Archive | March 15, 2021


Will A Four-Day Workweek Become More Common In The Future?

There were many bad things that COVID did or is being used to do. However, in all bad things, there also can be some good things that come out. One of the beneficial things that COVID exposed was American corporate culture and how a lot of the ‘jobs’ that are available do not necessarily have […]

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Federal Agency Orders That ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Laws Apply To Lenders On LGBT

One of the major trends noted in the US is not merely the LGBT, but the enforcement of LGBT ideas and morality as a part of law under the cover of ‘anti-discrimination’, and to that, to effectively and indirectly criminalize Christian opposition to said issue. As such, it is coming to a point where being […]

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More Men Prefer Gaming To Relations

For years, there was talk about men getting ‘cucked’ by women, which while ‘cucking’ refers to either a voluntary or involuntary situation where a man in a relationship is given a second place by his girlfriend or wife to another man, it came to mean being a combination of being disrespected and defeated by another, […]

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Vatican Rightly Declares She Cannot Bless Sodomite Unions Because They Are Sinful

There is a lot of criticism about the Catholic Church, most of which at its root involves the actions of its members rather than the teachings itself. After all, it is not an exaggeration to say that Christians themselves, regardless of sect, are the worst advertisement for Christianity, and with Catholics as the largest consistent […]

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