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State Dept Spokesman calls Hamas Liars

Despite an admission by the most liberal mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have formed a new unity government, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said Hamas has no influence over the Palestinian Authority. In response to a question about the Obama administration’s […]

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Gaza Girls High School named after Female Terrorist, Murderer

Imagine a high school named after Charles Manson (we’d suggest one named after Bernadine Dohrn but sadly, that doesn’t seem all that far-fetched today; Bernadine and the Palestinians are pretty tight too). In this video, teachers and students who attend the Dalal Mughrabi School in Gaza, extol the virtues of their school’s namesake, who just […]

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Israel Strikes Gaza Then God Chimes In

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) An Israeli airstrike in the southeast Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning killed three terrorists who fired a mortar at its soldiers patrolling near the border, hours after a pilotless Israeli surveillance drone crashed nearby. Fawzi Barhoum, the official spokseperson for Hamas warned Israel in a press statement today, “from committing […]

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Video: Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi visits Gaza, granted Palestinian Citizenship

Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi recently went to Gaza and met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. During that meeting, Haniyeh granted Qaradawi Palestinian citizenship and presented him with a signed passport. Note that it was Al-Jazeera that aired this meeting (Al-Gore’s Al-Jazeera). Via MEMRI: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who […]

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Paging CAIR… Hamas dragging people off streets, forcibly shaving their heads

Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) in Gaza is now pulling people off the streets to have their heads forcibly shaved if the hair style does not meet Hamas standards. We are still awaiting condemnation from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Via The Blaze: Palestinians in Gaza are reporting that over the past few days, young men […]

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King Erdogan?

Last month, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan for hurting Turkey’s fist with Israel’s face, it wasn’t surprising but it was disappointing. Ryan Mauro has an interesting take on what it all means. We’re getting closer, folks. Crowning Erdogan as the New King of Islamists h/t BG

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Former Israeli Foreign Minister: Apology to Turkey a ‘serious mistake’

Israel’s former Foreign Minister has some strong words in opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the latter’s apology to Turkey for how it handled the Gaza flotilla in 2010. It’s quite hard to argue with his logic. Via Times of Israel: Former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday for […]

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Washington Post found to be complicit in another Pallywood incident

Pallywood is all about creating a theater of conflict in which Palestinians are portrayed as victims and Israelis as murderous oppressors. The goal of the Pallywood culture is to push a political agenda by either misrepresenting events or staging them altogether. We now have confirmation that the death of the 11 month-old infant son of […]

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Shocker: Yasser Arafat’s PLO successor, head of Palestinian Authority, praises Hitler’s favorite Arab Muslim ally

For years, the west has been told that the Palestinian Authority is much preferable to Hamas, that the former is the lesser of two Islamic movements. The political party that gave rise to the Palestinian Authority – Fatah – recently celebrated its 48th anniversary in Gaza City. Mahmoud Abbas, essentially the successor to Yasser Arafat […]

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Cal Thomas Hits The Nail On The Head With Mursi

From Cal Thomas’ Most Recent Column: The diplomatic hosannas for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi following his brokering of the recent ceasefire between Hamas and Israel were still being heard even as the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood started behaving like a pharaoh. Morsi “temporarily” seized new powers that, among other things, forbid judicial review […]

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Israelis not happy with Netanyahu over cease-fire?

Little more than one week ago, an Israeli ground offensive into Gaza was “imminent”. Less than one week later, a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel was “imminent”. A significant percentage of Israelis don’t seem to like the equivocating and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be paying a political price for caving to the international […]

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Video: CAIR-LA Executive Director blames Israel

Executive Director for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Los Angeles, Hussam Ayloush appeared on a KTLA morning newscast to talk about the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Guess whose side he’s on. Conspicuously absent from Ayloush as he defended Hamas and portrayed himself as a champion of all human life, was the fact […]

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