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Rage In Spain, Separatism In Catalonia, And A Future War In Europe

There is rage in Spain over the government making a deal with Catalan seditionist leader, Carles Puigdemont, to give amnesty to Catalonian separatist leaders in exchange for votes from the separatist Together for Catalonia Party in order to get Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s part the majority in the Spanish congress. For years we have been […]

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Yorckscher Marsch_ Einmarsch des Wachbataillons beim Großen Zapfenstreich 28.08.2023 - Bundeswehr 1-54 screenshot

The German Government Declares: ‘We Must Have The Ability To Wage War.’

Germany is now talking about wanting to have the ability to wage war, which is another development within recent years of Germany’s rhetoric of becoming more and more militarily powerful. As we read in Politico: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is forcing Germany to turn its military into a powerful and well-financed fighting force focused on […]

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Israeli Soldiers Find A Copy Of Hitler’s Mein Kampf In Children’s Room Of House Transformed Into Hamas Military Base

Israeli soldiers discovered a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in a children’s room of a home which was made into a military base for Hamas. The book had underlinings and margin notes, indicating that it was being read within the base. Russia solders found similar things in Ukrainian military barracks, and the Russians showed these […]

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Hamas' tunnels_ Piercing a battleground beneath Gaza 0-24 screenshot

The European Union Condemns Hamas For Using Gazans As Human Shields

The EU has condemned Hamas for using Gazans as human shields, as we read in i24 News: Israel has provided a wealth of evidence documenting Hamas’s use the facilities as shields and the tunnels under them as hideouts The European Union on Sunday condemned Hamas for using “hospitals and civilians as human shields” in Gaza. […]

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Inside the Hamas ‘Terror Tunnels’ Israel Has Been Bombing 6-39 screenshot

Hamas Leaders Order Their Jihadist Fighters To Kidnap Israeli Soldiers So That The Hamas Leaders Can Choose Which Soldiers They Want To Rape

New information has revealed that Hamas planned on reaching the border of the West Bank and, more disturbingly, raping Israel soldiers. The Hamas leaders wanted to choose which ones they desired to rape. As we read in the Jerusalem Post: Hamas’s original plan for October 7 went beyond just a massacre in the Gaza border […]

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LEFT: Hamas leader, Ramzi al-Oudf, telling a crowd of tens of thousands of Gazans on December of 2022 that "good news" is coming to Israel. This "good news" was a massacre of the Jews. Oudf tells the Gazan people to "arise and burn" the Jews. A photo of this massacre is on the RIGHT, showing two Jewish bodies of those burned alive by Hamas militants

Here Is What The Media Is Not Showing You. Last Year Hamas Declared In Major Speech To The People Of Gaza: ‘A Big Surprise Is Coming To Israel, Where We Will Burn The Jews And Stand On Their Corpses. The Cause Of Palestine Will Unite The Entire Islamic World To Have A War Against Israel.’ has discovered a video from December of 2022 showing a major Hamas rally in which Hamas leaders tell the Gazan people to burn Jews and that the Palestinian cause will bring the whole Muslim world in a war against Israel. You can see the video, with our subtitles, here: So much of the media […]

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Violence Against Palestinians By Jewish Settlers Is Increasing

As the war continues on, violence against Palestinians by Jewish settlers has been increasing and intensifying, as we read in the Jerusalem Post: Israeli human rights organizations and activists have reported an increase in the incidents of settler violence in the West Bank as well as in the level of the violence since the beginning […]

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IDF Armored Corps' 7th Brigade Neutralized Hamas Terrorists Near Gaza. 0-16 screenshot

Israeli Forces Kill Thousands Of Hamas Terrorists

Israeli has killed thousands of Hamas terrorists so far, and I hope they keep killing them until this jihadist cancer is no longer there. As we read in the Jerusalem Post: The combined stages of the current invasion and the expected later stages of insurgency and lower-grade fighting will take several months, informed sources have […]

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Israel targets Hamas' tunnel network under Gaza as next phase in war begins 1-27 screenshot

Recording Shows Hamas Steals Fuel From Hospitals

A recording shows that Hamas steals fuel from hospitals, as we read in the Jerusalem Post: The IDF on Wednesday night released a recording of a conversation between a Hamas commander and a Gazan citizen revealing how Hamas takes fuel from hospitals in the Gaza Strip. In the conversation, the commander of the West Jabaliya […]

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