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Another Major US City Stops Prosecution For Drugs, Prostitution

Crime increases are a major trend in the US. Because of the increase in crime, some municipalities have generally stopped prosecuting people for or investigating smaller crimes, such as auto break-ins or small thefts. Now the city of Baltimore, known for her high rates of crime, has announced a similar cessation on prosecution for drug […]

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Nike And Famous Rapper Releases “Satan Shoes” With Human Blood In Them, Only 666 Pairs Made

Rapper Montero Hall, known publicly as Lil Nas X, skyrocketed to fame in 2029 with his song “Old Town Road” and has remained in the public attention since then. The rapper, who is an open homosexual and has made videos with blatantly occult themes, now is releasing a limited line of ‘satan shoes’, which claim […]

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Islamic Militants Slaughter One-Hundred Thirty People In Nigerian Attack

Violence in the Sahel region has been awful for years, and each time, it seems too get worse. In the midst of multiple crises, the Christian Post reports now that one-hundred and thirty people were slaughtered in an attack in Nigeria, including twenty-four children, by Islamic militants. On the deadliest day in Niger’s recent memory, […]

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