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Rutgers Becomes First University To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Attendance

One can disagree about the nature of COVID, whether it is a disease, a political tool, or both. But regardless of what one holds to, it is clear COVID is not going away any time soon. There has been a lot of talk because of this about mandating shots against COVID, and this has been […]

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While India Prepares To Genocide Christians, The US And EU Selectively Focus On China

In both China and India, Christian persecution is very real and a threat. It should not be underemphasized in either nation. There has been a tremendous amount of talk about this in China, and how the Chinese communists are abusing Christians and Muslims, such as the Uyghurs. A group of ethnic minorities is praising the […]

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Is China Again Making Poor Attempts To Try And Remilitarize?

Forbes Magazine recently reported that there has been a curious increase in the purchasing of Molybdenium, a metal, by the Chinese government, in extremely large quantities, asking why she is doing this. Somewhere in China there is a warehouse stuffed to the ceiling with molybdenum, a tongue-twister metal which most people call moly and which […]

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Income Rises The Most Since 1930…Due To Stimulus Checks

It is a good thing when, generally speaking, household incomes increase, as that helps people to buy more things, save more, and just live better. Money does not solve all of a man’s problems, but it gives him the means to translate the work necessary for an action or result to happen much faster than […]

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