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Russian Orthodox Church Attempts To Set Up Protocols For Exorcisms After Several Deaths

It is not uncommon in the US and other parts of the world where Protestantism in various forms is the dominant religion to hear about exorcisms gone awry, where people engage in strange practices that can lead to physical harm or death. One does not often hear about such things in the Catholic Church, and […]

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Report: Religious Freedom Being Eclipsed By “Rights” Over Gender, Etc.

For those who have been involved in the ‘culture war’, it is a known fact that the war is over, and the Christians lost. However, according to a story reported on by the Christian Post, things are at such a point not that religious freedom is being eclipsed in the US by preference over ‘rights’ […]

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Seven Million At Edge Of Starvation In East Africa

East Africa is on the edge of a a starvation crisis right now, caused by years of fighting in the Sahel region between Islamic terrorist groups and local governments, of which the US and France have been curiously involved. However, the worst situation is in East Africa, where following the Tigray conflict, millions have been […]

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Biden Reverses Trump Germany Withdrawals, Builds The Right Back Up As US And Germany Sign New Agreements

During the Trump years, one of Trump’s promises was to ‘make [other nations] pay their fair share’, and this meant, among many things, pulling out of Germany. However, President Biden has reversed this, and will be adding more troops to Germany . The United States will ramp up its forces in Germany amid the latest […]

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