased here: http://www.restoringamericarally.org/Tickets/Tickets.html It will be another […]

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Rev Barry Lynn Tries to Smear Walid‏

Friends Yesterday Rev Barry Lynn who debated Walid on the O’Reilly factor over Imam Rauf the 911 Mosque Imam resorted to smearing Walid Shoebat, attacking his credentials, citing left wing loon bloggers as his sources. Rev. Lynn who professes to be a Christian minister of the cloth should at least show some respect concerning such […]

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