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Kosovo Opens Embassy In Israel

Kosovo is one of those countries that is a “country”. It may designate itself as a separate entity, but it little different from Donetsk, Lugansk, or various “republics” in the Caucasus area. It is not so much a nation as it is a political entity created for political purposes of the surrounding powers. Think more […]

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Report: Moroccan Police Burn Down Refugee Camps Near Spanish Enclave Border

In addition to crossing the Mediterranean Sea and landing in Sicily or Italy, or crossing the Bosporus from Turkey and into the Balkans, migrants from Africa have been coming in the western regions by crossing from Morocco to Spain, either by directly over the Strait of Gibraltar, or into the Spanish enclave of Melilla before […]

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I Told You It Was Eventually Going To Happen- PA Mom Busted Trying To Help Her Daughter By Making DeepFakes Of Her High School Rivals Doing Porn, Taking Drugs, And Encouraging Them To Commit Suicide

For years, I received a considerable amount of criticism from people who said that my discussions of pornography, deepfake videos, and the implications this could have for society far beyond the base would be tremendous. Instead of looking at the principle, I was criticized for mentioning the means by which it came in. However, PennLive […]

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Fire At Major Migration Center In Yemen For African Refugees Kills Dozens has been warning that if trends do not change, a major refugee wave from Africa and the Middle East in coming, and it could make what happened in 2015 and 2016 look small by comparison. Such an event would build on previously existing trends According to Arab News, there was a fire at a […]

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