President Obama Concedes his Muslim Family Radioactive

By Ben Barrack

In a shocking admission by the New York Times, it’s revealed that President Barack Obama is distancing himself from his Muslim family members. What is not revealed is that they are his Muslim family members and that the reasons likely led to a conscious decision. If, as reputable journalists have suggested, mainstream media outlets serve as arms of the Obama White House, the article is likely intended to insulate the President from very real and increasingly gargantuan scandals.

The timing of the article’s release is noteworthy as well; it was published just four days after Barack’s brother Malik visited a notorious cult in Abilene, Texas. Local media, which is quite familiar with the founder’s history of polygamy and child labor charges, covered Malik’s visit, as reported. Just two days prior to Malik’s visit, a leader of the cult was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a judge and several lawyers.

Malik at 2010 Conference by group founded by Cult leader (Malik looking up at photo of himself)

Malik at 2010 Conference by group founded by Cult leader (Malik looking up at photo of himself)

The Times article leaves the reader with the impression that the continental, familial drift between Barack and his Muslim family in Kenya has been gradual ever since he took office. The author writes:

“He leads his life, and I lead my life,” said Mr. Obama’s half brother Malik Obama… He said he “wouldn’t say” he and the president had stayed close. “Because even my other brothers and sisters, they are all over the place,” Malik Obama added. “Right now, I would say that things have changed.”

The problem with that assertion on the part of Malik is that it is completely at odds with what he told GQ Magazine less than one year ago:

Ask Malik how often he and his brother talk nowadays and he boasts that it’s about once a year, as though that’s proof of their intimate bond. “Of course we’re close!” Malik says, just a bit too loudly. “I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988! I thought it was important for him to come home and see from whence his family came—you know, his roots.”

Those disparate accounts from the president’s brother would seem to indicate things have changed since last July, more than they have changed gradually since Barack became president.

Peaceful Solution, the group founded by Yisrayl Hawkins, the Abilene cult leader mentioned above, welcomed Malik to its 2010 Conference. During his speech, the President’s brother suggested that he would visit the President the following day to try to get him to “apply the concept”:

Keep in mind that the “concept” of Peaceful Solution is to build Jerusalem’s third temple next to Islam’s third holiest site, as reported.

According to White House visitor logs, Malik (Abongo) visited the White House twice; the second time was days after his brother was re-elected:


The issue of familial unity notwithstanding, Malik has benefited greatly from having a brother in the White House. As has reported, he was granted expeditious and illegal tax-exempt status in 2011 – on a Sunday no less – by none other than Lois Lerner, the beleaguered former IRS official. That service, courtesy of Lerner, is not the only issue. The larger issue has to do with Malik’s ties to the government of Sudan and its Muslim President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for mass genocide. This could potentially put Lerner on the hook for charges related to being an accessory to terror funding.

A U.S. Congressman who sits on one of the Congressional committees investigating the IRS scandal has referred to these claims as being “spot on”.

To this point, the New York Times article states:

In the White House, officials who have seen the president’s reaction to his African relatives say that he is unfairly expected to answer for people with whom he has little relationship. “This is the president’s personal family, so we are not going to have any comment,” said Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman.

While we can certainly appreciate the president having “personal family” issues to deal with, they become public issues when the president’s brother – who works for the leader of a U.S. State Department designated State Sponsor of Terrorism – benefits tangibly as a result. Adding to this significance have been attempts by the Obama administration to remove Sudan from that terrorism list, as reported by

In an act of glaring journalistic malpractice, the New York Times mentions that Malik runs the Malik H. Obama Foundation but makes no mention of the national security concerns surrounding it, nor Lerner’s role in enabling it.

For example, it’s reported that Malik “has raised money for the foundation from friends in Yemen…” but again, what’s not reported are who Malik’s “friends in Yemen” are. In 2010, Malik participated in and funded an event billed as the Orphans Development Fund (ODF) Conference there. Joining him in the effort was the commander of the 2010 Gaza flotilla, as reported. While there, Malik posed with “friends” while wearing a Hamas scarf:

Malik: Expressing support for Hamas while in Yemen with "friends".

Malik: Expressing support for Hamas while in Yemen with “friends”.

The Times also quoted Barack’s uncle for the article:

Another of the president’s uncles, Said Obama, said in an interview from Kenya that he did not resent the president for staying away. “He can choose to get along with those people who he feels comfortable with,” he said.

As further evidence that it was a decision to distance himself from his Muslim family – and not ‘drift(ing)’ as the Times writes – Said’s role in communicating with the President was relayed by Musa Ismail Obama (Barack’s cousin) during a 2011 interview with Al-Jazeera. In that interview, which translated from Arabic into English, Musa said that if the President wish to communicate with his Muslim family in Kenya, uncle Said was the conduit.

In a separate video posted by, Said can be heard saying that the entire Obama family is Muslim:

As to the timing of the release of the Times article, it appears that the author has been working on it for several months, as evidenced by this excerpt involving a separate brother of the President, Mark Okoth Obama Ndesanjo:

Visiting Nairobi at Christmas, Mr. Ndesandjo said by phone that he and the other African Obamas had not heard from the president for some time. “Barack is almost trying to leave behind the family that he so passionately engaged in those early years as he moves through the presidency,” Mr. Ndesandjo said.

Afterward, Mr. Ndesandjo followed up with an email: “Just a small point, but when I said it would be nice for Barack to call Kenya once in a while, I was specifically referring to Granny Sarah. He hasn’t done so for a number of years now, and she is the oldest member of our family and may leave us any day. Perhaps your article can note that.”

As for Ndesandjo’s contention that the “African Obamas” had not heard from Barack, perhaps the author should have first checked with uncle Said. As for Ndesandjo’s reference to “Granny Sarah”, she too could pose problems for the president, courtesy of Musa’s 2011 interview with Al Jazeera. reported on “Granny Sarah’s” Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF) back in 2012. According to Musa’s own words, the funds donated to MSOF under the pretense that they go to disadvantaged orphans, are actually being used to send Kenyan orphans to virulent Wahhabi schools in Saudi Arabia. That could constitute fraud while funding terror.

Contrary to the Times’ assertion that President Obama has ‘drifted’ away from his Muslim family because of politics and distance, the evidence suggests a conveniently timed and conscious decision.

Musa Obama and Sayyid Obama at Umm al-Qura University.

Musa Obama and Sayyid Obama at Umm al-Qura University.


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