Start a Chapter of Rescue Christians

1.Become a chapter leader in your town, city or county.

2.Recruit volunteers to help you spread the word and raise money to save our brethren.

3.Hold small and large meetings either in your home or church bible study groups in which you can share our promo video as well as share our brochures and help set up monthly partnerships.

4.Speak and share our mission with you local pastors, requests their missions pastor to help us too.

5.Set up events with your church or partner with other volunteers in your city or county to put on fund raising event. Walid, Keith or Ted can come and do a presentation on Rescue Christians work.

Call us now at 1 877 832 7200 to become a chapter leader, we will supply you with the tools.

The persecution of Christians we know based on biblical prophecy, historical precedence, as well as what we are witnessing based on the news we expose on and will intensify over the next few years. Our goal is to save a million people. We have the contacts and drive, now all we need are the resources.Small amounts with hundreds of thousands of monthly partners and we can implement several major initiatives that will save hundreds of thousands of Christians.If you can spare a few hours a week and share our mission with a few dozen people a week; many of the people you share will have a heart for their brethren suffering and will wish to participate in this holy mission.