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turkish tf x fighter

Turkey is creating its own F-35 and becoming more independent of American power

As Turkey grows stronger as a regional superpower — and expands its influence over Central Asian countries — the country is also becoming more and more independent in regards to military technology. Evidence of this is the Turkish T-FX, a Turkish attempt at making their own F-35:

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buried alive

Nazis In Ukraine Kidnap Young Girl And A Man. They Execute The Man By Shooting Him To Death, And Bury The Girl Alive

Another story of atrocity in Ukraine, this time a woman being buried alive, and a man being executed. As we read in SM News: A resident of the village of Raygorodok, Novayadarsky district, spoke about the crimes of the Aidar battalion. According to him, one night the Nazis came to his house, put a bag […]

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erdogan and biden

Turkey Wants To Lead The Turkic Countries To Form A World Superpower

Turkey wants to become a world superpower. But, it cannot complete such an endeavor on its own; Turkey needs its neighbors on both sides of the Caspian Sea: Azerbaijan and the Central Asian countries. Hence why Turkey has the Turkic Council, which is really becoming the Turkic union. Just as the European Union has free […]

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My project (47)

Boris Johnson Wants To Revive The Roman Empire. His Would Only Lead To A Revival Of The Turkish And German Empires

In the continuation of political insanity, Boris Johnson is (yet again) calling for the revival of the Roman Empire. Since the Roman Empire included Anatolia, he wants Turkey to be a part of his revived empire, all in the midst of Erdogan wanting to revive the Ottoman Empire. And did not Sultan Mehmet II call […]

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soccer with bible

Pro-Abortion Activists Take Bible And Play Soccer With It. They Then Put The Bible In A Toilet

Pro-abortion activists were filmed playing soccer with a Bible which they put in a toilet: This is yet another sign of the anti-Christian world we are entering. To elaborate more on this, I would like to repost an essay I wrote back in 2017 on the rising anti-Christian world, in light of a revived Nazism. […]

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My project (39)

Pro-Choice Militants Attack Pro-Life Pregnancy Center In Colorado, Set The Building On Fire And Write This Statement On The Wall: “If Abortions Aren’t Safe Neither Are You”

Pro-choice militants attacked a pro-life pregnancy center in Colorado, setting the place on fire and spray painting on the walls: “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you”. According to the Christian Post: Life Choices, a pro-life pregnancy center in Longmont, Colorado, was set on fire in the early morning hours of June 25. In a […]

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my pussy is not yours

Pro-Abortion Attack Catholic Church In Virginia And Spray Paint On The Walls: “My Pussy Is Not Yours.”

Pro-abortion activists attacked a Catholic parish in Virginia, spray painting on its walls: “My pussy is not yours.” NOW: @FairfaxCountyPD investigating vandalism at a Reston Catholic church tied to overturn of Roe v Wade. Police say this is also an arson investigation bc small fire set here at St John Neumann Church 1/3 @fox5dc […]

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Judge Robin Giarrusso has blocked anti-abortion law in Louisiana

Judge In Louisiana Blocks Anti-Abortion Law From Being Imposed

The imposing of anti-abortion legislation is not going to be easy with simple laws. There are still enough people in the US who support abortion and are willing to fight for it. In Louisiana a judge has ordered a temporary block on the anti-abortion trigger law, as we read in Yahoo! News: A Louisiana judge […]

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trump speech

Donald Trump Is The Reason Why Roe V. Wade Got Overturned

If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Roe v. Wade would not have been overturned today. Thanks to Trump appointing three Supreme Court Justices, abortion is not longer protected by the highest court. We had our criticism for Trump, but we must always give what is deserved. Trump is the political figure behind the overturning of […]

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