Dhimmitude under President Obama‏


Since President Obama has enacted the healthcare legislation there are two ways out from abiding by the law and those are 1. Declare you are a Muslim or 2. Declare you are Amish. Since Amish people are Christian that will be your best option. Please go and buy your horse and buggy, men grow your little beard; Ladies get your wimple and declare you are Amish on your census form. If you become a Muslim or Amish your health care remains intact and you are not subject to penalties and taxes that will be directed to the rest of us Americans.

The above “legal” exemptions are another unconstitutional section of the bill as the United States now discriminates against people when it comes to religion. This must be unconstitutional and breaches the first amendment. This is the first time this has happened in the history of the USA.

If Obamacare is legal then it should also be legal to disallow Muslims from serving in the military, as the same standard should apply. Muslims based under Sharia law cannot swear allegiance to another power other than Allah’s constitution based on what the Sharia states, especially when the USA is fighting Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Sharia law also only permits Muslims to live under a dictator or a supreme unelected leader and that dictator even if unjust needs to be obeyed. This is stated clearly in the Sharia law. So if health care is unjust obey Mr Muslim!

Also under Sharia law – If the leader is not a Muslim he needs to be deposed with a Muslim replacing him. Do not take my word for it, look it up yourself.

That is an interesting situation as president Obama is regarded by most Muslims who live inside and outside America as a Black Muslim. Another statistic in a recent poll conducted by the liberal media shows that 57% of Republicans also believe Obama is a Muslim, but hey, those silly extremist bigots, they know less than the actual 99% of all Muslims who also believe the same thing.

So Obama who is a leader of the USA now enacts laws for the Dhimmis – us, and gives freedom to his Muslim brothers. Healthcare was a lot of things but one thing it was not, and that was not about improving health for Americans. The Democrats have adopted Sharia law literally.

Obama care has been used to destroy more freedom; the USA was the last bastion of private health care where people can actually make decisions based on their wishes and not what a government bureaucrat decides for you. Now based on the law all non-Muslims except those who live in the ghetto of Lancaster PA are Dhimmis forced to pay special taxes to cover the cost of our Sheik Obama’s health care plan.

History was surely made a week ago as another progressive Franklin D Roosevelt said “a day in infamy,” in regarding the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, well the same attack against the American people was struck by corrupt evil politicians who went directly against the wishes of the American people. The antics of the Democrats is an irony in that the freedom has been removed from our political system when the arrogance of power superseded the wishes of the people. When Barack Hussein Obama tells you when he was running for president that he would be open, transparent and then proposed and passed legislation in direct contradiction to the wishes of the people now he no longer is ruling by their consent. The Senate election in Massachusetts was a direct referendum on the healthcare debate yet it was ignored.

In November if the American people do not throw these criminals from office then the American people have embraced tyranny and we have succumbed to the same fate as the people of Cuba, Venezuela and others whose leaders put themselves above the rule of law and its constitutional restrictions.

President Obama has also chosen to affront and insult America’s greatest ally Israel to appease the Arab cause of wiping Israel from the map. While this maybe be bad news, it is really good news as the policies of the United States were little different under George Bush however President Bush was more diplomatic in his tone towards Israel and as result was able to get Israel to participate in its own suicide. Now Israel has the opportunity to do what is in its own interest as it does not matter what it does as the Obama administration will always be hostile.

If apathy is pursued by the American people rather than standing up against people who shame the word liberty then we are sunk. In November the vote to save the Great Republic will be cast. Let us pray we are up to the task.


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