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Islamic Fundamentalist Boko Haram blows up several Buses in Nigeria, targeting innocent Christians

The rise of Boko Haram in northern Nigeria can most assuredly be deemed a consequence of the ‘Arab Spring’. At minimum, the radically fundamentalist group is emboldened to murder innocent non-Muslims. It’s now blowing up packed buses full of innocent Christians and the death toll is mounting. Via Mail and Guardian: Initial reports indicated that […]

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Kidnapped French family (including four children) in danger of being murdered by group claiming to be Boko Haram

A French family consisting of four children was kidnapped in norther Cameroon, close to that country’s border with Nigeria. The kidnappers are demanding the release of militants being held in those two countries. Via Reuters: French ministers said they believed the three adults and four children seized in Cameroon’s far north near the Nigerian border […]

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Boko Harem? Terrorists scare Churchgoers, gun them down as they leave church in Nigeria

Remember, the barbarians who perpetrate these heinous acts actually do so because they think they’re of a higher life form. Via Zee News: Gunmen attacked church services on a university campus Sunday in northern Nigeria, using small explosives to draw out and gun down panicking worshippers in an assault that killed at least 16 people, […]

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State Dept Official: Religion not behind Muslim bombings of Christian churches

It’s a bit ironic that the name of the man at the U.S. State Department who said that religion is not behind the bombings of Christian churches by Muslims, is Jonnie Carson because it sounded like an extremely bad joke. Via CNS News: Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson said Monday that […]

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