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Hillary’s War on Nigerian Women is about Benghazi

By Ben Barrack What Hillary Clinton is attempting to do is – in a word – despicable. A few days after the ‘Smoking gun’ Benghazi email was revealed by Judicial Watch; two days after House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would form a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi; one day before Rep. Trey Gowdy […]

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Jihad Marriages: The real war on women

Jihad Marriages in Egypt (War on Women)

As western media Muslim Brotherhood sycophants propagandize the plight of their masters in Egypt and then wonder why security forces have a problem with it, there’s another story that doesn’t get told. It’s the story of Jihad marriages, a real war on women that leftists like to project onto conservatives in America. That war is […]

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