I Confess

Walid Shoebat to CNN:




I was laughing my head off while I watched myself on CNNs Anderson Cooper 360. Before the show came on, they aired footage of Hugh Hefner who swims in a pool of money and women; yet we were made out like bandits because our charity reported 1/2 million dollars last year; it was very funny.


CNN wanted me to tell them how our money is spent. All right, CNN, I confess everything:


I Confess: We are sending money to criminals. Its true. They are Pakistani criminals who are hiding from the law. They are purported to have committed the worst crime in Pakistani law: Blasphemy of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

CNN is right to come after me. I committed the same crime.

I Confess: I did tell Drew Griffin, Its none of your business – it was all caught on camera. But only an idiot will talk to reporters and give details of sending money to wanted criminals.


I Confess: Keith’s senior moment on CNN shows how unprofessional we really are. We set up an advisory board several years ago who we rarely contact.  Keith could not remember their names with a TV camera in his face; his performance would seem to debunk the myth that Jews are exceptionally smart.


I Confess: I do not qualify as an expert on terrorism since I am not an atheist-socialist-liberal and my books have the word God on them; had I used Allah, CNN and CAIR would not mind.


I Confess:  I was not a professional terrorist – I didnt succeed in killing innocent people.  I am not a professional terrorist consultant either. All I do is translate what sneaky Muslims say in Arabic and compare it to their English.  Rarely ever do they match, and CNN never reports on them.


I Confess: I sell books for a living that have lots of flaws. English is my second language and my editor is a nice lady named Cheryl Taylor who is about to retire.Some spelling errors accidentally slip in, and people complain about them. But what can I do? Cheryl also has to make a living.


I Confess: I am not the smartest guy when it comes to terrorism. Drew Griffin was right; there were 19 hijackers on 9/11, not 17. But is that why Anderson Cooper 360 degrees, Huffington Post, CAIR and Chris Hedges are after my hide?


I Confess: Chris Hedges is a lot smarter than I. They gave him an awardhe was a Pulitzer Prize winner. Perhaps if I do my own 360 degrees and convert back to being a terrorist, I might win the Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat won it by simply speaking a few wordsin English.


I Confess: I am not exactly connected to the Mossad, but I pay money to an I.D.F soldier named Mosheh Avraham to maintain our website and keep track of newsworthy stories.


I Confess: Mosheh kills terroristsliterally.


I Confess: We pay another lady to bombard and harass pastors to get us in the door. At times, we joke that some pastors are like a blood clot that only a lady can move out of the way, allowing us to spread what CAIR calls Islamophobia.


I Confess: We also pay for flights, hotels, articles, interview bookings and daily press releases. Special Guests are the cheapest and worth every cent.


I Confess: Last year we spent over $80,000 in Texas for a memorial event for the Fort Hood Massacre victims, a tragedy perpetrated by a Muslim, but CNN does not want me to refer to Nidal Malek Hassan as a Muslim.  Mentioning religious affiliation of terrorists is an insult, unless of course, the terrorist is a Christian.


I Confess: I am nosy and I want to know about CAIRs funding. Will CNN help me?


I Confess: I looked like a slob on CNN.  The truth is, I need new attire, but I am quite the cheapskate and hate wasting money.


I Confess: I critique Islam. Hindus stopped burning widowsthanks to critics of Hinduism.


I Confess:  I am a racist.  I became one when I quit hating Israel.


I Confess: When liberals say that I should be thrown in jail since I am a confessed terrorist, they are right. But why imprison repentant terrorists, while CNN wants to release unrepentant terrorists from Gitmo?


When I get old, fatter and saggy, I will still laugh at Drew Griffin.

He could not debunk the facts and he is plainly stupid.

-Walid Shoebat 

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Drew Griffin CNN’s “Investigative Journalist” Who Lead the Smear Campaign at the Full Instigation of CAIR is a Proven Liar….

He is exposed by Bill O’Reilly who has an audience 10 times bigger than CNN, I wonder why?

We received an unsolicited email from an unimpeachable source that CAIR was fully involved and helped CNN with this smear. Obviously we cannot reveal the name as it would compromise him, which is frustrating for us. CNN are lying when they denied CAIR’s involvement as they did through the whole story.