Archive | March 31, 2021


Federal Judge Overturns Trump Campaign NDA

The “non-disclosure agreement” has become a notorious tool by corporations for using the legal system to silence their workers from engaging in whistleblowing and anti-corruption probes. There is a place for such an agreement, but too often they are just blank checks for rampant abuse with a legal covering. Former President Trump is no exception […]

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Will ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Come Back, But This Time Be ‘Cash For Firearms’?

From the moment Biden won the presidency and the Democrats officially took both House and Senate, they have been working diligently to impose their will. To their credit, this is because they actually believe in what they say, which for good or for ill, is more principled than the Republicans, who talk one line but […]

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Episcopalian Bishop Leaves Church After Being Punished For Refusing To Bend Over For Sodom

America still claims many Christians, but a majority of them support sodom, and as a result, those who follow Biblical teachings from Sacred Scripture and Tradition are finding themselves in a hard position as the majority culture an even their own members of religious groups are turning against them. The Episcopal Church, which is essentially […]

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Who’s Really Behind The Funding Of “Ordo Blasfemia” In Poland?

Poland is known for her long Catholic history, but in the past two decades, this has come under a vicious attack. While in most of the last century it was from Communism and the USSR, now a possibly eve worse threat she is facing following the crumbling of the Berlin Wall as rampant secularism and […]

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