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German State Police Declares Itself ‘Free’ From ‘Far Right Networks’

Monty Python famously created the phrase “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” for one of their comedy sketches. In a similar way, one could say a similar statement about Germany except it might be ‘Nobody expects the far-right’, when it comes to politics. This of course is knowing that the German far-right is not about left […]

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Italian Lockdowns Are Back On The Menu As Two-Thirds Of The Country Prepares For Lockdown

One of the important trends to follow will be the proliferation of COVID-related lockdowns, since it is the lockdowns that are, in the name of stopping disease, having other major and serious social consequences. According to Bloomberg by way of MSN News, Italy is preparing for a new set of lockdowns that may shut down […]

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Study: One-Third Of Catholics, One-Fourth Of Protestants In Germany May Leave Churches

Germany has a long history in her with Christianity, but in modern times, the practice of religion is lower than ever before. According to the Catholic News Agency, one-third of Catholics and one-fourth of Protestants are considering leaving their churches. A third of all German Catholics are considering leaving the Church, according to a new […]

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US Military Tests New Laser Machine Gun

I warned at that one of the next major trends is weaponry was going to be the development of ‘laser guns’ in order to address the threat of robotics and drones, as the traditional metal bullet was quickly becoming and still is a relic of another time that while still useful, will eventually be […]

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