Archive | March 24, 2021


Pope Orders Vatican Salary Cuts Amid COVID-Related Financial Trouble

There are a lot of sordid facts about the history of people in the Church and the Vatican, but also a lot of myths. It is a myth, for example, that the Vatican is the ‘richest’ entity in the world, or that somehow, the Church controls the world’s finances. The Vatican is certainly not the […]

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Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Restricts Details Of Maxwell-Epstein Case, Says The Details Are Too “Impure” For The Public To Handle

Many things have taken place in the last few months. One of these events, and has received less attention, is the situation of the Epstein-Maxwell case, which has been ongoing. However, a recent update to the case is that a federal judge appointed by Obama restricts access to details of the case, saying that the […]

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Not Surprisingly, The FBI Knew Al-Issa Was A Threat Before The Shooting, And Three More Critical Observations

As more information continues to come out about the Colorado shooter at the King Soopers market, there are many questions that naturally are arising about him. Having noted this, I made four observations about the situation for consideration in response to all that has transpired. 1) First, and perhaps the biggest issue, is how as […]

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