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Teenagers Who Killed Uber Driver While Trying To Rob And Carjack Him May Mostly Get Away

Sometimes, there are major abuses of the justice system. Such is what many are suggesting has happened after a horrible incident where an Uber driver, a Pakistani immigrant, was robbed with a weapon, had his car stolen, and was murdered by two teenage girls in Washington DC. The story made news around the world as […]

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Russian Newspaper: Serbia Is Not A Reliable Ally, Russia Is Isolated

When I write about Russia, one of the observations is that she really has few to no allies, and the reason for this is not because ‘the world hates Russia for no reason’, as some believe or have promoted, or because Russia is “Christian”, or because nations are jealous of her, or because of ‘NATO […]

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Bank Of America Advises To Buy ‘Real Assets’ As Inflation Hedge

Inflation is going to explode, for between money printing, a depreciating dollar, and other factors that have caused economic instability, the price of goods and services are going to increase as the value of the dollar decreases. In response, Business Insider has curiously noted that Bank of America is suggesting for people to buy ‘real […]

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Study: Two-Thirds Of US Catholics Support Biden Receiving Communion Blasphemously

Years ago, I had a conversation with an astute and serious Catholic friend who worked as a missionary. He said that in his estimation, about 60% to 70% of American “Catholics” were not Catholic at all, but formal heretics or apostates. I never forgot his estimations, as they have consistently shown to be correct for […]

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Japan Tracks Chinese Aircraft Carrier Near Okinawa

As China attempts to assert herself on a global stage, Japan has been increasing her efforts to ‘stand up’ to her billion man strong neighbor, for as Business Insider reports, China sent an aircraft carrier between Japanese islands to which the Japanese responded by sending a destroyer to follower her. China’s carrier group — including […]

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