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Not A Surprise- Pro-Sodom Students Sue Christian College To Remove Title IX Religious Exemptions

It was coming for years, in spite of all the warnings that few cared to heed. As many have noted, the pro-sodom lobby has made clear that it wants to force sodom on the nation, including Christians to accept it in spite of moral objections and the legal objections they are permitted. This is because […]

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ISIS Travels Thousands Of Miles To The Southernmost Regions Of Africa To Attack Natural Gas Port

When an Islamic terrorist living a short airplane flight or boat trip to Europe or Israel talks about attacking the “West” or Israel and brags before the world, should he take as many opportunities has he can to attack either one? If one answered yes, that would be incorrect, for instead, the more ‘sensible’ answer […]

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Global Warming Is Real, And So Is Polar Ice Cap Melt- It’s Just For Different Reasons, Or, Will Russia Make Her Worst Environmental Disaster Yet?

For decades, scientists have warned about rising sea levels due to melting ice at the poles as a result of global warming. This naturally caught the attention of many people, who quickly politicized the issue on partisan lines in the US, where “pro” and “anti” factions on the “left” and “right” defined the two sides. […]

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