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The media generally speaking are not speaking the truth, so the best place you can get truth heard is in your church or synagogue. This is also a challenge as most Pastors are also afraid and the Rabbis even more so. The key to stopping the Islamist agenda is for all America to hear the truth and for at least 60% of the country who will get it and are on the correct side of the situation, i.e. 60% willing to take on the Islamists and have our government crush them.

Here are practical steps you can do to help Walid Shoebat get the word out, educate the grass roots, and help persecuted Christians in need of rescue.


Speak to your Pastor and ask him to invite Walid if he says no, ask again and if he still says no , get the majority of the elders to influence the pastor. Persistence will pay off, our country needs to understand this nazi style threat. Here is a promo video which will help in getting people to Invite Walid Shoebat to a Church.


If you are Jewish, ask your Rabbi or set up a committee of a few people and organize an event in your Synagogue. Here is a promo video which will help in getting people to Invite Walid Shoebat to a Shul.


For the more ambitious you can also set up a one or two day conferences at churchs or civic centers. The featured speakers we will use are Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, Robert Spencer, Lt General “Gerry” William Boykin Rtd , Nonie Darwish and others who are appropriate for such a conference.


For students at our Universities you can set up events of which we will subsidize up to 75% from our donors.


Once you have full agreement to do an event contact us at [email protected] or call 1 877 346-9200 to set up dates and financial arrangements.

If you agree with our work, but cannot spare the time to help, your donations are always welcome. You can donate at this Link or you can email us at [email protected] for a mailing address.

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