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For people who doubt what I am saying about anti Semitism in the Middle East – People must view this video and understand that the dispute about Israel is not a war of land or geography but anti-semitism of the worst kind but it is now more dangerous than Nazi Germany because it has a religious twist.

This video should shock you and the world to recognize the real problem.
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APRIL, 2005

Walid creates controversy in Philadelphia

The sponsors of the event in Philadelphia where I will speak placed a huge billboard on the main highway 1-95 about two miles from downtown Philly. The Arab apologists of terror are furious and are calling the usual "racist" slurs. Their protests will help us get more media attention and we shall win over people to the side of the truth. We will see how the people of Philadelphia will identify with Israel when I visit Philadelphia.

Congratulations to the sponsors of the event and their courage to stand with me: to show the people of Philadelphia the truth about terrorism and the goodness of Israel and the Jewish people.


Lovers of Justice and Truth

I would like to add my voice to the disgust at the Hague decision on the security fence.

When six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, the world did nothing and only its own guilt was Israel founded as a haven and rightful home for the Jewish people.

Europe and the rest of the tyrannical world have again sided with evil and have replaced the Nazis with there support of the phony Palestinian cause. Israel’s right to self defense is denied not only by the Hague’s Court ruling, but by the UN. The World continues to criticize anything Israel does to defend its citizens, even in the face of over 20,000 attempted terror attacks in the last three years. In a short 60 years the world has returned to the dark age of anti Semitism.

The world allows terror against Israel, even America plays a double standard when it comes to terror against Israel versus terror against the USA.

Our President needs to make a public declaration stating America’s position clearly and unequivocally; he needs to state that not only does Israel have the right to self defense but America encourages and supports Israel in its fight against terror. The fence is the lesser of two evils and is a necessary measure considering that waging war in Arab villages and towns would lead to worse hardship but it is completely justifiable under International law if no fence were there. The world cannot have it both ways, either a security fence or all out defensive measures to defeat terror.

If the Palestinian leadership continues to support terror they cannot expect Israel to talk peace or to be overly concerned with all the "civil rights" of Palestinians. When the Palestinian leadership finally and completely accept Israel’s existence and wish to set up a democratic state, based on equal rights for Jews, Christians, women, free press and all the values of a western civilized democracy, then and only then can peace be achieved.

The so called "Israeli occupation" is currently the only real freedom any Arab has had in any part of the Middle East in the 56 years of Israel’s existence.

Walid Shoebat

Leader of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, an organization that cries out for Justice for the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

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