Archive | April 28, 2021


Navy SEALS Shift From Counterterrorism Operations To “Global” Operations Against China, Russia

If one asked a military commander for the last two decades what the largest threat for US Special Operations to combat was, the answer would almost universally be some form of ‘terrorism’ as a response. While terrorism does indeed pose a threat, the practical reality is that terror groups lack the manpower, money, logistics, technological […]

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Claim: Food Being Looted By Eritrean Soldiers From Tigray

No conflict zone is ever an attractive place, but in Africa, conflict tends to result in some of the worst forms of human suffering, such as starvation, mass murder, and the total annihilation of large areas. According to France 24, there are reports now that Eritrean soldiers are looting Tigray of her food. Eritrean soldiers […]

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China Set To Post First Population Decline In Five Decades

Growth is often used as a mantra of corporate America and those who associate constant expansion with ‘progress’. However, growth is also finite, it does not happen forever, and it is not reasonable to believe in this concept because things just don’t keep growing, as contractions are natural. For many years, the Chinese Communist Party […]

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