Attack Evil To Defend Freedom‏

The Jews and Christians like to whine, complain, procrastinate, retreat in fear, huddle together like sheep. Our adversaries i.e. the Islamic inspired terrorists, Muslim leaders and even Muslim “allies” act with pride, insult the USA and West without fear, they are aggressive in tone and have no problem taking to the Middle East street in the tens of thousands and sometimes in the hundreds of thousands to show their anger and distain for us.

Is America not THE super power, is not Israel the military super power of the Middle East, so why do we act with such weakness when it comes to advancing Israel’s solid case against the lies and Nazi like propaganda? Why does America not advance its strength to advance freedom not just on the battlefield but also with good aggressive public relations strategies?

Even when a Jewish organization has the courage to actually issue some sort of Press release it usually is to complain about the behavior or actions of the enemy only to react to something they have said or done. Now we are complaining even more about our own government’s positions on the Middle East due to the pathetic weakness, appeasement as well as the bias against Israel.

To give you an example of this would be to point our recent Press release from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Before I critique the ZOA let me say we mostly agree with their view and position on the Middle East and Israel, they are one of the few that have the courage to take a stand but what we disagree is the strategy they employ. The recent Press release was to complain about Obama’s double standard when it comes to dealing with the leader of Israel versus Arab and Muslim leaders, especially Karsai of Afghanistan. We agree with the point but this is typical of the “best” PR we have which is not the general way to approach the issue.

Israel and the Jewish community take a position of “We want peace.” While this is nice and admirable, it is not something the Arabs understand, nor will it gain the respect of the world. When it comes to winning the arguments you either have to make your case as a victim or you need to gain respect as a major power. The position of “We want peace” provides neither scenario. For a PR victory for Israel and for the USA diplomatic efforts internationally one needs to advance victimhood or honor, shame and appeasement never works. Hitler employed victimhood at the start and when he had the military power he advanced this instead, the Islamic leaders employ the exact same strategy.

The Jews suffering from the Holocaust used successful PR campaign from the suffering from the “illegals” and stories like the Exodus gained world opinion in favor of the reconstituting of Israel. The Arabs have learned that the similar story of victimhood is what works. They have stolen the Jews narrative with a lie of the created victimhood of the “Palestinian People” and have cynically used the propaganda and gained the upper hand in the PR when it comes to the Israeli Arab conflict, which they have changed to the “Israeli Palestinian” conflict. Muslims advance victimhood and employ terror to twist the West’s hand. Now Iran looks to flex its owner with the securing of nuclear bombs as a lever to blackmail the world.

The Jewish community both in Israel and the Diaspora are unwilling to attack the hatred that comes from the mosques and the media of the Middle East, they are afraid to have former Muslims advance their case because of political correctness. They act with fear and use “interfaith dialogue” which makes them feel good but all that does is provide the Muslims a platform to deceive and lie. I would equate the lies by the Imams with the music that was played and the soap provided by the Nazis before the Jews went into the gas chambers.

No arguments are put forward by our leaders in the USA and Israel against a Jew free Gaza or the West Bank that is always proposed by the Arabs. If the conflict is about sovereignty why do Jews have to leave Judea and Samaria on about 2-4% of the land they have built on? The only solution screamed by the Arabs is expulsion of the Jews from the land. I thought liberals Jew or non-Jew would be against such a racist position?

To win the PR war – advance your case, do not be afraid to be controversial, speak boldly the truth. The founders of Israel and the United states risked all for freedom, now is the time my fellow Jews and Americans advance the truth and to speak boldly, so that we can remain free.

Keith Davies
Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


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