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9/11’s 13th – WAKE UP

The 9/11 anniversary means perhaps more this year than ever. Since the original attacks in 2001, we’ve had the Benghazi attacks in which four Americans including a U.S. Ambassador were murdered. This year ISIS has already beheaded two Americans in Syria and put the videos up on YouTube. There is an ISIS presence now felt […]

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Response to Embassy Attacks: Stuck Mojo’s ‘Open Season’

When our U.S. Embassies are attacked, it’s an attack on sovereign U.S. territory. In the words of Lord Nelson in this 2006 video, an embassy is ‘home base’. When U.S. flags are taken down from those embassies and replaced by al-Qaeda flags, it’s an act of war. The same goes for murdering our Ambassador. It’s […]

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