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The Keys To Unlock The Signs Of The End, And Why You Must Get Ready To Leave Your Cities

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) St. Jerome of Bethlehem explained that Isaiah, Daniel and the Apocalypse were sealed until the future when: “that book can be opened by one who has learned the mysteries of Scripture and understands its hidden truths, and its words which seem dark because of the greatness of the secrets […]

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How 100,000 Christians Were Massacred

PRELUDE Wolves who were thought to be neighbors, The strong over the weak, The mighty rule and the lowly Suffer what they must. In this law of might, Lies the way of deceit, As Cain lured his brother, Into the fields with signs of concord. Of Harrowing wails and bloodstained rubashkas, Of blades tinged with […]

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