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The Monsters Of Japan And How The US Doesn’t Want Peace Between China And Japan

The monsters of Japan — Unit 731 — had underground facilities where they would commit the most egregious human experiments. One was discovered recently in the city of Anda, China: As we read in the South China Morning Post: Archaeologists have located an underground research facility where Japanese military scientists conducted “horrific biological weapon experiments” […]

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In The First One Hundred Days Of 2023, Islamic Terrorists Butchered One Thousand Christians In Nigeria

In Nigeria, in the first 100 days of 2023, Islamic terrorists butchered one thousand Christians, as we read in La Croix International: Over 50,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria by Islamist extremists over the past 14 years, with some 1,000 Christians brutally murdered in the first 100 days of 2023 alone, according to a new […]

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Turkey Will Be Deploying Troops To Kosovo. This Is All About Gaining Control Over The Balkans

Turkey will be deploying troops to Kosovo to supposedly bring order to the region, as we read in Middle East Eye: The Turkish defence ministry announced on Saturday that it was deploying special forces to Kosovo at the request of Nato as part of a peacekeeping mission. Turkey is sending a commando battalion affiliated to […]

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Nearly 100,000 Israelis Take To The Streets To Protest Against Netanyahu

Nearly 100,000 people protested against Netanyahu’s judicial policy, as we read in the Middle East Eye: Tens of thousands of demonstrators thronged Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities on Saturday for the 22nd consecutive week to protest against a controversial plan to reform Israel’s judicial system. The government’s reform proposals would curtail the authority of […]

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Islamic Terrorists In Syria Murder Two Hundred And Forty Farmers In Seventy Days

Islamic terrorists in Syria murdered 240 truffle farmers in Syria in just a 70 day period. As we read in Middle East Eye: Over a 70-day period up to mid-April, around 240 truffle hunters were killed in eastern Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group. “It’s really exciting work despite […]

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Could The Holocaust Happen Again?

Could “never again” happen again? “We hear the shouts of the world-eating Jews from the throat of the Saudi king … Our missiles will rain down on our enemies. Our Sejjil Missiles will drop in the heart of Tel Aviv. The voice of Heydar [Ali] will prevail from the Kaaba. This is the Shia flag […]

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The Truth About The Balkans And The Horrors Of Albanian Nationalism Against The Serbs

“Anyone who knows the history of the Balkans knows that Kosovo is Serbia. It was Serbian hands that cleared the fields of Kosovo, built the villages and roads, and created the great Holy Places to the glory of God, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Saints. And it was Serbian blood that defended these treasures […]

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Opposition Candidate Against Erdogan Vows That He Will Remove All Refugees If He Becomes President Of Turkey

The one who is running against Erdogan, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has vowed that he will remove all refugees from Turkey if he becomes president. As we read in Bianet: In a visit yesterday (May 23) to the earthquake-stricken province of Hatay, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the presidential candidate of […]

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Major German Television Show: ‘Russians Are Violent By Nature.’

A major German television show, viewed by millions of people, had a panel discussion on Russia and Moldova in which one of the panelists, Borys Szumiacki, began talking about how the reason why Russia goes to war is because Russians are violent by nature, hearkening back to the German World War Two portrayal of the […]

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The Hell Of Living In Serbia Under The Austro-Hungarian Empire

When it comes to atrocities and Austria, the evils that took place in World War Two are what gets the most attention. But very little focus has been made on the evils that were done by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Serbia during World War One. Reading about what took place in Serbia under Austro-Hungarian occupation, […]

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Ukraine Tells Poland: ‘Stop Bringing Up The Wolyn Massacre With Us.’

Ukraine got frustrated with Poland recently, and told it to stop bringing up the Wolyn massacre with Ukraine. The Wolyn massacre took place in the 1940s and was when the Ukrainian nationalist followers of Ukraine’s national heroes, Stepan Bandera and Andriy Melnyk, butchered 100,000 Poles. As we read in Camden Ark News: Officials in Poland […]

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The Japanese Government Declares: Japan Has No Interest In Joining NATO

Japan has declared that it has no interest in joining NATO but will accept a NATO office, as we read in the Asahi Shimbun: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Wednesday said the country had no plans to become a NATO member but acknowledged the security alliance’s plan to open a liaison office in Japan. […]

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People Don’t Leave Cities Because Of The Police, They Leave Because Of Crime

There are insidious provocateurs out there who tell people that the reason for high crime rates is because of “over policing”. Well, I’ve never heard of anyone leaving a neighborhood because of too many police, but I have heard of people leaving cities because of too many criminals and not enough policing:

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