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SHOCKING: Company that Created Obamacare Website LINKED to Benghazi Video

By Walid Shoebat, Ben Barrack and Keith Davies **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** In a SHOCKING discovery, CGI Federal – the Canadian Company that built the Obamacare website – appears to have a connection to the “Innocence of Muslims” video the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks. And here’s how it was done: The evidence is well established […]

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Applying the ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’ principle to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ filmmaker

The debate over whether Nakoula Basseley Nakoula should be in jail rages on… Via the Los Angeles Times: The jailing of one of the filmmakers involved in the infamous “Innocence of Muslims” movie has raised questions about whether the U.S. government is acting in response to the international furor the movie has caused. Nakoula Basseley […]

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