Articles and Press Releases

August 16, 2010


Refusing To Name The Enemy

November 16, 2006


Former Terrorist Featured in D.C. Event Nov. 19

November 13, 2006


Shoebat Fights for Muslim Dissident’s Freedom, Journalist on Trial Today

November 09, 2006


Journalist Faces Death Penalty in Bangladesh Trial This Monday, Nov. 13, Available for Interviews

October 12, 2006


Shut Out By Columbia University

October 11, 2006


Event at Columbia University Challenges Muslim Groups

October 09, 2006


Two Ex-Terrorists and Former Nazi Hitler Youth Speak Out at Columbia University Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 7:30 p.m.

October 04, 2006


Two Ex-Terrorists, Former Nazi to Speak at Columbia University Wednesday, Oct. 11

July 24, 2006


Lebanese and Israeli Ex-Terrorists Available for Interviews on Middle East Crisis

June 19, 2006


Exclusive Film Footage on Terrorism in America to be Presented by Three Former Terrorists Tomorrow, June 20, in Philadelphia

June 13, 2006


Shocking Film Exposes Growing Terrorism in the U.S.

December 08, 2005


Three Former Terrorists to Speak in Princeton TODAY at New Location; Will Talk About Their Indoctrination, Instructions to Kill and Maim

05, 2005


Princeton University Says Campus Event On Terrorism is ‘Too Inflammatory’


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Printed Media

Baltimore Examiner Walid Shoebat: An Advocate with Real Courage

WTOC Channel 11, Savannah Former Terrorist Speaks Out in Savannah

San Francisco Chronicle Mob Rule on College Campuses

WorldNet Daily ‘Obsession’ by Muhammad

The Free-Lance Star Religion Brief Glenn Beck: ‘Islamic Extremism’ Greatest Threat to U.S.

Success Magazine LTD November 2006

Savannah Morning News Former Terrorist Addresses JEA

National Catholic Reporter Christian Zionists rally in San Antonio

Huntington News TV Review: Fox News Airs Special on “Obsession”

Canada Free Press Jihad: Coming to your Neighborhood Soon

Indianapolis Star Letters to the Editor

BBC Palestinian Militant Turned Peacemaker

Sunday Telegraph In Sickness and in Health

Sydney Morning Herald
Jumping off the Zeppelin of Zion

News on Demand, Rochester
Former Terrorist: Balance is Crucial

St. Louis Dispatch
Former PLO Terrorist will speak in area

St. Louis Dispatch
Ex-PLO operative blasts terrorism in lecture

St. Louis Dispatch
Former PLO operative condemns terrorism

WorldNet Daily
The Big Picture

San Antonion Express
S.A. Muslims Still Feel the Sting of Isolation

Las Vegas Sun
Israel No Longer in Palestinian’s Sights

CBS News, Los Angeles
Jewish High Holy Days Begin at Sundown

Fresno Bee
Israel inspires alliance of faiths

Columbia Spectator
Former PLO Member to Speak at Columbia

South Bend Tribune
Former Muslim terrorist to speak at Bethel College

NY Sun
Columbia Faces New Challenges by GOP Group

NY Times
Silencing of a Speech Causes a Furor

Pilot News
Shoebat: ‘I was a PLO Terrorist’

The New York Observer
The New York Observer

Columbia Spectator
Chaplain Cuts Conservatives’ Guest List

Front Page Magazine
Columbia’s Continued Folly

Dallas Morning News
Taking the ‘liberal’ out of liberal education

San Antonio Express
S.A. is a Battlefront in the Mideast Fight

Zaman, Turkish Newspaper
Is Mel Gibson Pro-Middle Eastern?

The Irish Times
Palestinian bomber who changed sides in the conflict