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CNN (Crazed News Network) Promotes ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Zombie Plane’ Theories to explain missing Plane

You know it’s bad when the theories CNN is promoting relative to missing Malaysia Flight 370 are actually worse than the plot in a bad Hollywood movie entitled Snakes on a Plane. In this exchange, CNN’s Don Lemon actually entertains the ‘Black Hole’ theory before asking former Inspector General for the Department of Transportation Mary […]

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Anders Breivik Says He’s Against Islam In Order To Get Media To Attack Walid Shoebat

Finally, the truth is revealed behind the intentions of Anders Breivik, the killer who slaughtered over 70 people in Norway. He initially said that he was influenced by Walid Shoebat and other counterjihadists, but now has confessed that he purposely referenced to the material of the counterjihadists in order to pit the media against Walid […]

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McCain sucks up to Anderson Cooper over Pro-Jihadist Coverage

Yeah, we know, there’s plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) supports Jihadists – to include his decision to hire Elizabeth O’Bagy and embrace Mouaz Moustafa – but he’s so invested in that position that he’s willing to suck up to Anderson Cooper. Via Washington Free Beacon: Note in the video that McCain says […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Bias of CNN’s Amanpour on Full Display

The primary topic of an interview between CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris had to do with the arrest and continued detention of four Al-Jazeera “journalists” in Egypt last month, one of whom has apparently been released. Al-Jazeera is the propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a group that is currently […]

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Egypt: The Truth

When it comes to the recent deaths in Egypt, the western media narrative has already been set: Innocent, unarmed Muslim Brotherhood supporters and members are being gunned down in the streets and brutally beaten by police who just do it because they can. The Muslim Brotherhood supporters are repressed and persecuted victims. That’s propaganda; it’s […]

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Benghazi’s ‘lead suspect’ says ‘people panicked’

CNN recently made big news with an announcement that reporter Arwa Damon had tracked down a ‘lead suspect’ in the Benghazi attacks last year. This suspect’s name was Ahmed Abu Khattala, who admitted to being on the scene but said he had nothing to do with the attack; he just directed traffic there (because that’s […]

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CNN’s Drew Griffin should not be trusted on CIA Story

Conservatives find it so refreshing when a liberal outlet performs what is called – in the parlance of Rush Limbaugh – a ‘random act of journalism’ that they’re often willing to overlook the history of the individual who supposedly committed it. CNN’s Drew Griffin appeared to commit a ‘random act of journalism’ when he reported […]

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CNN Host Vindicated after Grilling leader of Brotherhood Delegation last year

A news anchor at an unlikely source – CNN – repeatedly challenged the senior member of a Muslim Brotherhood delegation that visited the White House in April of 2012. Hala Gorani, who speaks Arabic and whose parents are from Syria, had little patience for Abdulmawgoud Dardery’s spin. Most telling perhaps is that after more than […]

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Egyptian Military giving Propaganda Agents (CNN, New York Times, and Al Jazeera) taste of their own Medicine

CNN, Al-Jazeera, and now the New York Times all seem to be getting outed in Egypt, by both the people and the military, for what they are – Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Obama administration propaganda agents / apparatchiks. These bullies for liberalism and Islamism are running into a bit of a buzzsaw. Don’t look now […]

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Video: Egyptian Military confiscates camera of CNN Propagandist

While reporting from Tahrir Square, CNN correspondent propagandist tool Ben Wedeman had his camera confiscated by Egyptian military officials. See if you can sniff out the apoplexy from the female anchor back at the CNN desk. h/t The Blaze As for Wedeman, Egypt is on the brink of civil war and the military’s top concern […]

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