Archive | March 29, 2021


Observations On The Current “Satan Shoes” Controversy

Right now, the Christian world is very upset about rapper Lil Nas X’s “satan shoes”, which a few days ago here at I wrote about. Apparently, reports say that the shoes sold out in a minute of their offering from the website. With this happening, now American ‘Christian leaders” are speaking about it. However, […]

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The Millennial Curse Awakens

“Boomers are awful”, goes some variant of the complaints about Boomers in society. Many of the complaints about the Boomers are, sadly, also very accurate too. A generation given the world, they actively destroyed it with policies that are bearing their fruits today, for while many seemed to be well-meaning, the unforeseen consequences were realized […]

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Here It Goes- Watch The Fighting The US Church Intensify

There has been a silent war waged in churches all across the US, with the Catholic Church seeing the hardest front, and that is the power of the LGBT. has discussed this often, but it is an extremely serious matter, considering that the practices of sodom and Christianity cannot fundamentally co-exist no matter what […]

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Report: Religious Attendance In US Drops Below 50% For First Time

There has been talk for years about the decline of religion in the US, with all being affected but Christianity the strongest due to her generally large presence, and the rise of secularism of sorts in its place. There has been a lot of discussion about the decline of the Catholic Church in the US, […]

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Report: Colorado Muslim Gunman Laughed As He Carried Out The Shooting

More details continue to emerge about the Colorado Muslim shooter. According to a recent story, there are multiple reports saying that he was openly laughing as he mowed down random people at the King Soopers grocery store. “He hung up on me,” Semele Plentywolf recalled. “I kept trying to call him and text him. There […]

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