CNN Reporter Drew Griffin is a Proven Liar

CNN Reporter Drew Griffin is a Proven Liar?

Relevant information in response to the recent character attack of Walid Shoebat by CNN

CNN’s Drew Griffin “investigative journalist” has a long history of sloppy reporting as well as being an out and out liar. The left wing media always will show you who they are most of afraid of when they go out of their way to lie about people who they view as a major threat to their agenda. Here is a whopper from Drew “Screw” Griffin concerning his distortion on a story concerning Sarah Palin in which Bill O’Reilly exposes him as a bare faced liar.

It is honor to know that we are in good company with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and that our work is so frustrating to the vultures at CNN that they have to lie about us too. It is no wonder in the last year they have lost another 50% of their audience, 50% of an already a tiny market share of the US news audience, which had already been in steep decline. Based on how they operate it is no wonder.

Over the next 24 hours we will expose the underhandness and lies concerning their hit job on Walid, as well as providing solid evidence of Walid’s past We have email correspondence which proves our effort to cooperate.

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