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Rescue Christians Mission


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Vine of Life News


Lyn Leahz, Christian Zionist


Learn more about the Jewish refugees from Arab Lands


Please view and study this excellent presentation




Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute

Your gateway to business and economy in Israel. Succeed in commercial
ventures with Israeli companies and in the Israeli marketplace.


Exclusive news and opinion 24/7 with correspondents in over forty countries. Its distinguished line-up of XpressBloggers is widely respected for their punditry.


East Facts
"Dedicated to spreading the truth about Israel
and the ‘Palestinians’ (who incidentally didn’t call themselves that
and didn’t have a national movement before 1967). It will also help
to dispel the myth that Israel is the ‘root cause of terrorism’."



"Comprised of a team of academics, educators and rabbinical figures,
Shavei Israel reaches out to “lost Jews” and assists them
in coming to terms with their heritage and identity in a spirit of tolerance
and understanding.


Robinson – Week in Review

Jerry Robinson deciphers current events as they relate to ancient Biblical
prophecies on his internationally known website –
Week in Review. From its humble beginnings in 2003, Week in Review has
grown enormously in just over two years with daily readers in 95+ nations
including much of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.



Dry Bones Blog

Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973
Mon thru Fri – Daily cartoon and, for the first time, the story
behind the cartoon.


Western Civilisation
“Defend Western Civilisation and Reject Islam. Islam and the Western Heritage have nothing in common.”


It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.


Islam: The Religion of Peace?
This is a website which includes a up-to-date counter of all terror attacks occuring globally…


These Radical Children of Abraham
Examining the spiritual roots of the fundamental beliefs of Muslims, Christians and Jews.


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Other Arabs Speak Out

Gaffney Jr.
President of the
Center for Security policy:

"In the 25 years I have been in Washington I
have never heard anything so extraordinary and the truth
so eloquently told by someone like this [Walid Shoebat]."

  • Israeli Arab Muslim Woman Speaks Out
    – Salma Abdallah