Merkel Calls For Nationwide Lockdowns Over COVID

The political shenanigans that began last year with COVID are still continuing, and now German Chancellor Merket is calling for a ‘short national lockdown’ to stop the spread of the virus.

Angela Merkel has called for a ‘short national lockdown’ to curb Germany’s coronavirus crisis just two weeks after she apologised for suggesting a five-day Easter shutdown.

The country is struggling to tackle a third wave of the pandemic and has recorded an average of 15,000 cases every day for the last week – the fifth highest infection rate in Europe.

Chancellor Merkel’s spokeswoman today announced her boss was backing calls from several federal leaders for a short, sharp lockdown as the country tries to vaccinate as many people as it can.

It comes a fortnight after Merkel made a humiliating apology for the ‘mistake’ of trying to impose a five-day Easter lockdown.

‘I deeply regret it, and for that, I ask all citizens’ forgiveness,’ the 66-year-old leader said in a grovelling speech in parliament.

‘The mistake is my mistake alone,’ Merkel added. ‘A mistake must be called just that.’

But today, her spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer signalled another flip-flop by the Chancellor as she told reporters that a rising number of intensive care patients meant ‘every call for a short, uniform lockdown is right.’ (source)

Germany is the heart or Europe’s economic machine. If she goes, all of Europe goes, and given how lockdowns have been shown to be a direct cause of economic instability and worsening the problems, a ‘national lockdown’ would have the direct effect of worsening the social and economic problems. That is, unless one assumes- as Ted, Walid, and I have been saying -that such is desired, because that would lead to a political crisis that could be exploited. All it would take then is another migrant wave, for example, to really trigger a revival of militarism, which is why I am so concerned about the situation in Tigray, because the region is primed for a major potential wave of migration to Europe as what happened in 2016, but larger.

If Tigray goes, and if Germany does another lockdown, or even a variant of it, such will be a toxic combination that could further a push from not just the political left to the hard right, but a push from political nationalism to militarism and the rebuilding of Germany’s military capabilities, for she has all of the abilities to do this, and it would only take a short while to shift from being a manufacture-and-export economy to a war economy.

Remember the warning of Niklas Frank- Germany is already primed for a revival of National Socialism, and all it would take is ‘five to ten years of heavy economic problems’ to see a revival of her recent past behavior.

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