Archive | April 12, 2021


China Creates Digital Currency That Expires

What is the future of money and trade? Some people are very excited to promote “Crypto” as the future, but those who are watching it carefully should be less optimistic. There is no doubt that crypto will have a place. It has had one since 2008, and it will continue to grow. However, people thinking […]

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India Concerned As China Plans Superdam In Himalayas

One of the future areas of conflict is going to be the Himalayas, as China and India battle it out for domination. One of the important things that the Himalayas offers is water, and control over water rights for drinking, and considering that both nations are one billion-strong each with desperate needs to simply feed […]

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Japan Moves Forward With Building Arctic Ice-Breaking Ships

Control over the Arctic is becoming a trend that will dominate the next decade leading to the culmination of another global war as well as the future. Russia as noted has been working on attempting to secure near exclusive access by water from Murmansk to Chukotka. However, Russia still has two major problems at least, […]

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Turkey Plans Massive New Canal Through Istanbul As Part Of Her Attempts At Revival

The development of new water-based trade routes from the governments of the world is gong to be something to watch. Much of my focus recently has been on Russia, since her claims to an arguable majority of the lands and oceans of the Arctic Circle region is the largest and most highly contested of such […]

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