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Maajid Nawaz was imprisoned under Mubarak in Egypt. (photo via New Statesman)

Liberal Atheist Critic of Islam Falling Right into a Muslim Trap

When atheist author Sam Harris appeared with atheist comedian Bill Maher opposite Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, Harris articulated near perfectly the separation between Islamic terrorists and political Islamists. The former aspires for Islamic conquest through acts of terrorism and the latter aspires to the same conquest by operating through existing political systems. That’s what makes […]

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When a U.S. President IS Muslim Brotherhood

A short but explosive video of former CIA Director James Woolsey in 2006 has been introduced into evidence at the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his officers. In that video, Woolsey advocates for the removal of Middle Eastern dictators, even mentioning Mubarak by name while strongly implying that after the fall of […]

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Mob Logic in Egypt: Angry at Mubarak’s sentence? Sexually Assault innocent women

Last year, after Mubarak fell, Egyptians celebrated in Tahrir Square. A mob of approximately 200 nearly killed CBS Reporter Lara Logan during a sustained and violent sexual assault; her assailants apparently justified their actions by mentally transforming her into a Jew. It appears that such attacks are now on the rise in Egypt. The reason? […]

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