Archive | March 21, 2021


Prepare For The Third Wave Of COVID

There have been sources alluding that COVID would not end until about 2027. While this cannot be definitively proven, it is interesting, since has pointed out that there are consistent overlaps in military documents and policy documents expressing concern about the year 2027. Conspiracies aside, knowing that pandemics tend to precede major wars, that […]

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Not A Surprise- New Study Suggests Evangelical Equivocation Of Religion And Politics Is Destroying Religion

For a long time on, I have held that the Protestant Revolution, like other previous and still happening movements that lead to a schism or heresy, equivocates politics with religious practice. This happens because there is a natural overlap between both- if one is to be in the world, one needs to direct one’s […]

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One Year Later, Major Supply Chain Squeeze Prediction Starts To Come True, Reported By Business Insider

Exactly one year ago, I wrote an article called “Buy Your Tools And Stuff From Dollar Stores Now Because That May Be The Next Shortage“. It was an observation about trends I had become aware of in the tools market, suggesting that in as early as six to nine months- which would represent the time […]

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