Archive | March 22, 2021


Major Decision As NLRB Rules Against Amazon

Amazon for many years has acted with impunity when it comes to her workers, treating many of them as simply cogs in a wheel to be disposed of, and with few to no consequences. This has been a long existing scandal in the making, as it was so prolific that it nearly seemed to mirror, […]

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Pakistan Opens Transgender Islamic School has been one of the few sites that not just criticize Islam on points that are politically acceptable, but on those which also are not, and this is because unlike far too many groups and individuals, which we have discussed are quick to criticize Islam for political gain but refuse to point out the […]

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Will Turkey Go To The Slaughterhouse Amid Potential Capital Controls?

Turkey has been in the midst of an economic crisis for years. While there has bee genuine concern about the buildup of the Turkish military, her expansionism and attempts to revive the Ottoman Dream, and increasingly aggressive posturing in the Caucasus, there is a lot of economic problems that few are discussion. While she has […]

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When Creepy Uncle Joe Is Not Sniffing Kids, He’s Stuffing Them Into ‘Miserable’ Conditions And Barring People From Showing The Photos

President Biden has been referred to as ‘creepy uncle Joe’ because of his known tendencies to sniff and put his hands on children and adult women in public in very strange ways. There are many photos and videos showing this. Ask yourself, if somebody did this to your child, would you not think it is […]

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