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bombing of gaza

Israel Smashes Gaza With Bombs In Its War With Hamas, Killing Hundreds Of People

By Theodore Shoebat Israel is smashing Gaza with bombs in its war with Hamas as a reaction to the terrorist organization’s bombardment of Israel with its rockets. Hundreds have died in Gaza, as we read in a report from CNN: The Israeli military pounded Gaza with airstrikes on Monday, saying it was targeting the homes and […]

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Benjamin Netanyahu Makes This Warning To Israel: ‘Mob Violence Is More Dangerous Than Hamas’

By Theodore Shoebat Benjamin Netanyahu just recently made the warning that the mob violence which has been taking place in Israel is more dangerous to the country than Hamas or any other outside threat, which makes sense since Hamas — while being a force of destruction — is not an existential threat, whereas internal strife […]

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Erdogan Demands For An “International Protection Force” To Enter Israel And Defend The Palestinians

By Theodore Shoebat Erdogan is demanding for an “international protection force”. He made this known to Putin recently. Turkey is a country that is encroaching in the Eastern Mediterranean, entering the maritime territories of the Greeks and Egyptians, and also causing consternation for Israel. Meanwhile, Turkey’s military has been occupying the Northeastern part of Syria. […]

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Ashley Hinson (left) is one of the American officials defending the life of unborn children with Down syndrome

Eighty-Four American Government Officials Declare: ‘The Murdering Of Unborn Babies Because They Have Down Syndrome Must Stop.’

By Theodore Shoebat 84 American officials (two Republican lawmakers leading 18 members of the U.S. Senate and 64 members of the U.S. House of Representatives) are making a stand for unborn babies with Down Syndrome (who are murdered in huge numbers) and want to overturn a lower court ruling Arkansas that allows for the abortion […]

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Left-wing Fanatics Get Arrested For Smearing Pig’s Blood And Leaving A Decapitated Pig’s Head On The Home Of Witness Who Defended Derek Chauvin

  In another example of how low Leftists are willing to go, three women in California smeared pig’s blood and leaving a decapitated pig’s on the home of a defense witness for Derek Chauvin, as we read in Fox News: Three suspects were charged and released weeks after allegedly smearing pig’s blood on a northern California home […]

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Major American Politician Declares: ‘America Must Support Israel Against The Terrorist Organization of Hamas.’

By Theodore Shoebat Republican senator from Florida, Carlos Gimenez, recently declared that America must support Israel against the terrorist organization, Hamas. As we read in Fox News: Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., is leading an effort in the House to call out Hamas as a terrorist group and to double down on support for the people of Israel as deadly fighting […]

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The Keys To Unlock The Signs Of The End, And Why You Must Get Ready To Leave Your Cities

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) St. Jerome of Bethlehem explained that Isaiah, Daniel and the Apocalypse were sealed until the future when: “that book can be opened by one who has learned the mysteries of Scripture and understands its hidden truths, and its words which seem dark because of the greatness of the secrets […]

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When Jerusalem Became Sodom

By the Shoebats “in the street of the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified.” — St. John — “They also devoured what spoils they had taken… and indulged themselves in feminine wantonness” — Josephus We read the words of John the Revelator, of how Jerusalem was called […]

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(Left) The execution of Nabil Habashi Salama. Islamic terrorists who were involved in his murder were killed by Egyptian security forces

Islamic Terrorists Kidnap And Murder Elderly Christian Man. Soldiers Ambush The Terrorists And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Egypt captured and murdered an elderly Christian man named Nabil Habashi Salama who lived in North Sinai. Just recently Egyptian security forces killed three of the terrorists involved. As we read in Reuters: Egyptian security forces have shot dead three suspected Islamist militants accused of targeting Coptic Christians and […]

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The Anti-Police Movement Wants To Do A Left-Wing Revolution To Overthrow The Authority Of The Police And Spark Chaos

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat The only thing that stands between peace and mob rule is the law and the ones who enforce it. This would be the police, and this is why we are witnessing an unprecedented attack on the police. This is the only reason as to why we are seeing these […]

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The Left wing Wants Anarchy And Revolution In The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Left-wing radicals are gradually forming a war on the institution of the police by trying to get them defunded. If you defund the police, violent crime goes up. If crime gets to the point where people have to hire private security, the state loses its monopoly on violence. If the state loses […]

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